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  1. ^ You guys are great, thanks for the advice, but I'll have to put this project on hold for a while then Come back when the NEW and IMPROVED California Kingdom returns, as I will do my best to impress you guys
  2. OK I seriously don't like the name "Full Throttle" because it doesn't go along with the themeing of High Sierra Territory. Is there a possibility they'll change the themeing of the area? My bets are on Intamin to build this coaster. This is sounding suspicious...
  3. Great Job with Screamin' Adventure! I love the changes and everything all-in-all Keep up the good work!
  4. ^ Thanks guys! I'll take the advice and I'll try to fill the empty spaces and choose another path type. I recently got to talk with park president Jeff Howard about next year's coming attraction's, and this is what he told me: New update (with photos this time) coming soon!
  5. I love the parks layout, it gave me a better view at how it looks... my guesses are a woodie?
  6. said, "Oh HELLS No!" and punched his face only to find out that behind him was...
  7. I knew you had something in store for us! I can't wait to see how this turns out, and Good Luck!
  8. Happy Birthday KT, glad to hear you guys had fun. Take Care and best wishes!
  9. DANG! That's like a series of chain events that would only happen in an Apocalypse! So sad to hear this, but I know you have something planned for us Cole, and I can't wait to hear what's in store!
  10. The Park is Finally open!! Let's take a look around... Happy Guests entering the park! First Day on the job, and this side of the park is full! No love for flat rides? This flat is somewhat getting love.... Dead side of the park... So sad seeing empty queues... What's going on here... Stay tuned for more news!
  11. ^ Check your e-mail, I sent you a link where you can get a free WinRAR extractor so you can extract the RAR files (Subject: RAR Files)
  12. Something good is sure to come, I can just smell it... I know you never disappoint with this park... I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens!
  13. I would love to see the new lights, thanks for the updates, and now I'm looking forward to visiting CP again this summer!
  14. Wouldn't that make her fatter? Meaning she DIDN'T go on a diet?
  15. Sorry Larry, but I was meaning to say if any of the SF parks getting new additions to their parks will upgrade their park maps, sorry for not thinking before I posted my previous post on this thread....
  16. Six Flags New England has updated their park map showing Goliath! : http://www.sixflags.com/newengland/info/parkmap.aspx
  17. Thanks for the news, I wonder if any other SF parks are going to update their maps
  18. ^ So excited! I'm so glad they're working on LL:DoD and hopefully, it will go up fast!
  19. This is your best park Cole, I just can't say how much potential you have for your RCT2 parks... keep it up, and don't give up on your parks, they're extremely awesome!
  20. ^ It's funny how everything is dedicated to trolls, and it's so nice to see Magic Mountain's train running... I wish Magic Mountain was still the park it used to be...
  21. My wish was so that'd we all get along... no racism, no criticism, no war, no economical problems, etc. Imagine a world like that? How beautiful it would be! *cough cough AND I'D ALSO WISH FOR MORE WISHES cough cough*
  22. We're also going to try to have a Turntable Chat one day, we'll discuss a particular topic while listening to music! It's still in progress but we're working to get our first official meeting later this month - Mid March... Stay tuned for more information!
  23. To be honest this is the earliest they've started work for their 2013/14 project, which means something huge is on the way, Hell, I'm seeing The Log Jammer Area getting more attention than Lex Luthor! I'm really excited about this considering SFMM WAS my home park before I moved to Washington but when I move back to California later on this year, next year will be even better for SFMM (I hope)
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