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  1. Maybe a Intamin prefab wooden coaster would be a good fit. Low height requirement, less track wear, and in the lower price range. Heck, just clone El Toro. If you can't beat em, join em On a more serious note, a world class wooden coaster that will stay smooth and can be built rather quickly doesn't seem to out of the picture. The only strange part would be having a Voyage-esq coaster right next to Voyage.
  2. El Toro has seat belts and the best air on any ride out there. Quite possibly the best airtime of all time. I don't see why people are suddenly so obsessed and confused with seat belts. The only down side to them is capacity takes a slight blow.
  3. It seams that Holiday World is quickly becoming the park to watch this season. The way things are shaping up and with the way they do business at Holiday World, I think we could easily be seeing one of next years most interesting additions. With all of this land clearing, I don't think that RMC Voyage is happening just yet. Since Holiday World has had lots of maintenance headaches between Voyage getting rough and PP's entire existence, I can see them putting a priority on reliability. A b&m coaster might seem pretty tempting for the park. Unfortunately, I think this whole situation reeks of wingrider.
  4. With the one in Mexico announced to have multiple trains, I am positive that this one will. Mexico just beat Busch to the announcement. Since the two coasters have the same time frame, Busch likely was presented with the same multi-station option. On top of that, if Premier knows they can move these things quickly they might do a mass production run of some sort. I'm sure it is cheaper for them to manufacture 2+ copies of the same ride at the same time than spreading them out. I wouldn't be surprised if another one was announced for this year or next year at another park. Since these are compact and cheep "big coasters", they are ideal for smaller parks. Smaller parks have smaller budgets and thus Premier has to cut costs to be able to provide it at a budget price. The best way to cut cost of anything is to mass produce it. I could see these things ending up everywhere. keep in mind guys, if less money is spent on the ride, there is more money in the budget for theming! I'm sure Busch will make this thing look incredible. The ride will have more than one station, the capacity will be fine.
  5. If I recall correctly, Bizzaro at Gadv had it's media day while the park was open. After the media event in the morning, they opened the ride to the public for the rest of the day. I believe TDK was the same way. It would not surprise me at all to see media day during regular operations.
  6. I was able to make it down to the park for about an hour and a half for coasters after dark. Was able to get 4 Rides on El Toro, 1 on SUF, and 2 on nitro. Only time I waited was when they decided to transfer off a train on El Toro.... 8minutes before the park closed
  7. Very exciting to hear that shes getting the TLC she deserves. Hopefully this gives weight to the train refurbishments rumor as well.
  8. Im not sure if this has been discussed, but I have heard some rumors that Magnum will be getting some love for its 25th aniversery. Ive heard the possibility of it getting new control panels, its trains getting repainted, and other light refurbs. Im not sure how accurate they are as I heard it from a friend of friend.
  9. Going to try and make it down for this. In previous years Coasters After Dark has been nothing but walk-ons all night.
  10. Yeah Atari, because your not deaf? Anyone else you would like to put down to defend your game? Beyond the point of the game being terrible, I find the comments about being deaf and blind both offensive and ignorant. There was no reason to bring the disabled (although some deaf people do not believe they are at all disabled. Maybe a little insight to deaf culture wouldn't hurt them) into this statement at all. They have absolutely no clue what it is like to be deaf, nor have they ever considered it. Being deaf does not mean you cannot communicate and it does not mean you are oblivious. Even if this PC release is a direct follow up to RCT2 (which it won't be), I absolutely will not support a company that willingly puts down people in an attempt to convince people to buy a crappy $3 mobile game.
  11. The obvious areas for a new addition are in the chiller's old spot and in Rolling Thunder's new spot. However, everyone is forgetting all about the old Koala Canyon spot. They recently leveled the Fun Factory (Indoor foam play ground) in the seaport. This actually gives way to a nice slice of land on the water. This isn't a half bad spot for either a family wooden coaster or a more thrilling addition. I could see the addition of two coasters. One being a family wooden in that spot and the other being a more thrilling addition by the chiller. I do not thing that a new coaster will be plopped into RT's plot. I think that space is going to be used to expand into the now vacant parts of the safari. This opens up domain for several large additions without removing existing ones. Also if I recall correctly Jackson Township isn't so keen on tree removal. The safari is mostly wide open, treeless empty space perfect for expansion. Also keep in mind that the park has not received any major capital expansions since El Toro. That was in 2006. Since then the only installations were A sky screamer, Medusa was painted blue and a flamethrower was added, a relocated 10+ year old B&M stand-up already that is already sworn off by the GP, A wild mouse in a box, and the safari that we already had. It kind of seams like six flags has been 'buying time' with these additions. 2015 seems to be the year where we find out what they have been working on.
