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  1. could you please post a download or link for the supports you are using. i have supports but their only vertical....
  2. that looks so cool! its basically a wacked out top spin!
  3. the link doesn't work for me either. Could someone post more pics on possibly the video?
  4. Cedar Point's Soak city. Its Cedar Point's waterpark. but then you'll need a massive airtime machine in your park...
  5. i agree. fill that area with a kiddie area and maybe p0lace them all over the park. about 3 or 4 of them
  6. yay, can' wait but please decribe the park more. theming, locations, rides and what not
  7. ^haha lol! Just imagine hey... anyhoo, maybe they will add a helix in the lops place so that when it comes back to complete its turn, it'l move into the correct position. (that didn't make any sense did it?)
  8. ^Me too!! I thought what the? Chalk Zone?! Hilaraious, keep it up!
  9. well, a easier qeustion would be where in africa its safe.... yes... well, ratnaga junction and gold reef city are in real good ares. Gold reef city is in a casino area and ratnaga junction is situated next to one of the biggest malls in the world. the mall is bigger than ratanga itself! Both parks are in good areas outside of the cities well, 'if' your gonna work in SA, stay out of johannesburg. i HATE that city. its full of crime and very dangerous. Durban and Port Elizabeth doesn't have that many crime and Cape Town would be my number 1 choice for a tourist. there's lot to see and its really beutiful there. Just stay out of Johannesburg!! -Worm-
  10. yay i love waterparks! their almost better than theme parks! (did i just say thet?)
  11. OMG i can't belive its up on the homepage!! -sniff- i like to thank my mom, my dad, my sister and my brother, but, i could'nt have done it, without you, my ...fan
  12. you won't be checking them out long seeing that there only is 2!
  13. Yay more pics! its not alot, but still! Enjoy! another pic of the scary bridge more Monkey falls Bundu Café. Cool restaurant Bushwacker. Just a fun little clon... i mean ride Stupid pic of me with CG waterfall behind me CG through the trees! (alright thats getting old now) That is so cool about this ride. You get to see the 'rapids machine' People in waterfall! (is that robb to the left?) Waterfall yes, Crocodile Gorge is Dan-friendly! Slingshot! a skycoaster Cobra and Congo Queen. The stairs on the right is... NIce picture of Diamond Devil Run Through the Trees! You actually get airtime and a big splash! Water area! Wrong side! I neve knew these had such good g's on the first drop... or should i call that doctor...
  14. yeah skycoasters are like really fun and trhilling. Ratanga Junction has one too where you fly over the people above the water! btw, ^^i would like to hear some more ...stories...
  15. thats just sad... Sheikra is'nt even an inverted coaster! jeesh
  16. i wanna do gold reef city too but its REALLY far away from me. so don't wont happen anytime soon.. I have more pics but there seems to be something wrong with it. i'll try and figure it out
  17. yeah i'm thinking about reposting all the pictures. just to make it a bit smaller but i didn't have the time
  18. well people, i'm not gonna say alot, because i know nobody reads this stuff so let the pictures do the talkin! oh yeah, i didn't plan on making a PTR so pics begin in the middle of the park already, and there were high winds this day as well! hgope you enjoy seeing that this is my first ever trip report! and the pics aren't really in order) This is no busch or disney but it still is a fun park with a rather smooth SLC (sorry for the blurry pics, this was taken with my cellphone!) Please comment!! And i close this update with this awesome sign at the exit of the park. Hope you enjoyed my PTR!! One last pic of Diamond Devil Run! this was taken a split second too late random building... through the trees! Leaving the park Look at that pretty waterfall next to the drop... i tell you, this is one fun, scenic ride. on the top your right by the highway! Yay for rollercoasty part! SPLASH! thats the monkey falls. on the next pic u see its uniqueness... More (blurry) midway "Chestbanging through the trees!" Vekoma SLC with extended helix. but this one is really smooth Cobra: the Q-line is stacked with snkae enclosures and in the staion is a huge king cobra Map of Ratanga DDR station. there's alot of detail like, old dirty windows, old newspaper cuttings and some tools laying about. It really is part of the theme! I took my first POV but it came out really bad and my ce;;'s video is crap Vekoma mine train. Exact layout as Calamity mine. They could'nt believe i brought my cell onboard Diamond Devil Run. you can only guess the theme. abonded mine... Credit! Amphiteatre, nice stuntshows Ratanga consits of about 2 islands and land all around. This seatingdeck is surrounded by Crocodile Gorge You pass under the train and check the creepy skull. THeir all over! They didn't run alot.... Crocodile GOrge. Heavily themed River rapids ride Scary Voodoo swinging bridge Dunno what i tried here Congo Queen. You don't really get locked in, actuallly, not at all! Main Midway over a nice bridgy Funky Tent round the corner Entrance
  19. *comment* lol. i really like your park so far but i was hoping if you got more pics of the flyer? -A-
  20. jason10 i see you've now 'all suddenly' edited your post... but i remember your old one.... lol, this is sooooo spam!
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