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  1. Plenty of new ones this year. Honorable mentions: Olympia Looping, Blue Fire, Fluch Von Novgorod, Joris en de Draak, Ghostrider. 1. Expedition GeForce (new) 2. Boulder Dash 3. Superman The Ride 4. Taron (new) 5. Wicked Cyclone (new) 6. Twisted Colossus 7. Karnan (new) 8. Black Mamba (new) 9. Tatsu 10. Karacho (new)
  2. New for 2020: Olympia Looping dynamic pricing! The 5-car train will run at a "value" £6 per ride while the "enthusiast edition" 7-car train will run simultaneously at a "premium" £12 per ride. The ride's new owner stated, "Never before have more people had greater opportunity and diversity to experience Olympia Looping at a variety of price points to meet the increasingly dynamic budgets of the average consumer."
  3. Got to ride Black Mamba this year and I was really impressed with it. It's not the most intense, but it's one of them. I figured the setting was going to be the lone selling point, but there's so much more to it than that. The first drop has a nice old school kick to it and it's interesting riding one of these with so many non-inverting elements. 1. Raptor 2. Dueling Dragons Fire 3. Afterburn 4. Black Mamba 5. Montu 6. Alpengeist 7. Dueling Dragons Ice 8. Fight Deck 9. Banshee 10. Great Bear 11. Talon 12. Silver Bullet 13. Batman: The Ride 14. Patriot
  4. Raptor still has a modest, but very devoted fan base who think it's one of the best, or even the best invert despite not being the flashiest. It's in my top ten too.
  5. Very interesting. Python was advertised as closed when I went in August, but it was open all day and it actually ran pretty well. One of the smoothest old school Vekomas I've been on to be honest. Really glad I got to ride the original.
  6. 2017 update. Steel: 1. Skyrush 2. Maverick 3. Expedition GeForce 4. Intimidator 305 5. Medusa Steel Coaster 6. Millennium Force 7. Fury 325 8. Superman The Ride 9. Kumba 10. Raptor (11.) Taron Wood: 1. Voyage 2. El Toro 3. Phoenix 4. Boulder Dash 5. Outlaw Run 6. Ravine Flyer II 7. Legend 8. Timber Terror 9. Tremors 10. American Thunder (11.) Joris en de Draak
  7. Great photos so far! Though I think a lot of us could benefit from more captions to let us know what we're seeing. I spent ten days in Germany this summer, but didn't make it to Berlin. Hope your trip was just as fun as mine.
  8. I doubt it will be long before standalone coasters make up the vast majority of RMC's output. So many of the mediocre, maintenance-draining wooden coasters ideal for i-box conversion are already gone. White Cyclone is possibly one of the last few that offers potential of this scale so I'm excited to see what they do with it.
  9. Eh, I still contend that the holding brake is the dive coaster's biggest selling point. That's the thing that people see from the midway and get hyped up / freaked out about. If simply having a vertical drop that's better than Valravn's drop took away a ride's selling point nobody would have ever cared about Valravn at all since Dragster has a vertical drop that's basically twice the height. Honestly if you have a fear of heights (as many people do), Valravn might be the most terrifying ride in the park since you hang on the restraints looking straight down a 200+ foot drop. These things don't scare enthusiasts so I think we forget how terrifying something like that is to a large percentage of the population. We were hanging out in the Sheikra area for Howl O Scream last night and people in the queue and near the ride were freaking out telling their friends how scared it was being held at the top. Fair point. It's very true that I forgot how much of a psychological factor the holding brake is for some people.
  10. Man, I only got to do five-car, one-train Olympia Looping at Cranger Kirmes in August. Seven-car, five-train Olympia Looping at Oktoberfest looks like an entirely different and better experience!
  11. Steel Vengeance - making Valravn irrelevant. For those who like to take everything literally, they're obviously very different rides that do very different things. It's just amazing how this one basically one-ups Valravn's entire selling point and it's not even the most remarkable element on the ride.
