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  1. Well, if you noticed, the PS3 is without the rumble feature. But back to Nintendo. They will win. I mean, they can afford to. Yeah, they might not be a giant like Sony or Microsoft, but they ARE turning a profit on every system sold. Ha-Ha. Crud, I am starting to sound like a fan boy. Eek!
  2. Lets not forget that this song is a work in progesss. Why they played it live? I have no idea. It was nothing more than a jam with a few lyrics. for those wondering why James kept singing "woah", its because there are no lyrics writen for that part of the song yet. If this song does make the cut for the album, don't expect any "woah's" As a matter of fact, goo download some of metallica's other demo songs from Load, etc. They were filled with "woah's"
  3. The party was great. Good to see a few people that I havent seen in a while. Thank you for the DVD. Next time I will try and do better than one correct answer on the trivia. Chris "those wings are killin' my anus" Higgins
  4. The model is made up of a buch of individual tracks. Note the two seperate towers. Most of the tracks are quite long. New tracks/sections would be added by his friends when they came over. I have a viideo of it operating somewere... Anyways, as far as the cost- Zero. When the company went out of business he acquired boxes full of parts. When he has more space, and time, he wants to make it go around an entire room.
  5. I will tell you what; it's hard to beat my friends spacewarp model. Its somewhat of a work in progress and not even half way done. Man this thing is fun to play with.
  6. Very simple: Rupert Murdoch is a money greeedy whore.
  7. Come on people. Your about to give Robb a heart attack! Over SPAM! Am I the one one that sees the irony in this after he lost all that weight? Virus? Whats a virus? Seriously, fi you get a virus your stupid for still running Windows. <---Loves his Powermac G5 Hey f**ko! We like to call it inter-species erotica. -Chris "If you didn't get that last joke, you need to watch Clerks II" Higgins
  8. ^^ I never said that "St Anger" was a good album. Anyways, it really does not matter what I say in defense of Metallica. People will always have opinions, positive and negative. This thread was ment to discuss the progress of Metallica's up coming album. Lets try and keep it that way. I think all of us have seen way to many "Metallica sucks because..." topics over the past 5 years. There really isn't any more to say about that. A bit of more information on the new album: I guess the band is going back to their old style of making an album. On St Anger everything was writen and recorded in the studio, and the same time. This was very much a "test". Given all the issues that the band was going through, that is, Jason leaving the band, James goig to rehab and almost leaving the band; I am suprised that St Anger was even made in the time it was. Most bands would have said f- it. As far as the "old" was off making an album: Everything is written 1st. Ideas are brought into the studio. Tapes of riffs, solos, etc. Once they have everything together, Rick Rubin will come in, tweak some things, and they will record an album. The album was supposed tto be out this fall or winter. But now I am hearing it will be the middle or the end of next year. Maybe its a good thing they are not rushing things?
  9. The thing about St Anger, as bad as it sounded; it was what really sent them back to their roots. The album is full of raw energy. Something Load, Re-Load and even the Black Album to a degree, lacked. Since St Anger they have been playing a lot more of the older stuff. That is, material from "...Ride The Lightning" and before. Also songs that had never been played live before such as "Dyers Eve". The entire "Master Of Puppets" album was recently played in it entirety, live. In an interview, Kirk said that they had tried to do solo's on St Anger but it really didnt work. I am not so sure about that. But what he also said was that he wanted to distance himself from his older solos. And thats totally understandable. How can he top himself? From the sounds of it, they are going back to the riffs and solos they were known for back in the 80's. but the sound is still new, and fresh. Heck, they are in their 40's. I wouldnt expect anyone to sound the same. Voices do change with age. Oh they didnt care about the free music "thing". Lars just got pissed off when he heard an unfinished version of "I Disappear" on the radio. Someone from the inside leaked it to Napster and a radio station picked it up. I can understand the frustration. Metallica was always cool with bootlegs. I dont think Lars was worried that they would loose money if people downloaded their songs. It was much more than that. Both songs are good. But they are far from the "style the way it was". That would be more along the line of Kill'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, and Justice. St Anger was closer in sound to those albums than it was to the Black Album or Load. what I am getting to is that MEtallica is going back to the old sound. But Like it said, its with a new twist. Different vocals and arangement. Yeah Rob is awesome. his walking did take a little getting used to though.
  10. The park look interesting. I had no idea there was a park with that many rollercoaster in Utah. I see its one of the older parks in the country too. Talk about being over looked. I could see them getting a good sized rollercoaster.
