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  1. scary farm looks like alot of fun and you cant beat having an evil elsa
  2. I dont find Firehawk to be rough (I even love the loop) and its my second favorite at KI after Diamondback You must have went on a very busy day if the Bats line was that long.
  3. I heard Volcanos other train is having its yearly inspection
  4. I cant make the SFMM day (no good way to get there that as im flying into SNA and im not old enough to rent a car) but im gonna try to get some xcelarating in if at all possible
  5. I would think the B&M standups would have a lower capacity as they have longer load times
  6. The awesome pictures above confirmed that I need to bring my DSLR when I go. HWs website says Tbird can do up to 1,140 people/hour how accurate does that sound people who have ridden it?
  7. does Thunderbird have a fairly high capacity? also its interesting to know that the park was in the market for a B&M so long ago and that they could have had an invert
  8. Inversions is about the only thing they dont have with the woodies they have now Also I could see a Tempesto clone fitting in well at the park
  9. Holiday World next tuesday for my birthday Cant wait to try Thunderbird and get some rides on the other coasters
  10. Thanks for the info and if I get any decent ones I will post them in this thread
  11. Going to Holiday World next week and I want to bring my DSLR camera since its such a nice looking park do they still have bins on all there coasters/flats or did that change with Thunderbird?
  12. Havnt ridden Shiekra yet but I would say that about Griffon for sure (also the view is amazing)
  13. acording to http://www.themouseforless.com/disneyland/vacation-planning/disneyland-resort-rehab-closures/ Screamin will reopen on the 18th
  14. If I do end up doing this trip it would just be the 1 wcb day spend at sfmm and the rest of my time spent in the knotts/dl area (3-4 days) so I figured it would makes more sense to stay at the same hotel for the whole trip
  15. I live a long drive away from Cali so I plan on flying into the DL/knotts area If I do go to wcb. What would be the best way to get to SFMM?
  16. Really? With everything that Disneyland has to offer you would let ONE RIDE being closed be the deciding factor? Seems a bit silly to me, IMO. Not at all but I havnt been to DL and Screamin looks like alot of fun
  17. Jokers Jinx is a outdoor clone of Fof yes but KIs big Huss ride is a Giant Frisbee we dont have an enterprise
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