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  1. Spending money at Art Galleries? I know that Lars just sold off a bunch of artwork. Is that what you are thinking about? But I agree about the "$8 sound". The sad part is that the instruments used for St Anger were not on the cheap side of things. But they sure made the drums sound that way!
  2. *UPDATE* Metallica is just about to start recording the 9th album. There are also palns for an "escape from the studio" tour in July Here is what they had to say. from metallica.com http://www.metallica.com/index.asp?item=600122 And from blabbermouth.net http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=66980
  3. I know where you are going with this. However, the current threads don't bother me at all. It is interesting to see some of these pictures of the "best" whatever's. But if there is ever a "What is your favorite 'favorite' topic", that is where I would draw the line. Then again, it is all subjective.
  4. ^ But thats the ride SFMM is getting this year! ::glances down at signature::
  5. Talk about one giant oops! Lets hope they dont ditch the coaster idea and pave over the entire section of land. ...well it could be a great area for a haunt maze.
  6. I just find it interesting that Jonny Rocket's are also inside Cedar fair parks. Would Mr Snyder be a prick/idiot and pull these locations? I don't think he would. He has always been about making money. But it does bring up an interesting topic. So, I guess this means that Magic Mtn is getting a Jr for sure. I really hope it is in a new building and not a converted space.
  7. ^ You shouldn't base an entire region or religion off of a small group of extremists. Just because Bahrain is in the Middle East, does not mean its swarming with terrorists. Nor does it mean it would be a target for terrorists. I have been to the country a couple times and it isn’t that bad. Well, lots of sand, hot and nothing to do. But other than that, I never felt like I was in immediate danger walking around the streets alone or with a friend.
  8. Yeah, screw all these Saturday night/sunday morning lines for a Wii. With the spring semester in full swing, I no longer have the time to justify playing games. However, when the black wiii comes out, I will be all over that like....(insert creative analogy here)
  9. By far, Psyclone is my favorrite coaster at Magic Mountain! ...well, in a couple weeks it will be
  10. It pisses me off how people are still using 9/11 as an excuse for being a pussy. Come on people! This is almost like saying: "You cant do these types of things in a post Pearl Harbor world" Yeah, lets go after the japaneese. Hmm, I wonder what would have happned if the led's were in the shape of Mickey Mouse....
  11. Worst song lyrically? Or worst song in general? Over my my personal site I have an horrible sounding version of "holly night" playing. www.arbitraryfilms.com Check it out if ya want. I am sure you would agree with me on just how bad (yet funny) this song is.
  12. Well, the party last year was great fun. So I am sure I will make it again this year. Not so sure about going to SFMM. Though, seeing Psyclone gone could be a party in itself. Oh and Robb, not to sound like a queer or nothing, but I would love to play with your Wii at the party.
  13. Okay, come on Magic Mountain. After you ditch flashback, open up HH to the rest of MM and add one of these babies! I would be so there!
  14. ^ Well, Magic Mountain already smells like s**t. What would they have to loose?
  15. Donkeys and dolphins at Magic Mountain? Wouldn't this be considered animal cruelty?
  16. Well, I figure this summer will be my only chance to do a massive cross country road trip (with my girlfriend and best friend). I just got out of the Navy and am currently going to school. so, with a job out of the way I figure that I have nothing better to do with my summer than take a trip across the country. I fiigured that with all the places I wanted to go, that I will be about a 3 week trip. I started crunching some numbers in my head. Between the cost of gas, the places we are going to visit and lodging, things are adding up. the only place I may be able to save a buck is crashing at the homes of my extended family in: Saint Paul, New York City, South FL and Texas. But outside of that, I would have to get a hotel. Anyone out there wannna offfer some inexpensive lodging for 3 road warriors? Ha-ha. Just an idea. I am also looking for suggestions on places to go that I dont have on the list bellow. Right now the list is kinda full. But I may be able to squeeze something in there. Also suggestions on the places I am going, etc. Just over all, I need help figuring this out. So, I am turning to all you wonderfull TPR guys. Thanks for the help! Here is the list of places I have so far. Leaving from SoCal Yosemite Virginia City, NV Salt Lake City, UT Mount Ruchmore/Crazy Horse Monument Yellowstone St Paul, MN (visit family, Valleyfair, MOA) Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Chicago, IL Indiana Beach Holiday World Kings Island Cedar Point Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum (Cleveland, OH) Boston, MA (signt seeing, Six Flags) New York City (visit family, Coney Island) Gettysburg, PA Washington DC Richmond, VA (Kings Dominion) Williamsburg, VA (sight seeing, Busch Gardens) Orlando, FL (Disney/Universal) New Orleans (tourist crap) Dallas, TX (SFoT) Roswell, NM (get abducted or something) Grand Canyon Home
  17. ^^ Robb, a thought on what you said about running out of Lucas movies. I was just thinking that since Indy 4 is a go, if anything special would be done to any of the Indy rides throughout the Disney parks (more specificaly, Disneyland). Not a make over of the ride. But maybe just fix all the effects that no longer work? Just a random thought.
