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  1. I have worked on travelling carnivals/fairs from aged 8 so I'm aware of how much it costs to haul around rides, living wagons and cranes and then keep all the lights going, sound system etc in working order. I had specifically gone to ride Olympia Looping and was under no illusion that it wasn't going to cost me a lot of money, just when money is tight despite the choice of rides I had to choose carefully because its a bloody expensive day out, luckily I don't have kids otherwise I wouldn't have gone as for every adult ride there were equally 4 kids rides at £2/£3 . There were also three spinning mouse coasters (one inside an ice mountain) the wilde mouse xxl and a suspended mouse coaster all riding at £8. The Circus is Zippos Circus, there was also an Ice bar , Ice sculpture trail and Cinderella on ice plus and Ice Rink...again all with quite large entry fee. Below some rides I work on
  2. No family discounts or wristbands...that's why I could only afford 3 rides....
  3. Hyde Park again hosts the now established Winter Wonderland , it's in it's 11th year and gets bigger and more Octoberfest as the years go on. Highlight for me was Olympia Looping such a credit as a coaster and G's all the way. Most of the larger attractions are £9 a person, Other new debuts this year included the first KMG XXL owned by a uk showman and the View Tower ride. My first report on here so be gentle. view view view view view view view view view view
  4. The parks really grown, I lived in joburg in the 80s and remember GRC opening with a few rides and bars, certainly looks different now. There did used to be a travelling theme park called Pleasureland? that had a couple of schwartzkopf coasters including a Looping Star and a lot of flat rides that came to Joburg for the Rand Show and also came just as a travelling park on its own
  5. The best thing about TPR is that we in the uk get to see some amazing amusement parks that are not all disneyfied. It needs some paint and possibly investment in the rides but there are a lot worst looking places over here in the UK. As long as the staff are enthusiastic there's always hope
  6. The issue I have with the whole Dismaland thing is what is it trying to say? Is it a comment on theme parks or a comment on fairgrounds. I'm suspicious because I have worked in the amusement industry for 30 years It doesn't paint a pretty picture of either and looking at what's inside, despite the fact I work 3 miles away from it I wont go. It has become a celebrity must do and be seen there (another reason I wont go) also after it closes the site goes back to what it was, and abandoned swimming pool complex on the seafront that nobody can work out what to do with it. after all banksy is seen as being subversive but he is still charging people money to go and see his concept park...and would you pay to see a pile of rubbish and shopping trolley?
  7. My Names Chris I live in Bristol uk I have a normal day job and then work at a small amusement park called Treasure Island in stourport on severn for my best friend when required( he owns the park)... Treasure island ride list: Sizzler Twister, Waltzer, Casino Royale Miami, KMG Freak Out, Dodgems, Round Up, Dragon Coaster, Big wheel , Gallopers (carousel) , various kids stuff from the big Astroglide down to the teacups. Also have a large Arcade with small Casino area. I've worked on fairgrounds/carnivals since I was eight, I've owned a few stalls and have refurbished rides like the big wheel and octopus that we have operated over the years. also DJ the music /jingles running from the park . see the attached link http://www.stourportfair.co.uk/rides.html love rollercoasters and dark rides generally....
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