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  1. It makes me sad to people hating on Voyage and saying its too rough I havnt been on it yet this year but I dont remember it being rough the past two years
  2. I dont see those rides listed as down on here http://touringplans.com/disneyland-resort/closures (fansite but it has always been a reliable one)
  3. Both of these but seeing I 305 on a KI commercial is just wrong
  4. I go on Reddit sometimes and would subscribe to a TPR subreddit if one was made
  5. If I do end up going to the wcb I would love to join up with some of you guys/girls that are going to Disneyland/DCA
  6. Glad to see a RMC a close drive away but they could put more work into the POV
  7. If your doing KI and KD dont forget that both parks have Flight of Fear and the Stunt Coaster
  8. I have plans but I might just change them for that much ert and a stop at disneyland
  9. Volcano at KD is worth visiting the park for the speed and the high inversions make for a top tier ride. I also enjoy the massive loop of Dominator and it has has some surprising airtime after the mcbr.
  10. If your a platinum passholder KI has ert 30 minutes before the park opens on both Diamondback (sit in the back for ) and Banshee (front has best view) if not do Firehawk and flight of fear first as these get long lines that dont move very quickly. Banshee, Firehawk and FOF have a no loose items policy and do not have bins but they offer lockers for temporary storage outside the entrances
  11. I was able to ride shockwave 4 times without getting off last monday so I guess the lack of ridership is why its being removed
  12. Shockwave was surprisingly fun its way better then Vortex at Carowinds which is the only other standup ive rode
  13. I might be going to Dollywood soon and this looks pretty awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwaygUhPsM8 Has anyone on here done it?
  14. Im going to KD soon and I am considering bringing my dslr camera do most of the coasters/flats have bins? also are any of the shows must see?
  15. I would be shocked if KI didnt get a waterpark expansion in 2016
  16. Well I was wanting to go to Cali this year and this sounds like a great excuse
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