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  1. Others can probably elaborate better than I can, but I get the sense that Beast used to be a better coaster before the magnetic trims replaced the skid brakes in 03/04. I never got to ride before then but when I rode the new brakes brought the train to a dead stop in the brake shed and severely slowed it after the second lift before the helix. I've always had the impression that it sailed through these with minimal loss of speed in its original form.
  2. 1. Cedar Point 2. Hersheypark 3. Epcot 4. Knoebels 5. Busch Gardens Tampa 6. Disneyland 7. Universal Studios Orlando 8. Six Flags Over Georgia 9. Six Flags Great Adventure 10. Islands of Adventure (used to be higher, but now everywhere outside of Wizarding World feels neglected) 11. Six Flags Magic Mountain
  3. Agreed. No sense in tearing down the best American suspended coaster now that Big Bad Wolf is gone. It's somewhat younger than the others too, so I doubt maintenance costs are a factor yet.
  4. Has anyone found another POV? The video on the last page is now private. Looks like a nice evolution of the wing coaster design, though contrary to what some are saying I think Gatekeeper looks better with a more complete layout.
  5. Ghostrider ran the best it has in several years during Haunt, though it should deteriorate to its old self in no time. Topper track should be Knott's first priority ahead of any more new coasters. It did wonders for Cyclone at SFNE and a having a Top 10/20 caliber Ghostrider again would make it that much easier to live without that magical hyper or giga we always think we're on the cusp of getting.
  6. Fine with me as long as they bring back The Bat to replace it. I'll miss Vortex if they do remove it. I think it's the best of the Arrow mega loopers and it never felt as uncomfortable as Viper and others.
  7. Riding Cyclone at SFNE with rain-slicked topper track. Always heard it was borderline unrideable before topper track, so you can imagine how surprised I was to have it land in my top ten wood list!
  8. I did Skyrush, S:UF, and Cars Land. Planning to ride Lex before year's end. I set my expectations low for Superman (never cared much for gimmicky shuttles) and it met them soundly. It's my most overrated considering that a handful of people seem to think it's now the best coaster in NorCal. Had a similar level of met-expectations for Carsland. No restraint problems on Skyrush (*flexes*).
  9. I used to pass on certain coasters in order to get more rides on the "better" ones, but now I find myself regretting that I missed those credits when it's a park I haven't been to in years. Once I started keeping track of my credits on a spreadsheet the credit whore in me awakened...
  10. 1. Skyrush 2. Boulder Dash 3. El Toro 4. Phoenix 5. Raptor (was my #1 for nearly a decade) 6. Kumba 7. Millennium Force 8. Goliath- SFOG 9. Nitro 10. Bizarro- SFNE (did not feel this was quite the world beater people claim) I haven't been to CP since 04 but I plan on hopefully adding Maverick to my list next year.
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