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  1. I also went to the park today. Panda Express is still there. Lol.
  2. I just hope it's ready to go by my trip June 16th... if not though, no biggie. We'll either go and still enjoy the parks other great offerings or just reschedule.
  3. I for one love backlot. It's a good ride to hit once or twice on the way from DB/Mystic Timbers/Beast over to Banshee.
  4. Some on here might find this interesting. Invertigo is now using the train that was on Stinger at Dorney Park. You can even still see the outline of the logo sticker on the train. I always hated invertigo and found it rough but it was super smooth with the Stinger train! Still not the biggest fan of the ride but at least it's rideable now. Since I never rode Stinger do I get the credit now that I rode in its train?
  5. I honestly think this the best way to do it. It allows me to keep my phone in line but also ensures that my phone is safe and that I don't get nailed in the face with somebody else's phone. It'll be interesting to see if the pouch+metal detector combo is implemented on Steel Vengeance as well.
  6. Thanks! Was it the restraints? Really that's the only gripe I've ever heard about that ride. I can understand why someone would find them uncomfortable, but the openness and intensity gar outweighs that for me. The restraints were part of it.... But I don't know I was underwhelmed by it. At that point I was used to hyper coasters being like Diamondback and Nitro, large floater hills everywhere. So I guess when Skyrush didn't do that it confused the hell out of me and I couldn't enjoy it as much as I should've. I'm hoping to get there this year, and definitely next year so we'll see what I think this time around.
  7. Great report. I've been to Hershey a couple times (2011 and 2014 I believe... it all runs together) and that was before my hardcore enthusiast days so I couldn't really appreciate Hershey for what it is and therefore was pretty underwhelmed.... especially with Skyrush (yes I know that's a sin around here) That being said, I feel like next time I return to Hershey I'll like it a lot more and definitely feel like I'll adore Skyrush this time around.
  8. Coastermania will only have the main entrance gate open. If you stay at Breakers they will have a shuttle running to get you to the main entrance or you can take the walk down the boardwalk. I really like the coastermania itinerary this year. Running until 1:30 am will be amazing and I can't imagine that many people will be able to power through a 19 hour day at the park so late night ERT should be pretty empty.
  9. Anybody ever stay at the La Quinta right by the park? Looking into staying there since it's the only hotel I've found near the park that allows people under the age of 21 to check in.
  10. I don't know if its had downtime at all today but I just saw a video on Instagram with it running with people on it so not to worry.
  11. The thing is though I've had fastlane at Carowinds and Kings Island (two other Cedar Fair parks with cheaper prices for fastlane across the board) and I've never had issues with long fastlane lines. They've always been 10 minutes or less. Even for new attractions like Copperhead Strike and Mystic Timbers. And at every Cedar Fair park I've been to (everything outside of California and Canada) the fastlane lines have never affected the regular lines much if at all. It seems like an issue isolated issue to Cedar Point.
  12. From what I've noticed between Cedar Fair and Six Flags is that at Cedar Fair (especially Cedar Point) the fastlane lines are apt to back up a ton, causing for longish waits for fastlane and really screw the regular lines because then they're playing catchup with the Fastlane. I've never had that issue at Six Flags with flash pass. Seems that they're a lot better with keeping the Flash pass and regular lines completely independent of each other. Just my two cents.
  13. Thank you! Wow that sure sounds fun. Maybe some day. Yes I did get to ride it in the front and was blown away. That ride is from another planet. (Pun not intended)
  14. Bought my Holiwood Nights ticket! I've never been to this event so I'm super excited! Can't wait to get back on Voyage.
