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  1. wow, this apark is lookin mighty fine! (did i just say 'mighty fine'? lol)
  2. first off, this coaster is very unrealistic. Where have you ever seen a B&M that launches out of the station into a 90 degree turn slamming you face in the ground like that? the launches up into that very unrealistic drop. overall, just ...no. and please make use of more custom supports. oh yeah and that turn! omgosh, (the one you have in the pic) would just kill. literally,. you'll be pushed so hard into you harness your shoulders would like break. very uncomfortable
  3. my hmeparks are really far... Ratange Junction - 4hours Gold Reef City - 13hours! Cedar Point - 19 hours of flight
  4. looks amazing but i'm not liking your floorless... 1. its far too short and probaly wastes alot of speed. add some more turns and a inversion or two 2. those corkscrews really are taken waaay to fast absolutly fantastic theming though! can't wait to download
  5. yeah, its pretty hard to to make a POV of tower of terror. he has tried with his moms video camera and it broke... he could'nt hold his arm steady on the 6g's bottom and it hit the train. basically the ride goes like this. up on very steep lift, trutn, dangle over edge for about 25 seconds until it stops vertical (yes), and then suddenly it just drops and turns slightly right on the drop. you then hit the 6g rock bnottom underground and launch up into a right turn and slight left and into brakes.
  6. hey, so i know you people are all looking for Anaconda @ Gold reef city's pov, and well i found one. seeing that my video camera broke i asked my cousin to make a pov, and well he did. so here pepole i present to you: ANACONDA well it may not be the best, but its better than nothing, right?
  7. what do you mean? how did they lure the geese away from the coaster? does anyone know where on the coaster he got hit?
  8. this park looks sweet. did you use any expansions?
  9. a simple way to get lots of custom scenery is to download lotsa parks
  10. they can make it launched and call it the VOMIT COMET
  11. hey, why do scream have 4 flatspins? in only has 2 and i'd change the color of scream to light blue and that brownish red color for supports
  12. uhmm thats not a shuttle... a shuttle is a coaster that goes forwards and the back again on the same track... anyhoo, cool coaster
  13. i just want to know uhmm. is the swing finished with construction yet?
  14. wait a second.... you used wacky worlds on this park?
  15. The walls and espacially the roofs on Randy's Surf Shop and on The lazy river's 'island'. more like a inland
  16. OMG i am loving that jungle'ey buildings!! you gota post this download so please don't give ud on the project! i REALLY want those walls and roofs! or at least could you tell me where you got them?
  17. from the looks of it, this park looks like a Adams-family park!
  18. that looks amazing!! yet oddly familiar... did you get inspired by an actual waterpark? i don't remember the name but that tower....
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