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  1. I really need to do HoliWood nights next year also the drop on Bakuli surprised me as well. Holiday World is still open saturdays and sundays through October 26.
  2. I really love Firehawk the sensation of flight is unreal and the loop is just amazing.
  3. So which house did you chose for the revist, and if it was a skeleton key house did you go through the bonus room again?
  4. Add me to the skipping Vortex camp . But I think if possible it should stay because it has its fans
  5. youtube comment on an apollos chariot video I think Maverik is the best B&M hopper coaster ever! 
  6. I wish I would have been able to ride big bad wolf before it was removed
  7. Dont count out Mammoth and Wildebeest at Holiday World there great rides maybe even better then the coasters
  8. Really? KillMart? KillMart A new department store has opened in the neighborhood that has everything you need with killer deals in every aisle. Shop 'til you drop...dead! Open: 6:00pm - 1:00am Location: Coney Maul Take it from someone who works at a store you see some intresting things
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