  15. Alright, with my first park visit of 2019 down (Carowinds, Copperhead is awesome) I really need to finish this before I fall way behind on my 2019 reports. So, on to our day at Quassy/Lake Compounce/SFNE. The day started with a quick drive over to Quassy. For those who don't know, Quassy is a very small park mostly visited by locals and school groups. They have a rather large waterpark and a small family oriented dry park that has a beautiful setting on Lake Quassapaug. Coaster enthusiasts will gravitate to Wooden Warrior. While the ride is only 35(?) feet tall, it packs a huge punch considering its size. Great speed and airtime for what most would consider a kids/family coaster. Gravity Group has a winner in these small rides like this, Oscar's Wacky Taxi, etc. Can't wait to try out Kentucky Flyer when it comes out. Also should be mentioned how awesome the Timberliner trains are. Wooden Warrior was my first experience with these trains and I love them. Very comfy with ample room for airtime moments. Outside of Wooden Warrior, Quassy has a few standard flat rides. Like Canobie but to a lesser scale, Quassy has a really awesome classic feel to it. We bought enough tickets for a couple rides on Wooden Warrior, bought a couple souvenirs and we were on our way to Lake Compounce. After a short drive to Compounce we were driving by the ESPN studios and into the parking lot of the oldest continuously operated amusement park in the world. I had heard all about Lake Compounce my entire life because of how old it is, and because of a certain roller coaster back in the woods. Upon walking through the gates we made a beeline to Boulder Dash, rated by many as the best wooden coaster in the world. Considering my tastes for wooden coasters (wild, out of control, I love GCI) I knew I'd love Boulder Dash. Into the front seat we went and off we were. The first thing I noted was how beautiful the setting is. Much like The Beast, you're flying past trees, and well, boulders. And I mean FLYING. Airtime everywhere and aside from a short spot where the train jackhammers (a lot) the ride is perfectly smooth. The best part perhaps is that it goes on forever. It's just hill after hill after hill after hill after hill after hill after... you get the point. Boulder Dash more than lived up to the hype and is for sure a top three wooden coaster. After a couple rides on BD, we went off to explore the rest of the park. Up next was Phobia. I'm not a big fan of this model after riding Tempesto at Busch Gardens, but I was excited to ride this without the (un)comfort collars. I don't know if it was the lack of collars, the lack of a third car on the train, or just the ride itself but I really liked it! Not an "OMFG THIS RIDE IS AMAZING" type of thing, but definitely a fun ride worth a couple laps during your visit. Up next was the Boomerang. It's a boomerang. Wasn't horrid but still, it's a boomerang. Moving on. Next was Wildcat. As you've probably gathered, I love classic wooden coasters. Wildcat seemed like the type of ride I'd love. Built in the 1940s, recently retracked, and GCI trains. I was wrong. I don't usually really hate on coasters but this thing really really sucked. It just bounced its way through the course with little speed or airtime. Just pain. It's a shame because the ride looks beautiful raising above the entrance gate. Oh well. After hitting the coasters we really just focused on walking the whole park, riding a flat here and there and the Log Flume. Ate some Potato Patch amazingness before a few more rides on BD to end the afternoon at Lake Compounce. Overall it's a nice little park and Phobia definitely helps round it out. Obviously Boulder Dash is and always will be the main draw but this is a nice park to kill a few hours at otherwise. Can't wait to get back here in the future for more rides on Boulder Dash. What a ride. Up next on the day was a couple hours at Six Flags New England. This was just a little preview before our full day at the park the next day with Flash Passes. Having only a couple hours at the park we made a beeline to the top two coasters in the park. Wicked Cyclone and of course Superman. As tempting as Superman is, we wound up at Cyclone first because we really had no idea where we were going. I've heard sorta mixed reviews about Wicked Cyclone. Sluggish being the most common gripe. But, I went in with the idea that a crappy RMC is still gonna be a kick butt ride. Those expectations seemed to prove pretty darn true. The first half of the ride is the wild out of control you expect from an RMC but somewhere along the course you go into a zero-g stall that absolutely kills the speed of the ride. It was really really strange and definitely took away from the rest of the ride. We rode again in a different seat and different train and got the same experience. My least favorite RMC which still isn't a