  11. ^ Haha, yeah I was aware of most of those things. Maybe I should have looked at it better before throwing it up. I am always making small changes. Usually those small changes throw other things off. Like the lift and station not being perfectly inline. I am sure it happened when I was making changes to the track. The objects underground are trivial. As far as the drop, I really dont understand what your saying; but maybe its just personal taste. I wasn't trying to replicate a B&M drop if thats what your getting at. As far as the helix....yeah....I have been having trouble getting that smooth. That and figuring out what to do after the helix. The tree right out of the station....its theming man. The entire ride being jerky? Sorta. But I have seen way worse. The Zero-G wasnt a pre made element. Too much snap maybe? The G-s worked out to be okay. Eh, maybe I should go work for Vekoma. But yeah, I am always open for suggestions, and help. Hopfully I am not coming across as a dick. I just got back from drinking....
  12. I play NL every one and a while This one is actually one of my 1st from 2003; cleaned up a bit. Exodus.nltrack
  13. Yeah, thats the ride. Its a shame we cant have something like it in the states. Sure, I could have been injured. But thats half the fun! Hmmm, they may have had food there; I dont remember. I do remember a very crowded bar and being surrounded by hookers that wouldn't leave me alone. But hey, where else can you sit down at a bar, thhrow back a cold one, AND be fondled at the same time?
  14. Oh, one of my favotrite parks ever. Granted, I have only been there once. But I had some of the most fun I have ever had at theme park. The Texas Giant is my #1 Wooden coaster. That does not say much because all I have been on are the California, Texas and New York wooodies. Anyways some great pictures of the park. Man I cant wait to get back...
  15. ^ Yeah, I was on the Nimitz. And yup, still out of SD
  16. I was going through some old CD's of pictures and came across these from my 2003 deployment to the gulf. Good times all around. Well sorta. When are they going to get around to a giant air condiitioned dome over the city? Too freakin' hot. Anywho, onto the pictures. Well that concludes my fun day in Dubai. Back to the prison. Well affter a fun day at the park, time to get something to eat. Wait a min, this isnt Fridays... ...And dance! But trust me, 2 seconds later I was flat on my a**. Unless you have the urge to stand up... You get thrown all over the place. And no restraints! Look at my feet. I am about to fall out. this is one ride where you want to hold on. Okay, saving the bestt for last. This ride was freakin' awesome.! Im not a crook! Don't I look excited? This is what Gadgets Go Coaster would look like if it was built in DCA. No Jack Falfas As promised.....CAMEL TOES! Go speedracer go! Looking much better than the track in Egypt. The bumper cars were not as ghetto as the bumper boats. That is, they had more than one car. I wish I had a picture of the boat because it was so funny. I did ride it. And well, I was able to bump into the side of the pool. Oh yeah! Time to whore another coaster credit. Eh, maybe not. You think Stan stood on this top of this one? There was a seperatte admissionn waterparrk within Wonderland. It wasn't anything special. butt it was a good place to cool off when its 100+ out. Something about that fountain just doesn't look rightt. Not as ghetto as one would expect for a park in the Middle East. Wonderland. Almost as good as Wonderbread. A quick stop to see whats playing at the movie theatre. Only to find out that Hollywood Homo was sold out. Man I was pissed. Well not the best picture. But there you have it. A kiddie flyer. The escalator riide was wicked awesome. The 1st stop is Encounter Zone inside the Wafi Mall. Beer! Oh the joy of beer! Welcome to the "sandbox". This would be the Navys form of entertainment. A bunch of shops and such. but mainly, a place to get drunk. At one point they were selling beers for a buck. Yeah, thats what I am talking about!
  17. James Hetfield- Aug 3, 1963 Lars Ulrich- Dec 26, 1963 Kirk Hammett- Nov 18, 1962 Robert Trujillo- Oct 23, 1964 Do the Math....
  18. 1. Flashback- SFMM 2. Boomerang- Knotts 3. Coaster- Wonderland- Dubai, UAE 4. Vortex- Great America 5. Psyclone- SFMM
  19. ^ Well they should be in tune this time. Rick Rubin won't allow otherwise. But then again, you got to remember that it is still Lars playing them.
  20. ^ Oh, no doubt Bob Rock is a great guy. He is still friends with Metallica. But a band cant grow when they have the same producer for 14 years. Rob Trujillo is the new bass player.
  21. I know that there are a ton of Metallica haters out there. And that great, if you don't like them, then this topic isn't for you. With that said... Metallica has been working on a new album for a while now. Ditching their old producer, Bob Rock and bringing on board Rick Rubin is some of the best news. He brought a great sound to them with the Black Album. But after making them sound like total garbage on St Anger, he had to go. They really have it in them to make some old school sounding records. St Anger could have been that way.... Anyways, they took a break from the studio to tour Europe and Asia. Its always greatt to see them on the road. Even if it means that the new album will be delayed. Well, recently they have been playing a "New Song" on tour. And yeah, the name of it for the time being is: "The New Song" The more I listen, the more I hear elements of the Black Album, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets. I am totally stoked over here. Youtube has a ton of videos of "The New Song" The best sound quality is from is an audio rip only. No video. Check it out: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ieHXwXhOZCQ&search=new%20song%20metallica
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