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  1. I've never ridden either coaster but I know both have similar layouts so why is Titan such a big step down from Goliath?
  2. Loving all your UAE reports! Wish some of these parks (like Motiongate) were covered more often.
  3. Full report coming soon but I'll just say that Copperhead Strike was outstanding. Absolutely the perfect addition for the park.
  4. Carowinds website states cargo pockets are ok but I did see some phone flying out so only time will tell if it changes or not . . . Well sounds like Cargo shorts will still be good for this weekend. Thank you!
  5. When you say strict lose article policy are you talking like steel vengeance or will I still be able to keep my stuff in zipper/cargo pockets? Not a big deal but trying to plan on if I'll be running to the ride entrance or the lockers on opening day.
  6. I hope this is putting you at ease. Seems like it should be up and running for your trip. Yes it is Haha. I guess with any trip you're always gonna worry that the big new ride isnt gonna run but I dont think carowinds would be doing all this if they weren't pretty sure it will be all ready to go on Saturday
  7. Battery park is a nice place to get great pics of the park. Ghostly Manor thrill center is your typical children's party place but it has a killer haunted house inside of it for some reason Then of course theres Kalahari which can be fun even if you dont do the waterpark.
  8. They also posted a video walkthrough of the queue line which looks amazing. Heavily themed.
  9. Wow this has to be the most comments I've ever had on an update lol. I have been to knoebels, but it was probably 6-7 years ago so I couldn't fully appreciate it like I probably would now. Looking into going there this year though! You're absolutely right! Definitely worth a day there if you're in the area for six flags.
  10. All they're gonna do to the trains has göt2b just slapping some ads on them.
  11. Wait.... They don't have season passes?????? What in the world?
  12. ^I was looking forward to your comment considering your username I'm glad I did the park justice. Even though Cedar Point is my home park, I'm very very very slightly jealous that you have Canobie so close by
  13. Fair warning, this is a long one. After a fairly late night driving to Springfield from Great Escape with food stops on the way, we were excited to finally get some sleep ahead of what was sure to be another long day with a 2 hour drive to Canobie Lake Park and a 2 hour drive back to the hotel later that night. We also had originally planned on leaving Canobie early enough that we could get a couple hours in at SFNE that night. Long story short, we liked Canobie a lot more than we expected and spent a maximum amount of time there. Canobie was always a park I was interested in. I knew it was an old park with a 1920s coaster which was the primary draw but I had also heard on here many times that Canobie is actually one of the nicest all around parks in the eastern US, or even the whole country. I found that to be a little hard to believe but went in with fairly high expectations anyways. Upon pulling into the rather large (for a small park) parking lot I could see Cannonball already. Standing tall by the entrance. Then came the entrance itself which looks as if it could be the entrance to a major regional park. Very modern looking with a big park feel. It looked great but slightly worried me that Canobie would try too hard to feel like a regional park and lose their classic park charm in the process. Those worries would soon be eliminated by taking our first steps into the park. Just on the way over to Cannonball we could see Canobie has done a great job keeping their classic buildings looking classic, with some modern and classic flat rides mixed in and out. Then there was Cannonball. You can tell the station is still the original one from the 1920s or at least very similar to it. It was also beautifully landscaped with a water feature in front of it. We got in line and only waited about 20 minutes despite 1 train ops thanks to a great crew. Something I noticed was that the ops here do the standard "welcome back riders, how was your ride?" and hype up spiel that I'm not really used to seeing at smaller parks like Canobie. It's a small thing that makes the park feel like a bigger park when compared to other small parks and adds to the experience. The ride itself was great. Runs like brand new even though its almost 100 years old with plenty of speed and airtime throughout. 