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  1. They should re-name SkyScreamer to Killer Bees: The Ride according to it's paint scheme
  2. (photos taken from "The Coaster Guy") Thrill Shot's empty space, how it stands today: As you can see, not much can fit in that space, but at least one flat would be a good fit in...
  3. Blue Streak at Cedar Point, and that ride STILL packs a punch!
  4. Awesome, just plain awesome... wish I could've been there, especially for the Monty tour! Oh well...
  5. Thanks guys for keeping up! Opening Day is next week! Let's see how California Kingdom is Coming along, shall we? Shot0022.bmp It's been a while, huh? Let's check the park out... Shot0023.bmp The One Looping steel coaster will be called "Viajero!" and will be in the Aztec section of the park... (It also got a bit more steel ) Shot0024.bmp More Flats came into the Aztec section of the park... Shot0025.bmp I spy bumper boats and a Ferris Wheel! Shot0026.bmp These new flats will be in the "Bazooka Beach" section of the park... Shot0027.bmp Blue Blaster has been completed! Shot0028.bmp What's going on here... Shot0030.bmp An aquarium will stand alongside the entrance of Blue Blaster... Shot0031.bmp I'll finish this update with an aerial shot. Come on over next week as we open the park to our guests! Thanks for keeping up as well!
  6. Literally, this is a GREAT ride and the scenery makes it even better, I'm absolutely loving your work. Keep it up!!
  7. PLEASE not another coaster with loops! They need something AIRTIME filled, such as a blitz terrain coaster or a giga coaster... a blitz terrain coaster would be perfect with a combination of loops and airtime, (basically a better version of Maverick )
  8. ^ Don't be too surprised if CP gets a coaster for 2013 as well, which means 18 coasters for them as well, a lot of fighting will be going on as we see another tie happen between the two parks...
  9. Like Wes said there's a lot of records that don't have to do with height and perhaps we COULD see an Aquatrax, the first ever to be in the U.S.
  10. I'm loving this park even more now that the updates are coming more... amazing work you guys, I'm an absolute fan!!
  11. Awesome update liftsifter! I just love the changes but I don't like what happened to Typhoon, oh well, I guess I have to get used to it
  12. VERY awesome update Eric! I wished I could've been there this year, but hopefully I'll get to meet you all for the first time next year! Have a GREAT time and I'll watch as you keep updating! I'd love to see the Night ERT pics later on too!
  13. ^ is correct < wanted to be a ninja all his life, and wanted to go to WCB this year.... V is super awesome!
  14. I'm LOVING Typhoon's new paint job! It is sad to see Demon's Inferno go, but with a park this good, I know you have something planned!
  15. Pretty interesting update, but please inform me, what is the last ride that is closed??
  16. So now that Thrill Shot is being removed, I could see a few flats, maybe one or two take it's place... a StarFlyer (SkyScreamer) would fit perfectly in it's place as well....
  17. Not sure if it's been posted already but a photo from Screamscape has been posted about Invertigo's new colors Looks weird with it's colors looking only like this right now...
  18. More Park Construction Pictures! The Park's opening date has been bumped up, and Jeff Howard says this: Jeff has given these photos to share with us... Feedback and comments below please! Shot0014.bmp The park entrance has gotten some more foliage as you can see... Shot0015.bmp The new themed section of the park has been added... Shot0016.bmp This is the only coaster standing right now.. It's a one looping scream machine for the guests who love thrills... Shot0017.bmp More of the parks new themed section.. Shot0020.bmp This part of the park isn't completed yet.. it will feature these drop towers for the guests... Shot0021.bmp Jeff said this coaster will be called "Blue Blaster" but he didn't want to share any more pics...
  19. ^^ I never said I wasn't happy, to be honest I'm VERY excited this coaster is being built, and look forward to riding it this summer, also I am on the West Coast but we only have one good hyper and IMO it's Goliath... and it's my first time to Hersheypark since I was 10 years old... (not that long ago) and I'm very excited... I look forward to riding it, but what I don't look forward to is the lines...
  20. Sorry Elissa, but it just doesn't look like 200 ft. to me! It does look 85* though...
  21. ^^ Not only that, but to me the coaster doesn't look like 200 ft. it looks more like 175 ft. to me correct me if I'm wrong please... ahaha
  22. Now that I think of it, it could actually be an Aquatrax, and if it is,I hope it's a coaster everyone can enjoy! If it is Intamin, I would be extra happier! It's about time SFMM gets back on track (IMO) if this is Aquatrax will become a reality....
  23. I doubt they'll add another Top Spin, probably a few more flat rides, possibly even a small coaster, but know one knows exactly what's going to happen to the new space...
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