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  1. Could it be? I'm actually adding an update to this thread! Obviously since this trip was 5 months ago already (WOW Time flies!) I won't be able to provide my exact ride counts but otherwise hopefully memory serves me well with Lake Winnie, Dollywood, and my August New England trip so that I'll be able to give you guys a good rundown of each park! Anyways onto Lake Winnie. This was Thursday of our trip after going back to SFOG for a couple hours in the morning for more rides on Twisted Cyclone and Goliath. Unfortunately, our heads were still bothering us and we couldn't fully enjoy Goliath. I fully believe this is one of the best B&M's out there and hopefully someday soon I'll be back to try it out again. I think we were able to get around to pretty much everything in the park again thanks to small crowds. We noticed on our way out of the park in the early afternoon that it was filling up quite a bit. I believe there was a festival of some sort that weekend that was getting started that night. Anywho, a couple hours later and what was probably an unhealthy amount of Advil we arrived at Lake Winnie, relatively headache free. I've known about Lake Winnie for most of my life. I knew they have an older woodie, (for some reason I was thinking 1920s though. I'm confusing my Cannonballs ) some carnival-esque flats, an old log flume and maybe a waterpark? Otherwise though I pictured a small rundown park only a step up from Conneaut. I had no reason at all to think this but for some reason this is what I pictured in my head. The nearly empty gravel parking lot and less than stellar park entrance didn't do much to change this idea, but once inside the gates I realized I was totally wrong about this cute little park in Georgia. No you're not greeted by any mega coasters or anything of that nature, you're greeted by a bright colored park surrounding a beautiful lake and plenty of rides the whole family can enjoy. The first order of business was obviously Cannonball. Up until I got in line I thought this ride was made no later than 1930, so I was slightly disappointed it's from the 1960s. Obviously not the ride or the park's fault but it took away the nostalgia of the ride. But, after a ride on it, I didn't really care about the age anymore. It still has buzz bars and still runs like brand new. Not a whole lot of airtime but enough, especially in the back. We rode this quite a few times including some laps without even getting off right before the park closed. While on Cannonball we noticed that Lake Winnie is also home to a pretty stinkin big waterpark that seemed to be the big draw here. It also looked to be almost brand new. It was nice to see that the park has been getting some money put into it. My idea of Conneaut was completely shot to hell by this point and I was already blown away by the park and its charm, but what could make it even better? No not a Giga-RMC-Intamin-Aquatrax. No not some big sparkly B&M. No, what made this park for me was the 1920s log flume. I love log flumes like mad to begin with and all the nostalgia I missed at Cannonball was in tact and chugging along here at the Boat Chute. This thing is as classic as they get. You load, go through a long, slow, super dark, almost creepy tunnel. Then turn a corner, go up a small, hardly inclined hill and then drop down into the water with a splash the perfect size for a hot summer day in Georgia. God I loved this thing. Now ok, I might be getting a little ridiculous with the Boat Chute but to me it really personified all the great things about Lake Winnie. It quirky, cute, and a ton of fun, just like the whole park is. Obviously don't be making a trip to Lake Winnie on its own. But if you're in the area, make a stop, even just for a couple hours. You won't regret it. So as the park got ready to close and the voice of who I can only imagine to be a late former owner came over the PA and wished us a goodnight and thanked us for coming, we got ready for some more driving and two full days at Dollywood.... and hey, our headaches were gone! Must've been the magic of Lake Winnie. Thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to leave a comment making fun of me for my love for the log flume On to the pictures! Of course my dang finger ruins the first picture The Lake Winnie Our visit was right after the accident on this so it was closed, from my understanding we didn't miss much There it is Love these drop towers. History Steep lift for a mouse. About the best view of Cannonball you can get My favorite pic from the day Another favorite Nice and new Quirky, cute, and awesome. Also of note you can just walk straight into the Lake. All that is stopping you is a little sign and a voice on your shoulder telling you to not be stupid. Love these old dark rides The next few pictures are from the skyride. I asked the ops beforehand if it was allowed and they looked at me as if to say "why wouldn't it be?" SKLOOSH! That's all from Lake Winnie. Dollywood next!
  2. Thanks for the update! No issue with the ads as long as it's something done by you guys. I was worried I had a virus. Keep up the great work.
