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  1. dude, i didnt make up the plot structure, its based on the movie, which is based on a book The book is based off of the original script which didnt do well in the screenings because of the ending. original ending: After Ian dies they walk away and the camera breaks and they throw it on the ground, they walk away thinking that its all over and then the camera flashes *credits*
  2. They actually changed it alot.... EDIT: Robb, I'm surprised you remembered all the stuff I told you.
  3. Frank Cheeks is the guy that gets killed by the truck. And the book is the Final Destiantion 3 novel. It contains the original storyline, its pretty rad.
  4. Yeah, the paintings at the exit are pretty great. I love SuperMullet.
  5. Yeah, throw me into the party that likes that movie. One of my friends said that in the choose your fate thing they threw in the frank cheeks back story a little bit more, kinda like how the book was...Oh and no comment on the comics....
  6. You were probably wearing a theme park shirt when you rode, that will pretty much guarantee you a stapling.
  7. Thanks for ruining my chances of trading Robb. Oh and Golife, I take it that you don't feel like trading anymore. Thanks for getting my hopes up.
  8. 1. Silver Bullet 2. Top Gun(PGA) 3. B:TR (SFMM) 4. B:TR (SFSTL) 5. Kong Don't hate.
  9. When you ride Space Mountain be sure to wait for the front, its well worth the wait.
  10. Ill trade you a SFMM for a SFGADV. Pm me for more info. EDIT: I have 5 available. I am willing to trade for: SFGADV, SFOG, SFGAM, SFDL, SFA, SFEG, SFOT, or SFFT.
  11. You don't know what you're talking about. Baja Blast = good.
  12. The ending for BTMRR at DL is pretty anti climactic. You go up the lift hill with the earthquake and then you go down some kinda X dip, then you turn and go up this ramp thing and then you go down and up into the brakes. Even Tony Baxter admitted that the ending sucks.
  13. The unbanked helix on Ghostrider, wtf is the point of it, and the S-turn on Psyclone, I think they added it for pain.
  14. Meh, I dont feel like spending money so Im just gonna use the two ziploc bags. Thanks Elissa.
  15. Thats tough to do when you have this.
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