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  1. Does anyone know if Carowinds gives passholders the regular FL price when purchasing FL+? If so can this be done online or does it have to be in the park?
  2. I can't wait for the park to release the concept art they showed us at the Winter Chill Out today. It looks amazing.
  3. My apologies for my above post. Anywho, the ride looks fantastic and every new video I see of the progress on the ride gets me more and more excited for opening day. And the trains still look fabulous
  4. I've had it at Holiday World and it's outstanding. Very refreshing on a hot day.
  5. POST REMOVED!!!! FFS, people... Haven't we learned by now that when there is some new official roller coaster news to WAIT FOR US TO POST IT?!!?!?!? Posting it yourself doesn't make you look any cooler to the owners of this site. In fact, it makes us have to do MORE WORK because of your impatience....
  6. On their socials. Getting rid of the rapids ride gives a lot of room for a great ride. GCI maybe? But, that being said a park in a state as hot as the Carolinas shouldn't be without a water ride IMHO. But we shall see.
  7. I've been to the park maybe 10 times. The only day that the lot looked slightly busy was my first time there which was the day Thunder Run closed and that was the only time I've ever seen the South gate open. I assume they only use it on super busy days
  8. Wow I knew the ride was a nightmare to maintain and I know it didn't operate the whole like second half of the year but I still never saw this coming. Completely out of left field. Rest in peace.
  9. ...or Canobie! The spaghetti there was amazing. I'm assuming you got it at the Portofino Restaurant? They used to have very good food 10 years ago, but I've noticed their quality went way down since. That used to be my go to restaurant at the park. Now, I won't even eat there. That's probably what I mean. The place down on the lake... I thought it was really good. Perhaps I just had a taste for spaghetti.
  10. The park posted a couple pictures of vertical construction on their Instagram story.
  11. You shouldn't worry too much. If memory serves me correctly that should be like some of the best days to use fastlane. The park will be crowded enough for it to feel worth it but the fastlane lines shouldn't get above 15ish minutes... Except Steel Vengeance. That'll probably still be like 45 minutes.
  12. Putting more effort into this than my college classes... 1) Ravine Flyer, Phantom's Revenge, Mystic Timbers 2) 17 3) Canobie Lake Park 4) Steel Vengeance 5) Harley Quinn SFNE 6) Some beef dish in the Italy section at Busch Gardens Williamsburg 7) Every new for 2018 coaster I rode was an RMC 8) Carowinds 9) Raptor 10) Gotham City Gauntlet (SFNE) 11) Nemesis Alton Towers 12) Copperhead Strike 13) Kennywood 14) MineBlower 15) Haven't ever been to HITP, only Winterfest, but since I care more about rides than anything I have a feeling I'd like HITP better. 16) Wicker Man 17) Great America 18) Intamin 19) KI 20) Hour and a Half for Steel Vengeance 21) Millennium Force 22) The one at Kentucky Kingdom whatever it's called 23) Millennium Force 24) Log Flume 25) Eating, people watching, screwing around with friends 26) Kings Island. Great coaster lineup decent food, and great atmosphere. 27) Cedar Point. Coasters and the quality of operations during peak season. 28) Lift 29) Yes 30) Hurler Kings Dominion (yes I know it's an RMC now.) 31) Only ever met Robb so cool. 32) SFGAm 33) Souvenir pins 34) Voyage 35) Either a rock or a quarter on I305 36) No. Not gravity powered. 37) Yaaaaaas 38) Raging Bull 39) Corn dog 40) I've never bought an on ride photo. But I do plan on getting funpix this year.
  13. Michigan's adventure already blew the next 3 years budgets on a new park bench. Don't forget new garbage cans. It is a Cedar Fair park after all.
  14. Already looking into hotels thanks to this ride. Can't wait to get back to SFGAm even though I was just there in October.
  15. None of the big attractions will be closed due to staffing. Rides that will possibly be closed are the car rides, windseeker (as if it would be open anyways), skyride (yes I know this is a big loss for some, including myself ), and maybe like the ferris wheel. All coasters and high thrill rides will be staffed and open if weather and maintenance permits.
  16. God this just makes me that much more excited for this ride. It looks incredible. Opening day needs to get here quicker!
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