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  1. Sweet! I hope it's ready by June! I really want to see the themeing to this, looks like it will be interesting....
  2. So awesome! I hope to visit WDW soon and have just as much fun as you did! I will seriously be following your trip reports Griff. Can't wait for the next one!
  3. Awesome TR Griff! I haven't been to WDW in a while, but this made me remember the good times I had there Can't wait to see more!
  4. The Shaky Camera reminds me of The Hunger Games Looks nice, and my those airtime hills get so close to each other! That really looks like a one of a kind thrill and I look forward to riding it this summer. Nice Job HP!
  5. I have to say, I saw this coming, and I don't think I'm the only one who did. WildCat was a really fun coaster, and one of the first Schwarzkopf coasters I've ridden In my POV, Cedar Point still has a really good coaster collection, even with the loss of WildCat, and I'm pretty sure CP has some special plans in the future, so I'm excited to see what CP has in store for the future....
  6. I'm actually pretty impressed KI did that... I wish more Theme Parks on Facebook could reply to smart alleck-y comments by the GP... Oh well
  7. Nice Trip Report! I haven't been to Mexico since I was like, 8 (Yes, I'm hispanic, Guatemalan to be exact) to see my Aunt's wedding. Not sure if I want to go back though after what I'm reading Congrats on 300 Megan, and have fun wherever you guys go next!
  8. This thread getting locked just because it's running out of ideas! What's worse than finding out CP's new coaster is a Vekoma Boomerang?
  9. This year I got a Six Flags Pass and a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass from Knott's. I'm considering buying a USH Season Pass, but I'm still deciding whether or not to
  10. Just Plain beautiful, this is definitely a park I will be keeping up with. I wish I had the skills to build an RCT3 park like this Great Job so far
  11. How could you compare this to Behemoth?! Sure they're both B&M's and have the "out and back" layout but Levi is MUCH longer and looks like it provides some more airtime, and try comparing a 200+ Footer to a 300+ Footer. Have you even ridden Levi? Ride it at least once and then tell us your opinion again. I'm not trying to be rude, but I don't think you should criticize a ride that you probably don't have any experience on... But this is just my opinion....
  12. I know I am! I hope HP posts a video as well, and hopefully an on-ride POV too! It would most certainly get me pumped to ride it this summer considering I haven't been to HP since '08 and I really miss the place
  13. ^ It's all about Kirby! This is my current desktop: Screenshot (Medium).bmp I just love this picture of CP, especially with MF in the background!
  14. When they said they would reveal a "secret thrill" I thought it would be something big But then I remembered, it's Cedar Point, you never know what to expect...
  15. ^ Is that the B&M roar I hear, or wind in the distance? Anyways, that's an awesome video, and I have to agree with you that the elements do seem a bit faster than the Off ride video the park gave. Can't wait to ride it this June!
  16. The Entrance at CW looks so beautiful now that Levi is there! This is probably the most beautiful B&M coaster I've ever seen! Just plain AMAZING! I can't wait to ride it this summer!
  17. Awesome Trip Report! I have to visit St. Louis soon so I can visit this place... I can't wait for the SFStL PTR!
  18. Camp/Planet Snoopy not fitting into Cedar Fair parks! What's worse than all Schwarzkopf coasters being sold for scrap?
  19. Sounds Awesome! Since when did Riddler's finally get two trains again? Glad to hear they got two trains again to run things faster, and I can't believe what you said about GL! I just could not believe my ears... Anyways, glad to hear you had a good day and I'm also glad to hear SFMM had got things operating well!
  20. Oh Title Fairy, can my Custom Title be "Mystery Mine is a EUROFIGHTER?!?!" Thank you so much if my request gets granted!
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