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  1. How many of you guys have actually experienced VR? It is becoming incredibly immersive. Everyone complained about how Mantis getting new trains was also "a cheap way to pass off something as a new ride without actually getting a new ride", but if it improves the experience, who cares? I mean maybe I will understand how cool it is once I try one so I'll give it a chance.
  2. ^Although it may sound cool at first IMO this is just a cheap way to pass off something as a "new ride" without actually getting a new ride.
  3. After looking at these pictures I'm not sure I still believe this but I'll say it anyway. During Coastermania at Cedar Point this year I got into talking to a lifeguard who works for Wildwater Kingdom at she told me that during the 2014 season they actually managed to have record attendance and that she has heard rumors from other lifeguards and workers at the park that they are planning a large new slide complex in the next couple of years similar to those that have been added to other Cedar Fair parks over the last couple of years. As a former visitor of the park I can only hope that this is true. Also, I'm really enjoying your trip report to this point and I'm really looking forward to CP as it is my home park.
  4. Rougarou is great, but did anybody that rode Millennium today notice that the yellow train was nowhere to be seen? Is Millennium going to permanent 2 train operation, or is the yellow train still in the workshop? Hopefully it's not the latter because that would make already long lines even longer.
  5. Can this memo be found anywhere online? But I absolutely love the idea! Anyone remember when Fury 325 was possibly going to be named Centurion? I think that could be a possible name for this coaster since they already have the Trademark.
  6. Sounds awesome! Will download! I would for sure like to see a volume two!
  7. I only got to ride Goliath and Banshee and I'd have to say Banshee is better. Although Goliath is an outstanding ride it's just too short of a ride to place it above Banshee.
  8. I would think that there would be a newer style train/restraint system. Seems to be the same old thing from older B&M coasters. Perhaps something like the wing coaster/Banshee restraints?
  9. Is it me or is the name "Wicked Cyclone" really stupid? (The ride looks awesome though!). Actually both the RMC names (Twisted Colossus?!?!?) are...
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