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  1. I wish the bat had floorless trains like vampire at chessington does
  2. Is there any difference between the "top gun stall" and goliath's zero g stall?
  3. I like over-banked turns, don't you? Of course, I'm probably using the wrong term to describe this element; it's probably called a "mega-lateral positive G cutback with a twist of lemon," They call it a hammerhead turn and I enjoy it as well But I like firehawk I love this picture
  4. Im considering flying down to tampa for a weekend of howl o scream in october, any tips/recommendations/things to avoid?
  5. never thought I would see a church thanked for credits
  6. More gp on goliath amazing how americans can't seem to get enough adrenalin. perhaps open your eyes and look at what's happening around you? school shootings. bloodshed everywhere, children kidnapped by terrorists... hullo, anyone there??? there will be new lawsuits by the end of summer. A disaster waiting to happen ill ship my pabts
  7. With Bosque Magico getting a Superman Ultimate Flight clone and BGW rumored to be getting one what are the chances Holiday World could get one?
  8. To get into Banshee's media day you had to be a member of Club TPR. However, it is very rare a media day will be opened to the entire club like Kings Island did. Media day for Gatekeeper was open for coaster club members
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