10/10 from me. Moving on we got a ride on Untamed, the park's Eurofighter. The area around Untamed looks great and modern. Another bit of big park feel. I should mention that I don't think looking modern is something that small parks don't do. Plenty of them do have modern features but Canobie does it in such a way that it feels as if a major chain company did it, and it looks great. Untamed itself is fairly good for a standard Eurofighter with OTSRs with not as much headbanging as I expected. The supports painted to look like tree trunks is the icing on the cake for me. Moving on we hit the part of the park that made me absolutely fall in love with Canobie. In between Untamed and the lake is a few flat rides, gardens and a picnic grove that runs down to the lake. This part of the park that includes rides like a caterpillar and an old fashion sky ride feels like the perfect step back in time. Standing in line for the caterpillar and looking over at families having a great time in the picnic groves and then looking at the lake with a few boaters here and there made me feel like I had stepped back in time to the golden age of amusement parks. Being 18 years old at the time of this trip I had never experienced a park that had that type of feel to it. I had only heard about it from my Grandma who frequented Cleveland Ohio's Euclid Beach and a few VHS tapes of other long forgotten Cleveland amusement parks. Thanks to Canobie Lake Park I felt like I had truly stepped back in time to an amusement park my Grandma would've visited and I will always love Canobie for keeping this part of the park the way it was (for the most part) back in the 1920s and 30s. (Feel free to skip this part if you don't care about a little sidebar further explaining my love for this section of Canobie Lake Park in particular) At the time of our trip my above mentioned Grandmother had been sliding downhill with dementia, and the affects of a stoke she had had a few years ago that didn't affect her physically but hit her hard mentally, pretty quickly. We knew it was only a matter of months before she was riding roller coasters in the sky. She passed away in late November, only about 3.5 months after our visit. Her and I were very close and she is the one who got my mom hooked on amusement parks who then got me hooked on amusement parks. Unfortunately by the time I was old enough to ride roller coasters, her riding days had passed. So, being able to experience a park like Canobie that has a section of the park that my grandma could appreciate because of its similarity to parks she grew up with was super special to me. By that stage in her life she mostly just slept, and if she was awake she certainly didn't know who I was or what I was saying to her. So telling her about Canobie Lake Park was pointless. That being said, if she was healthy enough to have a conversation about Canobie Lake Park, I'm sure she would've really really enjoyed hearing about it and looking at pictures. So I really really thank Canobie Lake Park for keeping this area of the park as classic as it can be so that I could, in a way, share an amusement park experience with my Grandma. I have only visited parks in the US, and none of them had this quality that Canobie does. Again, thank you Canobie. Back to your regularly scheduled trip report After a nice walk that takes you in front of the lake and a ballroom, you run into the Boston Harbor section of the park. This is another part that makes you feel like you could be at a major park. I mean what small park has a giant shoot the chutes ride with some pretty decent theming all around it? On the surface it seems like the transition between the section of the park containing the caterpillar and Boston Harbor would be pretty awkward, but Canobie executes it perfectly. Moving on from there you have more flat rides, new and old and the Canobie Corkscrew coaster. Canobie Corkscrew isn't much to write home about being a simple Arrow corkscrew coaster but, Canobie is a good home for this coaster. You then enter the western themed section of the park which includes one of the better log flumes I've ever been on and a quirky dark ride that needs to be ridden to fully believe. It's a trip While eating at the pasta place overlooking the lake (really good by the way) we realized how much we were enjoying Canobie, and decided Six Flags could wait another day. Unfortunately our day at Canobie was cut a little short anyways thanks to a pretty large thunderstorm, but it was still really cool to watch the storm roll in while sitting on a bench right on the lake. The rain started, and thus ended our amazing day at what is now one of my favorite amusement parks. I can't wait to get back, whenever that may be. Hopefully very soon. On to some pictures.... Fair warning, I took a lot. I'll try to cut it down some. Hope you enjoyed reading. Drop some comments below and look forward to the next installment which will be our day hitting Quassy, Lake Compounce, and SFNE. Love the entrance Cannonball from the parking lot Thanks Canobie Coaster for serving as some inspiration for this pic lol ... and this one S&S double shots are always fun. This one is no exception Untamed! Loops on these rides are always fun Yesssssss Classic SKLOOSH SKLOOSH part 2 History! Weird and fun We're on a log flume... Cool! Beauty Smaller skloosh Roller Coaster Tycoon? More Untamed pictures because its photogenic Love this shot. Shows the charm More Untamed... Sorry Here comes the storm Wow... Time to book it. Of course not without a few pictures on the way out Cannonball's station looks amazing at night That's all the pictures. Hope you enjoyed. Till next time!
