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  1. Yes Are SLC's an excuse for an extra roller coaster?
  2. Coasters 1. B & M Inverted 2. Wild Mouse 3. Intamin Woodie <-Prefabricated Thrill Rides (Giving Examples because I don't know technical names) 1. Maxair at CP 2. Phoenix at BGT Kiddie Rides 1. Merry-Go-Round 2. Tilt-A-Whirl Water Rides 1. River Rapids 2. Flume 3. Water Boat Food 1. Junk Food 2. McDonalds 3. Carabbas Just enough to start a SMALL park CoasterPeep7
  3. Great job! I like your idea of stalls. I like the way it is going, too! CoasterPeep7
  4. Great park. I gave it a four! I like the way the park is going. Three things that I don't like, but hey, it's my opinion. 1. I don't like how it goes 90 degrees after the drop 2. The supports for the loop look like a Shwarzkopf. Ugh. 3. The trees on the first picture just end. You should try to "mix" it to no trees? Do you know what I mean? CoasterPeep7
  5. I agree with Reality15. Not to be rude but, ugh, what is that building? I hate that red! Everything else is going great! Good Job! I likey! CoasterPeep7
  6. I think he means that the ten inversions really annoy him to the brain... so he calls it unrealistic. My guess, I could be wrong. On the other hand, I think the park and rides are realistic. The scenery fits the rides and the park looks like peeps will never want to leave! I don't know why, but the theming for To the Summit isn't enough. You need more theming. Add more theming or you will insult the Yeti! If not then, good bye trains! CoasterPeep7
  7. Going along with Phazan... what is a tyre? It is mentioned in your title and a few times in your post.
  8. Nice park! Is that Expedition Everest in the second to last photo?! -CoasterPeep7-
  9. I filled out the survey! Welcome to TPR you will love this place so much.
  10. Great Photo TR! I felt like I was actually walking through DisneyLand! Not really because I was exaggerating. But, it was really good. -Randall-
  11. King... of course Would you rather be poisoned or stabbed
  12. It seems smooth... and fun! Hopefully it has forces unlike some coasters
  13. Somewhat fantasy to me... The ride might of been working differently everytime you went. I'll try it, but I don't think it is true. Sorry
  14. I don't think it is worth it for an extra $25.00... But that is just my opinion. You can get FREE rides on Scream! with that parking pass! It actually depends, really. The factors would probably be, do you like theme park food a lot, is the parking at your home Six Flags very expensive, do you live near Denver? I would think hard about before you choose. All in all, I agree with Jeezus Juice.
  15. I like it... But the thing is, where's the snow? It looks good for a mac! good job!
  16. Two things... 1. How do you make the water go on your screen? 2. Follow the picture... untitled.bmp What the heck?
  17. this is a funny video on Google videos at http://video.google.com/ Link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7566539394950322025
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