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  1. Ever since I first saw the TRs of the tpr group trips (especially the overseas ones) I had wanted to go on one as they looked like a total blast its a bummer that I wont ever get the chance
  2. I want to take my dslr to knotts do they have bins on most of the rides?,also what are the must dos for merry farm?
  3. going to this park for the first time on friday what would be the best plan to get as many coasters as possible?
  4. I love Holiday World but there late rides policy seems to leave a bad impression as the guest exits the park
  5. Thanks for posting the souvenir photo if you had a dslr and joined in with the paps it would have been even better
  6. The very idea of a giga at KI is making me giddy (yes I know its obvious)
  7. I was indeed referring to Scary Farm's opening day and having watched past years hangings on Youtube I really want to see it live. (feel free to show a newb around the park) Edit Trick or Treat confirmed to return with 2 new rooms https://www.knotts.com/scaryfarm/ride/Trick-or-Treat/cat/Mazes
  8. How bad are crowds typically on opening day and the day after as those work best with my current plans?
  9. Is Scary Farm doable in 1 night without needing to buy Fright Lane? (I dont have a date picked yet)
  10. I would have loved to go on a tpr europe tour and I hate that the whiners ruined that chance . I also agree with your thoughts of quality over quantity as ive always found adults that ride kiddie coasters to increase a pointless number to be sad at best.
  11. I have been to HW 1 time a year for the past 3 years and Ive never noticed the staff being better or worse then KI or other parks I have visited. Regrading souvenirs on my last vist ( August 11th) I didnt think HWs were expensive I Bought a HW lanyard and a Voyage pin for 4$ total and I saw plenty of resonably priced shirts and other items.
  12. I have emailed the park and they can indeed get in on the early entry
  13. 4gs and still its super smooth Heres some pics I took with my dslr on my recent trip Whos ready for a nice launch? Big crowd to see Thunderbirds launch I wish he would have to got to see it Its a very fun ride and its also very photogenic Reactions to the launch In the clouds On the way to ride it you can see peeking out it over the trees I cant leave out this awesome ride Gotta love the banking Still in them The top of the Legend Legend is 15 this year Raven is 20 Its up there for sure I had a great time and I cant wait until I see this again
  14. I rode Voyage yesturday and once the ride was over a little girl who couldnt have been more then 10 years old said the ride was awesome and was begging her mom to let her do it again so Im not sure the ride is as intense as you guys think
  15. I have ridden Fury in light rain but I doubt it compares to 305 in that downpour
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