  14. You don't win a prize for being first, so why not wait awhile if it's making you anxious? All of this seems completely unnecessary. All indications are that everything will be fine though and if not you can just ride the giant, awesome giga that's (most likely) an infinitely better ride anyway. Because living in Ohio you get coaster deprived real quick in this weather So the opportunity to go opening weekend is hard to pass up. I know you're right though. And yes indeed Fury is there too so that definitely helps
  15. Even with all the tests I've seen on the webcams my anxiety is through the roof that this thing won't be ready on opening day for no real reason. I guess it's partly because I'm making a nine hour drive for it.
  16. I stayed at the Motel 6 last June, and it is actually really nice. I walked from there to the park, just be careful. There are no cross walks for some reason. Well that's comforting actually. Not worried about that as I plan to drive over to the park anyways
  17. And I'm sitting here with a stay booked at the Motel 6. Not my choice. I'm under 21 and that's the only hotel in the area that would allow me to check in.
  18. When I had it last year it was unlimited on everything including LR.
  19. Fortnite is already dying anyways. The large majority of people who play it are like 12 year olds. Six flags won't market to them, especially when within a few months of opening fortnite will be as dead as people's hopes for a new coaster at this park.
  20. So sick of everything. I need the offseason to end.
  21. We were kinda thinking that as well, considering it was only open to the public for like 15 minutes all day.
  22. Yeah it was a long day waiting/hoping it would open. It's a great little park but there's just not a lot to do without Comet
  23. Thank you! I like to think I take decent pics. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks good of this park.
  24. Alright time to start my report from our trip to New England. We took this trip from a Monday night through the following Saturday sometime in early August, I forget which days exactly. The plan was to drive about halfway from our home in Cleveland to Great Escape Monday night after work, drive to Great Escape early Tuesday before driving the rest of our way to our hotel in Springfield, MA about 10-15 minutes away from Six Flags New England. The plan then for Wednesday-Friday was to hit Quassy, Lake Compounce, and Canobie Lake Park in the afternoons before heading back "home" to Six Flags at night. Saturday then was to travel home, hitting Seabreeze in Rochester, NY and Waldameer in Erie, PA (the only park we had been to prior to this trip). It was a lot but we made it work and had a great time. So Monday night I got out of work at around 8pm and we were off for hotel that was actually only about 20 minutes from Darien Lake. Had Darien Lake been officially a Six Flags park at this point we would have stopped since we have passes but it was not to be this year. Tuesday morning we were up early and on our way to The Great Escape. I've always heard that this park is very different from standard Six Flags parks as far as appearance and I couldn't agree more. When looking at their ride lineup it is obvious this is different from your usual Six Flags offerings. No Goliath, or Batman, or Superman. Just a very nice visual park with some mid-sized thrills that make it great for family getaways. Obviously, as coaster enthusiasts, we were here for really one reason only. Comet. I've only ever heard fantastic things about Comet, and given its historical significance, We were eager to try it. Upon entering the park (beautiful entrance might I add) we made a beeline down the very far from standard six flags looking midway towards Comet. Comet is located in a weird part of the park. It is quite literally over the river and through the woods (fitting for the park formerly known as Storytown) to get to the ride as you cross over a river and through the woods that hold part of the waterpark to get to the ride that sits up against the foothills of the Adirondacks. We could see it back there as we passed by the closed bobsled coaster. I had read that that ride almost never operates and was prepared to not ride it, its a shame that we didn't get to ride it but at least it wasn't Comet that was closed.... Uh oh. We finally made it to Comet and while the two trains were on the track, there were no ride ops to be seen. Only a couple mechanics and a sign proclaiming that Comet was currently closed. Well crap. We were happy to see that there were mechanics there working on it so we figured we'd hit the few other credits in the park and come back, expecting it to be open by then. Off we went to their surprisingly well themed ghost town. The buildings actually looked great and the complete lack of anybody in the whole section of the park really drove home the ghost town feel! Jokes aside, the area did look very nice and there were plenty of people there, they were just in the waterpark and standing by Comet hoping