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  1. Something I was reading on Screamscape: If this is true I will be so sad since I really wanted SFMM to win The Coaster Crown But again, I'm not a hater, and it will definitively be something I will look forward to in 2013. Your thoughts? [P.S: You can read about it here]
  2. Never mind, My problem got solved A friend of mines said the same thing you said: and I made The specific CFR fit in it's right folder so now everything works properly in my game! Thanks for your help Ace of Spades, MaytheGForceBewith you, and mcjaco.... this will be all for now...
  3. ^ Thanks! My last problem: I open up my game and I try to open one of my CFR's up, my game crashes, and a window pops up saying "No :sid for :svd" and I have to start my game all over again... any help?
  4. The Park is Back! Sneak Peak at The Park's New Carnival Themed Section! Carnival Craze! (The new coaster) and more! A new Flat ride + Intamin Blitz Coaster = Awesome (Plus A preview of what the Themed section's paths will look like) Queue, and station Themeing! And do you see that large "house" on the right? It's the "dark ride" part of the coaster, and features two inversions! Testing this new baby Thanks for the feedback guys, and stay with me! The park is getting some landscaping work done, lakes being expanded/fixed and more. Thank You For Keeping Up!
  5. So this is MY picture, of me at my school Yep, that's right, I'm a Nerdy Hispanic teenager who loves Intamin!
  6. Thanks guys, but not all of my CFR's show up... could this have something to do with memory usage?
  7. Quick Question: I installed CFR's in my Style >Themed >Custom> (Creator's Name)> (CFR Name) But they don't show up in my rides directory when I open up RCT3... any help?
  8. I highly think this will go to a Cedar Fair park... it's just in my head for some reason since I think most Six Flags parks have gotten at least one or two new additions these past years. The only thing Cedar Fair Parks have gotten are StarFlyers (Windseeker) and/or at least one new coaster... Of course these pieces could be going international and that picture UrbanLegend provide us can be giving us a clue. In conclusion this is what I think: These pieces could be going to a Cedar Fair park in the Mid-West/Eastern part of the U.S.A If a SF park gets this I will bang my head on the wall for being such an idiotic thinker
  9. ^ Nyan Nyan Nyan! < Got his Hug! V Will receive a hug from me
  10. ^ This person is my new friend according to this thread < Is always anyone's friend, and has to remind Cole the down button is a capital "V" V Will probably say something mean about me....
  11. That sounds like a pretty cool idea! But like everybody else has said, it probably won't fit to wrap around twice in the tunnel... But as someone ELSE said:
  12. Finding out you had to stay up 48 hours straight for a bet, and losing it since you fell asleep at the 47th hour... What's worst than finding out the fate of the world lied in your hands, and you only had 24 hours to save it?
  13. Awww man! I really LOVED this park!! It's such a shame to hear this Good luck with your next park! I know it will just as perfect as this one!
  14. It's hard to come up with a name for this type of water attraction Every name I have for this ride is already related to another name that's been thought of, but I really like Skycoastin Steve's idea!
  15. My complete list of theme parks I plan on visiting this year: May Silverwood June HersheyPark Six Flags Great America Six Flags Over Texas Dollywood Busch Gardens WilliamsBurg July Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Cedar Point Kings Island Six Flags New England August Six Flags Magic Mountain Knott's Berry Farm I may do more, but these are my confirmed parks
  16. This wooden coaster will be exciting! It looks like it will be large and big, and I was happy my thoughts were correct! Can't wait to see how this coaster develops, and especially the layout.
  17. I think it looks splendid, and that's an awesome attraction you put up! I also have a small problem with the foliage, but it doesn't stop me from loving this park!
  18. Interesting enough, the websites park maps haven't been updated yet Oh well, I'm not too surprised to with what they did to Johnny Rocket's since basically every SF Park is transforming it to Totally Kickin' Chicken....
  19. Thanks for keeping my idea in mind! I can't wait to see what you have in store....
  20. Quick tidbit, on your survey for the "Which attraction needs to be removed section" GunStringer is missing.... Other than that I love Apollo X and I want to see what else the park has in store. I will definitely be keeping up with this park!
  21. Love the update, only thing I could suggest is to fill the land between The Forrest Splashdown and The Food court with a few flat rides, a coaster, etc. other than that, keep this park up and running!
  22. Six Flags getting rid of all their Intamin coasters! What's worse than finding out TOGO may be going back in business? (Even thought it's impossible!)
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