  18. I wonder if they can give that same technology to Tigger so he can wink and smile at all the little girls in WDW.
  19. Well this is going to be an interesting summer for sure. My original plans were to fly to St Paul to visit some family. Of course I would have spent some time at MOA and Valleyfair. But now, things are slightly grander. A couple of weeks a go I made the trip up to Tahoe so snowboard. But then it turned into a total adventure. On the way up we stoped at Boadie ghost town and on the way back the stops were the Nevada State Train Museum and Manzanar, respectfully. Then we got to thinking how it would be cool to make it back out to New York. More ideas developed and then it turned into a full cross country loop. Coasters were not even in the pictures when we started planning ( I am past the point in my life where I thought it would be cool do do a "coaster road trip".). But then I thought it would be cool to throw a few in here and there. This is what the trip looks like so far: Yosemite Virginia City, NV Salt Lake City, UT Mount Ruchmore/Crazy Horse Monument Yellowstone St Paul, MN (visit family, Valleyfair, MOA) Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Chicago, IL Indiana Beach Holiday World Kings Island Cedar Point Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum (Cleveland, OH) New York City (visit family, Coney Island) Gettysburg, PA Washington DC Richmond, VA (Kings Dominion) Williamsburg, VA (sight seeing, Busch Gardens) Orlando, FL (Disney/Universal) New Orleans (tourist crap) Dallas, TX (SFoT) Roswell, NM (get abducted or something) Grand Canyon Home There are a ton of other parks that I would love to throw in the mix. but when it comes down to it, I just wont have the time, or money. Hersheypark and Kennywood might get visited. But who knows. Still in the planing stages. Any suggestons?
  20. Well that threw me off. When I went to the link the 1st picture I saw was a 19 year old black dude. Somehow I knew that couldnot be your teacher. than I nocited the name. Ha-ha. So, yeah, when you said drugs I figured it was just a little mary jane. But Cocaine? You really did have a winner of a teacher! I am guessing that wasn't chalk in the classroom?
  21. Ah this brings back memories. I visited Singapore twice in 2003. I love that place. So much history and so many things to do. The monorail makes getting round the country so easy. I guess it is time for me to get out the pictures I took when I was there. Got some great night pictures of downtown and of the Merlion on Sentosa. It makes me sad to see what they want to do to Sentosa Island. Looking at the plans: The universal park could just about fit without removing any large part of what is curently there. But with the removal of the ferry building, the area where the water/light show is done and everything in between is upsetting. The one thing I love about Sentosa was how different it was from other amusement places I had been. Yeah, it was ghetto in places. But all in all, it was great fun. Loved the Fort on the backside of the park. I will get some of my own pictures up sometime todat if I get around to it.
  22. Well I for one am a Mac owner (Power Mac G5 w/23" monitor btw). However, I am going to side with those who thinks this phone is lacking and overpriced. Had the price been $499/$599 for an UNLOCKED version of the phone, I would have been really interested in this phone. But having to sign a two year contract with a company as screwed up as cingular, is where I draw the line. 6 months of my bill being jacked up (they say I owe THEM over $1,200 when in actuality I dont owe them a dime and they own ME $235) and they still havent fixed it. After the turned my phone off, I ported my number to T-Mobile and promtley went into the local Cingular store to get all the legal information I need to resolve the issue. Hopfully I wont need a laywer. Anywho, back to the iphone. I got to ask: where is the voice dial? For a devise that is 100% touch screen, how could they not include a voice dialing feature. Honestly it's all I use on my new Blackberry Perl. With the exception of numbers I dont have in my contacts. Manual dialing on the touchscreen iphone would be fine for the rare times I would need to do so. A few other things: * I love the visual voicemail * Wonder how much Cingular will screw people on the data plan (ex: With the Backberry Perl, T-Mobile charges half of what cingular does for data) *In time, this phone should be great. Open it up for anyone to use, add voice dial and I am sold. I just like to look at where the ipod started and where it is today. In a few more generations, the iphone will crush most phones.
  23. From what I gathered, Sony was only saying that to cover up the real reason.
  24. Two thirds of all the gaming hardware sold in Japan is the Nintendo DS .. Sony and Microsoft wish they were that big! Cameron. Well this is true. The DS (and nintendo in general) is HUGE in Japan. State side, Nintendo sold 55% of all gaming systems in the month of November. But where as Nintendo is just a gaming company, Sony and Microsoft can afford a short term loss on the video game side because they make so much money in other areas (TV's, operating systems, etc). Well, if you noticed, the PS3 is without the rumble feature. Microsoft has rumble, Besides, i belive the reason rumble isn't included with the six-axis is because of the tilt functionality. It would probably interfere or somthing. Microsoft has the rumble because they are paying the patent holder money to use it. Sony was stuborn, didn't want to pay; therefore, leaving the rumble feature out of the PS3. Now, I haven't read too much into the lawsuit.But this is basicly what I understand happened. Perhaps someone else can fill in a little better?
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