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  1. uhmm... the best way is just to make a coaste you think is good and upload it. You WILL get better by time ya know? look at me! last year i made Titan and just recently i made The Beast I consider this a major improvement and it all hjappend with time and experimenting!
  2. OMG I CAN"T WAIT!!! the last video is kinda creepy.... Also who is that? is she the orignal owner or something?
  3. cool!!! hopefully they will build one in South Arica, but i don't wanna get my hopes too high....
  4. i can see its adrenaline!! especialy in the last pic, that must be the most intense element ever!!?!??!?!?? jumping the track, lol...
  5. Whats up with that ugly aitime hill???? Just make it round like the next hill. i know its for speed and all but blocky hills actually decreses your rides fun rating!
  6. hehehe true there me too!! Just kidding though! maybe the new DV will have more modern thrills and ...deaths....
  7. I'm the only person on TPR and most sites that are from South Africa. RSA rocks and my home park is vekomalan.... I mean Ratanga Junction. I just go there for the awesome log flume with a bit of uniqueness... That atcually has good g's and a bit of airtime!
  8. uhm... Thetes the ever so popular 8cars. It has everything. tall ride, fast, rides, hacked rides. them all!! Just google it...
  9. I saw the thread Favourite B&M. So i thought i made a least favourite! its kinda obvious which one, but maybe other people will differ.... Have fun Bashing each other!!
  10. I'm not really digging that red B&M. Lokks like the seaserpent is taking waaayyy too fast and the colors are just wrong.... Also that black LIM looks like its a bit chased. As in, build just for a credit. Almost like Scream!
  11. I've had hyper rails, scream machines and all the other programs until i bought NL.NL is by far the most user-riendly program there is. Just play around a littlr and you will soon get the hang of it. Just don't get frustrated too easily and give it time.
  12. Uhmm.... I don't think there is one so why don't we each make our own!! not me though....
  13. Yeah that is correct... Damn i thought there were more!!! Your turn
  14. Okay then, i'll go: Intamin 26'3 ft drop Taiwan A bit hard and theres also something quite unique about this ride....
  15. Near my house, when you go downhill, mossel bay, SA is almost like san fransisco with lots of steepness, and in the downhill there isa little bump. IOf you go fast enough your car will actualy jump!! AMAZING airtime!!
  16. OMG i can't wait for the next park! if it weas anyting like the first one, its bound to be 'awesomer'!!
  17. yeah, then thats why this ismore of an fantasy coaster! i know about the support hits and all that, but i just thought i should share the layout! thats all!
  18. Looks awesome!! i wouldn't mind riding it! I'm too lazy to read the article.... How tall is that?
  19. Not the response i was expecting!!! I was expecting ppl to say "it has pumping, its rough, it hits supports" you know all that kind of stuff some NL snobs say! Thanx for not saying that
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