  12. First of all, great review and photos! But I'm going offer a dissenting opinion. I visited Movie Park for the first time this August and I honestly thought Star Trek was the tamest, weakest, most disappointing new coaster of this scale since Dorney Park's Hydra. I'll agree with JordyC that back row on the back spike and first hill are the two best parts. After that I felt the train simply traveled too slowly for anything else in the layout to deliver. This new trend of slow, forward-backward launches really bothers me as it negates the whole point of a launch to begin with: sudden acceleration. The whole middle portion from the reverse flying snake dive to the cammelbacks felt awkward with no significant positive forces or airtime. I wasn't impressed with the theming or Federation Plaza either. I applaud Movie Park for trying and I realize this was done on less than a Europa/Phantasialand budget, but all of it felt extremely cheap. Movie Park has a few good rides like Van Helsing, High Fall, and the best standard Frisbee I've seen, but I just don't understand what some of its fans see in the place. I went to 10 parks across Germany and The Netherlands on this trip and Movie Park is the only one I don't think I'll ever go back to. At least when it comes to Star Trek, most people seem to like it. I thought Blue Fire was not just slightly better, but significantly. If I gave that coaster an 8/10 I might give Star Trek a 6.
  13. 1. Cedar Point 2. Phantasialand 3. Europa Park 4. Silver Dollar City 5. Busch Gardens Tampa 6. Hersheypark 7. Knoebels 8. Holiday World 9. Kings Dominion 10. Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  14. I don't understand where this idea came from that a layout can be "too tight and twisted" for RMC to do a full length conversion. I've seen it several times in this thread. So far we've seen two ways the ibox conversions tend to go: (1) Keep the lift height the same and lop off sections of track, or (2) Add height to the lift and keep the track length. One would seem more expensive than the other.
  15. ^The new-gen trains are exclusively for RMCs over 3,000 feet long *Quietly waits for someone to take an obvious joke literally*
  16. Glad my favorite Six Flags is finally getting this. That said, I think there's a right way and a wrong way to be critical of it if you're disappointed. Will it be a top 3 coaster in an already strong collection with Goliath and Mind Bender? Yes. Does it look like a budget conversion compared to what Cedar Fair is doing with theirs? Also yes. Will it be one of the best RMCs? Maybe not, but then again, lopping off nearly a third of layout didn't hurt Iron Rattler much for me so who knows? It still gives me another reason to speed up my next trip to SFOG.
  17. Current count is 356. 1. Big Thunder Mountain - Magic Kingdom 50. Dueling Dragons Ice - Islands of Adventure 100. Superman: Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Over Georgia 150. Trailblazer - Hersheypark 200. Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood 250. Pandemonium - Six Flags Over Texas 300. Blue Fire - Europa Park 350. Kleine Zar - Hansa Park
  18. Much like it's neighbor, this ride is designed to kick your a** (in a good way). If you don't find it re-rideable, they have plenty of awesome, highly re-rideable coasters like Millennium Force, Valravn and Gatekeeper that you can ride until you're ready to get back in line. As for me, I'll be re-riding the crap out of it. 100%. A coaster intense enough that more than 2-3 rides in a row becomes a challenge (and then you just push yourself to do it anyway) is exactly what I want. Most of my top 10 are like that.
  19. 2017 Update. 1. Skyrush 2. Expedition GeForce - It's everything I wanted it to be. Legendary ejector air is for real and flying through and over the trees is fantastic. 3. Superman The Ride - Moved up from #6. It's running so much better than it did five years ago, but restraints let it down compared to GeForce. 4. Phantom's Revenge 5. Magnum XL-200 6. Karnan - The most unique hyper ever and by far the best themed. Airtime is not quite Intamin level but above B&M. 7. Goliath (SFOG) 8. Nitro 9. Superman el Ultimo Escape 10. Silver Star - What? I thought this was supposed to be Europe's Intimidator. What happened to the over-braked snooze fest that nobody likes I'd heard so much about? I thought it was really good! Trims hardly touch you aside from the one just prior to the MCBR and the airtime gets stronger as the ride goes on. A few Europa regulars told me the trims used to be turned up a lot higher. If so, then good on Europa for doing what most parks won't. 11. Mako 12. Diamondback 13. Apollo's Chariot 14. Steel Force 15. Mamba 16. Titan 17. Intimidator 18. Goliath (SFMM) 19. Desperado
  20. I see Knott's figured out how to keep Boomerang's cobra roll almost where it was After riding Karnan, Novgorod, and Karacho this week I'm really excited for this. I had hoped for something slightly longer, but the elements it has all look great.