bad thing because that still probably puts it in my top 50 somewhere. A crappy RMC is still fun ride, but it could be better. On to Superman. The ride was still stuck in its one train ops so the line was up around 45 minutes. We'll take it. Upon sitting in the train the first thing I noticed was the different style lapbars from other Intamin coasters. Super thick/heavy lapbars were not what I was expecting. I also nailed my knee cap on the steel side bar because I'm so used to Millennium's T shaped lapbars instead of the U shaped. Not off to a good start but nonetheless, I was about to take my first ride on what some consider to be the best coaster in the world. I was super hyped up. Up the long lift hill we went to the sound of the Superman music with a beautiful view of the river on one side and the rest of the park's skyline on the other. The fact it was nearing dark made this view that much better. Down the long first drop we went into the first misty tunnel. That was an awesome affect that Superman used a lot. The misty tunnels were a great addition all over the ride. Up and over the first extreme ejector hill. I love ejector air so I was already in heaven. Up next was a nice over bank and a little dip before another couple extreme airtime hills. You then pass through a bunch of misty Superman logos right next to the station and then fly (no pun intended) through the rest of the spaghetti bowl layout and rounding it out with 2 more great little airtime hops before slamming on the brakes just outside the station. Despite the strange lapbars the airtime was still as great as it should be and plentiful throughout the ride. Superman more than lived up to the hype. The lapbars were all that kept me from putting this ahead of Millennium for number 3 on my list of favorites. Being behind only Steel Vengeance, Fury 325, and Millennium still speaks volumes to how good of a ride this is. After getting off the ride we really just wanted to get back on but really didn't feel like waiting for one train ops so off we went in search of Batman The Night Dark Flight The Ride. (There's so many variations of the Batman name that it's hard to keep straight ok) We found it on the other side of the park. The whole corner of the park Batman was in was my favorite section of the park, especially at night. The lights from Harley Quinn really brightened up the area and otherwise it looked really fresh and clean which is a big plus in my books. We walked right on Batman and found it to be really enjoyable. Yes it's a little smaller than other floorless models but it had nice speed and was nice and smooth. Solid ride. With only about a half hour left we figured we might as well finish out our marathon of a day with more coasters and hit the other two in this corner of the park. Up first was Joker. The main reason for hitting this that night was we've ridden these before and we know that even with flash pass, the wait times on these things can be bad so with no line we figured it wouldn't hurt to hop on. I personally love these models and the Joker name is really fitting because they always seem to have me laughing like crazy by the end of the ride. We had just enough time to hop in line for the last train on The Riddler's Revenge...... No that's not right.... Car Crash The Ride.... No that's not it either... Hmmmmm. Oh it's just Riddler Revenge. Anyways, my Car Crash The Ride joke actually did serve a purpose. Yes this has the new Vekoma trains with vest restraints but good God this thing jerks you around like, well, a car crash. Even still, it wasn't a bad ride and definitely a large step up from the older Vekoma trains. The paint colors also look awesome. That rounded out the nightcap of what was an incredible, tiring day. No pictures of SFNE in this update because my phone was dead by the time we got there. Plenty of pics from Quassy and Lake Compounce though to hold you over. Don't worry there's plenty. Up next is our full day at SFNE plus the SFNE pictures. Thanks as always for reading. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them. Quassy first We may have ridden this too. Why hello Loved how close to the ride the observation deck got. Beauty Cool model Did not get this credit lol. The lake. And one more of Wooden Warrior Lake Compounce What might be on the other side? Oh hello. Phobia Phear Phoaster Phas Phery Phun Ah here it is Hard ride to get pictures of Into the woods Ugh should've been better Seems a little familiar to this CP fanboy. Awesome entrance with the old car. Good name for an S&S Screamin Swing That's all for now. Thanks for reading!
  16. Niiiice. Get your mind out of the gutter You actually made me think in had the wrong date for a second haha
  17. I love all the little things Kings Island is doing this year. April 20th cant get here soon enough.
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