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  1. .....So uh anyways, I visited the park for the first time ever today. It was very crowded so flash pass was a must. Well worth the $100 a piece. Superman is one of the best coasters I've ever been on. It's just so amazing. Superman, Fury, and Millennium are all sooooo close to each other that it's impossible to choose a favorite. Wicked Cyclone is great but I thought a little slow. My least favorite RMC but even a "bad" RMC is an amazing ride. Overall we were impressed with the overall look of the park. Very pretty park with great photo ops all over. I must've taken over 100 pictures of Superman. Operations weren't as bad as expected but still pretty slow. The only real complaint we had about the park was the food service. Holy sh*t it was terrible. I understand it's a Six Flags park and good food service should never be expected but this was the worst I've ever seen. It took a half hour to get an order of fries. Was going to get a burger but saw ants all over the counter where they prep the food. I got a Philly Cheesesteak instead and it was actually really good even though I waited forever for it. But, all in all, a great day. Looking forward to coming back down the road sometime to get more divine rides on Superman.
  2. Yep. According to Sandusky Register and a contributor to the paper that I'm friends with and I know is speaking the truth, a drive tire decided to literally just fall off. Tony Clark said it should be open soon though. This is literally such a Steel Vengeance thing to happen that I'm not even surprised. And, knowing CP, it'll probably open by tomorrow night.
  3. Down time was open when we got there but went down at about 3 and remained down. They were testing it when we left at about 6
  4. Wow. Boulder Dash is absolutely amazing... And happy to report that they got Wildcat open today so unexpected credit.
  5. Really enjoying my first visit to the park... So much so that we will be staying till closing instead of bouncing early to go to SFNE
  6. There's finally some life. It's done a couple test runs. We've done everything else in the park so we're just gonna wait and see. Edit: Finally opened, we're sitting on the train ready to go and it goes down because of lightning in the area. Can't win. Edit 2: Finally rode it! Wooden coaster perfection. Smooth, air time filled, and pretty quick. Got one ride in the front seat on the first train of the day and then a second ride in the very last row on what turned out to be the last train of the day because they shut it down for a private event at 6. With that, it was a great day at the park. This is definitely the most visually appealing six flags park, so much so it doesn't feel like a six flags park at all. Very nice family park. I'll post some pictures later!
  7. I'm here today. Have to say it's a very beautiful park. We got here at about noon and comet has been down the whole time. Seems like they're working hard to get it open so we'll see. Having a good time otherwise though!
  8. That's the longest I've seen that line this whole year. Kudos to CP for getting it operational again so quickly.
  9. Yeah you're right... It's entirely more likely that the end of witches wheel is only because of the rides age and low ridership
  10. There's been rumors swirling around that gemini *might* be on its way out. I don't really see it but since witches wheel is right next to it, it's a little worrisome.
  11. Steel Vengeance last train of the night Sunday... Then on the way home my friend hit a deer.
  12. In the front GK is one of the smoothest coasters in the world. In the back it's a different story. It bounces like crazy. Now I stick to the front 2 rows and lately I have been really really enjoying GK.
  13. The idea was brought up at Coasterstock during a Q&A and after the person who asked it was booed and sworn at, the GM (or some other higher up I forget who) said "well there's your answer. I wouldn't worry about Racer for years and years to come.
  14. See I go Fridays and Sundays pretty exclusively and never go Saturdays unless it's opening day. Pretty much every time I go to Millennium to end the night, they have the magic gate open at least a half hour before close. I have almost 150 laps on Millennium this year just by doing that and maybe riding it once or twice during the day. That all being said I've been going 2-3 times a week lately. Need something to take the life stress off so since I live close I might as well go when I have time ya know? Haha
  15. Big blue intamin that happens to be a walk on for nearly an hour at the end of every night lol
  16. And if you don't care what time you get back to your hotel, I waited 45 minutes for it after getting in line right when they closed it off. This was on a very crowded peak season Sunday.
  17. Shoot my fault. Hopefully more info comes out as the season gets closer.
  18. My dad wears glasses but forgot a strap on Friday when we were there. He just winged it and the ride op didn't say anything and his glasses were fine.
  19. I'll be at the park a week from Tuesday for my first time. Any tips for a first time visitor? And someone please tell me Comet is open. That's pretty much the whole reason we're making a little detour on our way to New England parks.
  20. I'll be at the park sometime the week of August 6th. Can't wait! Any tips for a first time visitor? Doesn't seem like this park has anything to be concerned about. Sometimes I get worried small parks won't have rides open for one reason or another.
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