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  1. I need help.. Can I make my park bigger than it's regular size in sandbox mode?
  2. Looks Great!! I used to have RCT2 but I sold it to get RCT3 which has it's up's and downs..
  3. Thanks, man and I will!! But I also hope they could answer here but oh well I'll try e-mailing Robb...
  4. Hi, I'm a member at club TPR but for some strange reason it won't let me enter the Club TPR forum... I'd like to know why and how I can fix this problem.. -Thanks! Christopher Galindo (galindoverhere)
  5. Did they still have the CP aquarium, wich by the way was removed for the construction of "Wicked Twister"? I think they should have kept it, it's sounds like a nice atraction to visit..
  6. I think DeJa Vu at SFMM and Log Jammer at SFMM were two very sad removals at the park
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