  3. No, I'm also getting more ads and I do not have a virus on my pc, so I think it's normal. Well at least I know it's not a virus. Big relief.
  4. Am I the only one getting more ads on this sight than usual? I'm concerned my computer might have a virus.
  5. Yeah all of northern Ohio is. I just had to wipe snow off my car and I'm not happy about it This is why CP doesnt do Winterfest haha
  6. Fridays and Sundays were around 30-45 minutes at the worst on a good weather day. They also offer a single rider line those days. If the weather is good on a Saturday I've heard waits were hovering close to 2 hours and no single rider line on Saturdays. But as stated in a previous post, the line dies down about an hour before closing. If you get there at opening I'd plan to head straight to mystic, enjoy the lights for a couple hours, then head back close to closing for a few extra rides.
  7. After riding Raging Bull in the snow a couple weeks ago, I kinda figured it would end up open for HITP... God I wish Cedar Fair would start opening more coasters.
  8. When I was there in April (which I know was a long time ago) it was running great. I thought it was super smooth and what you expect from a midsize GCI... Remember though that it runs 2 bench trains instead of Millennium Flyers so make sure you sit in the front seat of a car.
  9. What a coincidence! I was on the train in front of you that rolled back! I was going to wait for the last train (especially because I was in the front row) but due to the breakdown, cycling of an empty train, then the trains sitting still for so long, I knew the first train sent was gonna roll back so I rode that one instead. It was so worth it. My first ever rollback haha HAHA OMG! So you're the one I saw run back to the second to last train. I couldn't understand why you did it but I figured the chance of a roll back was the reason. That's so funny. Well I must thank you then. Was awesome to take your spot in the front row. Hope you enjoyed your roll back
  10. Oh it's always hilarious. Especially at CP considering all the crazy fanboys we have up here. I could tell so many stories but I don't want to derail the Kings Island thread lol
  11. There's a good reason I didn't go to Steel Vengeance for last train of the year lol.
  12. Final train of the year on Top Thrill Dragster in the Misty rain in the front seat. Not recommended but still a blast.
  13. Wonder what it was like trying to get on last train of firehawk
  14. Have to agree with previous statements about the park this weekend. I was there Friday and Sunday in less than stellar weather but CP seemed to find their balls with operating rides in the rain. Most of which were running more than one train too. Dragster and Gemini were the only coasters consistently closed (Gemini is closed on Fridays anyways) and Dragster would reopen as soon as the rain stopped, even if it was only for 10 minutes before the rain started again. The weather was miserable but CP still made it a "CP best day" and I really appreciate their dedication to everyone who stuck it out this weekend. I got on the last train of the year on Millennium and thanks to a stroke of luck and a nice ride operator at Dragster, I also got on the last train of the year there too. This has to have been the only time a Dragster breakdown worked out in my favor. (Also shoutout to Josh Rice who's a member here. His crew was outstanding this year and congrats to him for getting such a high ridership number) All in all, it was a great year at Cedar Point with over 100 laps on SV and near 200 on Millennium (sorry I'm a numbers nerd) and I can't wait for May 2019. Now time to start the dreaded "Cedar Point offseason thread"
  15. Completely agree about six flags always trying to get every ride open everyday. I was at Great America over the weekend. Temps hardly hit 40 and snow was in the air with wind gusts around 30 mph yet everything opened.
  16. I think it's supposed to be cold this friday as well. I'm surprised that would cause the park to be empty but hey I'm not complaining if that's the case this weekend.
  17. Excited to make my now yearly trip from Cleveland to the park Friday and Saturday. We'll be at the park the entire time they're open Friday and from opening till about 7 on Saturday. Anything worth noting that's not operating or any issues I should be aware of? Also, what kind of crowds are we talking about this weekend. I fully expect it to be packed Friday and even worse Saturday. I'm more curious about the Friday crowds I guess since we all know what Saturdays are like during haunt events. Will flash pass be worth it ($150 each) on Saturday if we're only gonna be there about 8 hours? Thanks in advance!
  18. I just don't get why the fair board is being such a pain about this if that area was known to be for future expansion for the park anyways. I'm no real estate expert but it doesn't seem like a good idea to piss off your top client.
  19. Anybody waiting 4 hours for anaconda deserves the beating they're about to take
  20. I'd never thought of it that way. I would imagine there will be special offers and possibly a few events for the anniversary. My point exactly
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