  21. I actually prefer Afterburn. The first drop felt like it had more snap to it and every single element pulled serious g's whereas Montu sometimes slugs its way to the end if the MCBR bites too hard. Montu's batwing still crushes all challengers, but the whole of Afterburn was just a little more satisfying to me. With Fire Dragon leaving us, Afterburn is now my #2 invert.
  22. Top 5: 1. Cedar Point - The endorphin kick of seeing the skyline, circling perimeter road around the peninsula, then entering through the resort gate next to Magnum's lift hill that I got as a kid sixteen years ago still comes flooding back every time I visit. The lakeside setting and all the great views it allows makes the absence of theming irrelevant. The atmosphere is simply the nicest of any major corporate park in the US. CP has more of my favorite coasters than any other park, but it's also more than just the sum of its best rides. It's the only park of its class (i.e. not a Universal/Disney/Europa) to feel like a true destination resort. 2. Silver Dollar City - The best combination of a relaxed, yet all-encompassing theme and a diverse lineup of thrilling rides that I've seen. The coaster collection is growing, yet not huge, and I can re-ride the ones they have again and again without tiring of them. I feel 100% in the present moment at this park. No need to rigorously plan or fret about getting things done even though there's so much to do. Dollywood is obviously similar (and I haven't ridden Lightning Rod), but SDC's atmosphere and coasters were more satisfying overall. 3. Busch Gardens Tampa - Pretty clearly the best set of B&Ms out there if you ask me. Kumba is still the best looper B&M has built. Everything about it is perfection and Montu and Sheikra are very close. Some of Intamin's best work too with Cheetah Hunt being one of the most fun and unique coaster's around and Falcon's Fury. Great landscaping and setting with a better fusion of animal exhibits and rides than Disney's Animal Kingdom. 4. Hersheypark - The second highest concentration of my top coasters after Cedar Point and home to my #1, Skyrush. The vibe here from staff, food, and cleanliness is well above what you can expect from Six Flags and equivalent to the best Cedar Fair parks. Some people hate it, but I actually like the odd, convoluted layout. This park has a distinct character to it you don't normally see at parks with such a high quantity of coasters. 5. Knoebels - It's tough for me to give much insight that isn't already common knowledge since I've only spent a half-day here. The woodies are great (and Twister is highly underrated) and so are the flats. Everyone knows about the classic Knoebels charm and all the great food. I need to go back for a full day next year. Bucket List: 1. Phantasialand - Perhaps the most well-themed and quality over quantity coaster lineup out there. Taron and Black Mamba speak for themselves and Chiapas looks like it might be the world's best water ride. I'm going on a Euro mega-trip in August and spending two days here. 2. Europa Park - The world's most well-rounded park? Looks like it! There isn't one coaster that appeals to me the way Taron does, but the park as a whole just might be unmatched. Going for two days in August. 3. Liseberg - Three bucket list coasters in Helix, Balder, and Lisebergbanan to start, and apparently some of the best of just about everything else on top of that. Love how it's in the middle of Gothenburg on a hillside. 4. Efteling - Like Europa, probably no elite coasters, though the ones they have still look great. Really looking forward to the shows (which I never say about parks, ever, ever, ever...) and dark rides and fantasy forest theming. Going in August. 5. Tokyo Disney Sea - Some say it's the best park in the world. Maybe it is. I'm just too much of a pure coaster enthusiast to make it my top bucket list park. That doesn't mean I don't think everything about the place looks absolutely stellar.
  23. ^I clearly did not suggest there would be two tracks. And I don't necessarily expect it to be Helix length. That's merely one way to interpret the line from the article stating that this coaster will be "more than double the size of any other attraction." Something like a longer Cobra's Curse that may incorporate a launch is exactly what I have in mind.
  24. If this thing is as large as we're being led to believe (possible 4,000-5,000 foot track length?) and it is in fact a spinner we could be looking at a layout split into two sections. A milder section where cars spin and we might see some theming from the concept art, and then a more intense helix-like second half following a launch where the cars lock into place and you experience it forward or backward. This is obviously pure speculation.
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