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  1. Hi all, I'll be at the park Wednesday. What kind of crowds should I expect? And tips/tricks? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I'll be at the park Thursday and Friday. What kind of crowds should I expect? And tips/tricks? Thanks!
  3. Update for anyone wondering: Legend is back open. Only running one train but at least it's open. As I said in my previous post it was my friend's first time at the park. The look on his face when Voyage hit the brake run was priceless. Completely awe struck. Needless to say Voyage has a new fan. Aside from that, the park was very empty due to a less than stellar forecast but the weather held out for the most part aside from a pretty strong storm that came through in the afternoon. Plenty of rides to be had and another amazing day at my favorite amusement park is in the books.
  4. Heads up to anybody planning to visit today or in the near future, Lightning Run was listed as closed for the day today. Hopefully it was just today and not an extended maintenance issue.
  5. I haven't tried nearly all the food but the stuff I have tried has been really good. The menu this year seems much more extensive. The festival itself also has a really nice atmosphere this year with all the different things they have going on.
  6. Thank God the Raptors beat the Warriors and thank God the Blues beat the Bruins. I'm very happy.
  7. Uh oh. I was just at the park for Holiwood Nights and really enjoyed Legend. I'm going back to the park on Tuesday with a friend who will be there for his first time. Losing Legend isn't a huge deal for me but really hoping it is open for my friend.
  8. I'll post a full report at some point but wow, wow, wow, and more WOW. This was my first Holiwood Nights and Holiday World absolutely knocked it out of the park. Definitely one of the best weekends of my life. Oh and.... OMG. TRIMLESS VOYAGE IN THE FRONT SEAT
  9. I honestly don't think Kings Island knows how to run rides without the max amount of trains on the track. I love it.
  10. Rooting for you guys. Please beat the Bruins. I hate them so much lol.
  11. Living in Cleveland I consider this my second home park and I am stoked over the layout. I think it looks great. Yes it seems to be on the shorter side but it packs a ton into that layout. We have to remember parks don't give a rats ass about enthusiasts. They care about the "GP" and the GP will adore this ride and come in droves to ride it.
  12. You know what happens when you assume I could be wrong but I definitely have a theory based on some stories I’ve heard about dropping empties from the middourse on cold days. I’m sure they block checked it but they probably block checked it with water dummies. I saw two posts on other sites saying Steel Vengeance valleyed when they resumed testing. I couldn't tell one way or the other. They had the path closed off at the train tracks. I guess I'll find out pretty soon this morning.
  13. From what I could tell there was a train in the hold area under the transfer shed, one in the station, and I assume the third was right behind. Before this happened I saw it testing with 3 trains. Oh and Dragster is about to open for the day at 8:30. God bless this park.
  14. You got that right lol. God I love this park. Oh and Bill, Skyride is open.
  15. SV went down after only a couple cycles and hasn't opened since. So we'll see lol
  16. That's fair. I've only ever been on there during speculation season... Either way, TPR is the home for me
  17. KIC is bad lol. You think threads on here are bad until you read through all that crap. So much drama.
  18. Steel Vengeance at friends and family day on Saturday... Still as kick ass as day one!
  19. You've had pretty good luck so far. Copperhead worked out for you. Hopefully this will too. Fingers crossed but I'm not too worried either way since I'm flexible with this trip lol
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