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  1. Asylum is a linear walkthrough. Just 1 path can be taken. It is pretty good, but I prefered wasteland and voodoo island last year.
  2. Better advice about Green Lantern's single rider line is to not ride Green Lantern. It will save you the most time. Honestly, the ride just isn't worth riding. It look really cool from the parking lot, but that is about it. Hands down the most painful B&M. Maybe tied with the Vortex clones.
  3. While Magic Mountain may have more coasters, Cedar Point's line up is way better. Mean Streak is really the only dud, and its not even that bad. Valravn is just a thick layer of frosting on the cake. Its incredible how stacked this park is.
  4. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the rest of the lakefront area. Seems like they are just going to leave it wide open.
  5. For what its worth, they removed the speakers from Biz at Great Adventure. I hate sound effects on coasters, so I hope to see SFNE remove them as well.
  6. The 'leaked' height was 230ft. There were a few other things that weren't perfect in that leak (Sandusky Register) but I'd count it as reliable. If it is incorrect, I dont see this breaking 300ft. My guess would be 250ft max.
  7. 1. Expect the worst for lines. It should be better in the morning, but crowds will still be heavy. 2/3. Kingda Ka is a bit unpredictable. Ive seen it open over an hour late more than once. While opening would be a good chance to get it 'out of the way', you risk waiting as long as you would have mid-day for it to open. Most people go directly to KK or ET. You might be able to get the entire right half of the park with minimal waits if you head in that direction. 4. Some days you can donate blood in return for a free ticket. I personally couldn't do a theme park post blood donation, but if you can and its being offered that day, its an option. Dunkin Donuts, Wendys, and McDonalds have coupons.
  8. Oh, man. Please let the drop go between those paths. That would look incredible.
  9. I just can't believe they named it Total Mayham. I mean, thats a really dumb name. I understand this is Six Flags and I should expect much, but what the heck. At least its not super hero themed. Overal, It makes for a good addition. I think some people on this site don't realize just how slammed Gadv can get and thus don't understand locals capacity paranoia. If other posters who are saying the capacity is not that bad are right, this is a great addition.
  10. They are really having at these structures. Everything is comming down quick. I would say it will be fun being able to watch construction during HITP, but we know they wont start construction until March anyway.
  11. Clearly its going to be Yolo-Mayham. Premier and S&S have been working together to combine Freespin technology and Yolo-tophat-loop technology. Its also a dark ride with shootable targets and 4 splashdowns. I am certainly excited for tomorrow. We really have very little indication.
  12. Tomorrow is the big day. Im going to put my final bet on the 220ft freespin. The extra capacity really fixes the biggest issue the ride had at Gadv. My #2 guess is the premier launch coaster. As a Gadv native, I've got my fingers crossed for the launcher.
  13. "Steal Thunder" sounds like what they would call an RMC Thunder Run. Obviously itd be spelled 'Steel Thunder'. Valravin will be a massive success for the park. Im really excited to get back out there.
  14. I like that it is hung there like a trophy. El Toro knows what it did and its dang proud.
  15. I always thought the lakefront was a charming area. Id go as far as saying its beautiful. Will be even more beautiful without ancient rotting structures hiding it.
  16. A GCI along the lakefront would be the best case scenario. However, it would be a timebomb the way that SF has been taking care of woodies. The only reason ET is still in great shape is because prefabs can take the extra abuse and stay smooth. If the rumors are true that SF has purchased a freespin for this year lets take a look at where it could go Magic Mountain: Nope, they have GL Fiesta Texas: Already has one New England: Just got WC, probably not getting a new coaster this year Great America: Getting Justice Leauge Discovery Kingdom: Getting RmcOAR Over Texas: Fiesta Texas is close, probably not Mexico: Possible La Rond: Possible Great Adventure: possible Regular America: Please lord, send it there Great Escape: lol This new addition has about a 1/4 chance of being a free spin. If the rumors of Centerline being at the park are true, then perhaps a GTX is possible. A premier launcher is in budget and would fit nicely in the area. For the Premier launcher to break the worlds tallest inversion record, it would have to be taller than 170ft. Since only the loop-tophat would be infront of the lake, it would have the same, if not better, 'transparent' effect. This would keep the lake visible.
  17. Great Adventure is my home park. I've been on Nitro hundreds of times. It has plenty of airtime. It does. Thats it. Unless they are relocating Nitro to Cedar Point, lets discuss Cedar Point.
  18. Under a week until the announcement. There is seriously no indication what-so-ever from the park on what kind of ride this will be. No teasers, no hints, nothing. I know this has been mentioned a hundred times, but I'm honestly shocked. I suppose they expect the attraction to speak for itself? If the skyline is changing, Id imagine this thing is going to be visible from the parking lot. Its going to have to be fairly huge. Possibly the 220ft freespin? Worlds tallest yolo-loop? Aquatrax chiller remake? Idk.
  19. El Toro's trains sat in the employee parking lot for a while when they arrived. They were wrapped up pretty well though. Its no unheard of for trains to be stored outside. Afterall, they will stay outside for most of their operational lives.
  20. Would be interesting to see how a 'smaller' coaster like LR would do at Gadv. They dont look intimidating, but Ive heard they are some of the most aggresive coasters out there. Not to mention, LR onky cost about $7mil. Thats about what Six Flags has been spending.
  21. Some of you guys crack me up. "B&M Hypers have no airtime". Come on guys, they have it and you know they do. Ive been on Nitro, Apolo, Diamondback, and Intimidator. All 4 have had fantastic airtime. Are any of them El Toro? No, not at all. But absolutely none of them are forceless.
  22. Part of me suspects that the Aqua-stadium is going to be renovated rather than demolished. If they ripped up the pool and stage areas, they could have have a 'lawn' seating area for the fireworks. Not to mention, that is a heck-of-a-lotta seats they already have in place. Seems safe to assume that Six Flags wouldn't rip down perfectly good bleachers to build bleachers. I'm sure that this will be a fairly major expansion for the lakefront area. I'm going to miss it being a quiet place in the park. It was nice to be able to escape from the crowds back there. On the topics of weaves, I found tons under Magnum when I was still operating coasters. Its not JUST Great Adventure.
  23. You'd think some minor teasing would be done. Maybe generate a little hype? Nothing. Nail in the GADV don't give no $=!+s coffin. Further proof that it is a B&M giga with 3 splashdowns.
  24. Maybe GCI is gunna stick a loopty loop on Eagle. One side classic, one side loopty loops. Batman V.S The Joker. Family friendly and Thrilling. Or perhaps a larson super loop. Theres a good chance if could be a super loop.
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