for it to open. Canyon Blaster was the first coaster we hit in the park. Nothing special, just a rather short mine train coaster that was really smooth. One of my favorite mine trains. After a ride on the log flume right next door we went back toward the front of the park, catching a ride on Steamin Demon on the way. It's an arrow, it loops, it corkscrews, you get the drill. Moving on.... Over to Boomerang, catching rides on the park's drop tower Sasquatch and the Larson loop. After riding the standard boomerang (that had a really really nice looking queue), we went back towards Comet thinking it would surely be open by now. Right? Wrong. Same deal as before. Well at least the mechanics were still there and working. The only issue was it was already getting late. It was probably 3pm at this point and the park closed at 7. We explored the rest of the park grabbing a bite to eat (good beef bowl, above normal six flags quality food) and hitting a few flats. It became obvious that we were out of things to do so around 4:30 we went back to Comet and just sat. Hoping somehow they get the ride open in time to get just one lap before the park closed. We waited... and waited and waited you get the point. Finally there was life. The mechanics came in from the brake run where they were working and went to the station. We heard a buzzer and the lift started up. Off it went, empty, but there was life. A couple test runs later a very nice mechanic came out to tell us and the few other people who had also gathered that they just had to wait for the ride crew to show up and do their daily tests and the ride would open. I applaud that mechanic for his honesty with us, otherwise if we saw them leaving we would've probably followed suit and gotten a head start on our drive to Springfield. Finally about 5:10 the crew got there, did their tests and we were ready to roll. We were alerted by the op who opened the gate for us that the even though the park closed at 7, Comet would close at 6 for a private event. No matter. It seemed we had nearly an hour almost to ourselves anyways so into the front seat we went thanks to being first in line. Seatbelts buckled and lapbars pulled down, it seemed we were only seconds away from finally riding right?!?!? Wrong again. As the ride ops finished checking the seats, there was a phone call. There was lightning in the area and obviously, Comet couldn't operate. We exited as if we had actually ridden but actually all we had done was sat in the seat. We went back to our spot at the closed again entrance. The skies got darker and darker, although it never rained and we only heard a couple rumbles of thunder. At about 5:45 we heard another phone call and Comet was open, for real this time! Front seat again, lapbars checked, "all clear" and off we went. There was no stopping us now. Up the extremely fast lifthill we went and through the outstanding, smooth, airtime filled ride and into the brakes. An outstanding ride for sure. It feels like a classic, without compromising modern smoothness. Airtime all over the place. 10/10 for sure. We had just enough time for another lap, this time in the back. I preferred the front but the back was great as well. Bottom line, we got on Comet. We still had an hour to kill so we hit Canyon Blaster and Sasquatch one more time each, shopped a little bit and went on our way. I must commend Great Escape for staying true to their family park roots, even though they are owned by one of the largest amusement park corporations in the world. The park looks absolutely stunning. No, its not Busch Gardens level but for a small, forgotten Six Flags park it is wonderful and really charming. It is unfortunate that we only got two laps on Comet, but the ride was amazing and the park was good enough that I can totally see myself making a return trip in the future. If you're in the area, stopping in for a few hours is well worth it. After what ended up being a great day, we went on our way to Springfield so we could get some sleep before going to Canobie Lake Park the next day, the sleeper hit of the trip. Thank you for reading, enjoy the pictures and please comment! I love reading and replying to your comments! View from the parking lot Over the bridge we go. This would be a theme at both six flags parks this trip Steamin Demon welcomes you Finally at the entrance Are we sure this is a Six Flags? Cute mainstreet It's a boomerang New ride for 2018... Fun little ride Not a surprise... looked fun though Deserved Still closed... Fun little ride as well But Comet Still waiting... Yay a credit! Ghost town And another arrow Log flume station skloosh More arrow Always love S&S towers This was my first Larson loop. Surprisingly fun! Much better than the carnival versions. A boomerang not named boomerang. Back to Comet... It's still closed Finally!!!! Wait first a brief delay for lightning Goodbye Comet. I'll be back some day. Another ride on Steamin Demon can't hurt right? It hurt. That's all from Great Escape!
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