  12. I was also on the train where the cell phone hit the support beam and then hit some guy in the face ( wierd ). They gave a longwinded speech about how if you hold your cell phone on a ride you would be ejected from the park for a year. I agree with this policy especially after hearing the WHACK the phone made when it hit the support beam. It was at the bottom of the second airtime hill so it had to hurt On a more cheerful note, I had the oppertunity to see the 3 new lion cubs at Camp Adventura up close. If your in the park and the line for SORA isnt long (or you have alot of time), absolutely do not miss them. It doesnt get any more adorable than lion cubs playing!
  13. More notes from opening day: - The foam factory In the seaport is gone. This creates a lot of empty space in that area of the park. - Zoomanjaro line is where the last air time hills on rt used to be. There is a paved path visible from El toro's station. - Biometric passes do not have photos/to be processed. However if you want to add parking you have to go to processing.
  14. This might clear some things up for some confused people: - The park reopened in '98 as Mountain Creek and removed anything deemed unsafe. However, they kept some safer attractions such as the Tarzan Swings and the cliff dive. It has been operating and since my college is about 1/2 hour from it I have a lot of peers that work / worked there. - During the winter the park is actually a major ski/snowboard resort called Mountain Creek (Used to be Great Gorge) - Now they are calling the Ski/Snowboard section Mountain Creek and the waterpark Action Park to differentiate the two. - This is just a publicity stunt to get a little attention as action park was well known destination but "Mountain Creek" was never as well known. Stirring up old urban legends is a good way to get people excited. If you like water rides, you really shouldn't miss Mountain Creek/Action Park. One of the best and most unique water parks in the world.
  15. In case anyone was still wondering if the tweet was real or not, its 100% not. The file name is "stupid_tweet.jpg". - Not on the parks twitter - Format is wrong - Wrong Font - Heres proof: Real KI tweet on top, fake KI tweet on bottom. That settles that. From here on out lets try and keep to the real topics at hand like how great the entrance plaza looks!
  16. Since Great Adventure is kind of in the middle of nowhere the park has always been very dark at night. I was never sure why there are so few lamps. It gets very dark by the Lakefront, Golden Kingdom, and Frontier Adventures. The areas of the park that are more well lit are still pretty dark by most standards. I personally think it adds a bit of charm to the park. However, the areas of the park with lots of lights (The Boardwalk and Plaza Del' Carnival) are absolutely stunning at night. These areas don't have many lamps and are lit only by the lights on buildings or colorful string lights. It has the "Christmas tree" glow feel if that makes any sense. I would like to see more areas receive similar lighting packages. Also, Kingda Ka used to have a spotlight that actually sat on a picnic table under the tower, however it was removed a few years back. The park is situated between a pretty busy airport and quite a few residential homes. Not the best spot for a giant spot light pointed at the sky. On the topic of dead ends in the park, this has bothered me for years now. Almost everywhere you go in the park is a dead end. It's bad enough that most of the major attractions are on one half of the park while the other is almost completely abandoned (movietown), but now even the parts of the park that have lots of attractions are borderline impossible to navigate. If you don't know about the arcade shortcut, the walk to Bizarro is rough from the park entrance. Then people wonder why the line is so short. If the bridge from El Toro to Bizarro was still closed off, I honestly believe that most first time guests would never find the ride. The Old Country dead end is another nail bitter. Its a shame because with everything reopened, Great Adventure is one of the most fluid and easy to navigate parks.
  17. The Chiller's station is used as a back stage area on the inside. The line and empty area behind it are used during fright fest for the Asylum trail. Besides fright fest, that whole area is fenced off. They used "The Observatory" for 'The Exploratorium' a few years ago. When that was pulled out they used the building for the Zambora Fright Fest show. The past few years however The Observatory building has been vacant. The Chiller buildings have kind of been in limbo in an area also stuck in limbo. The Chiller station is a very spacious building so it's fate will be interesting.
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