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  1. Ok...your buildings are starting to look kinda boxy. Make other layers instead of just one building. It is looking really good though.
  2. You just have to have RCT2 open while 8ct is open. Then to use it you minimize RCT2 by presing CTRL+ESC. Hope i could help
  3. Heres a small update its the station on the island for the haunted lighthouse. I need some suggestions before i go any further. ya
  4. Yes I have used both expansion packs. I wouldn't say its to realistic but what ever thats a good thing.
  5. No its like a shuttle forth dimension coaster. Heres what it dose. ok... so you are pulled up the lift back wards out of the station the seats rotate so that you are facing straight down. You are pulled up 70 ft and then dropped reaching a top speed of 43mph you go over a small hill where you do a 360 degree rotation and you go up the second spike where the seats also turn so you face straight down. and then you go through this backwards. You do this 2 more times and the ride is over. ...if that was the ride you were talking about
  6. Sorry for the double post heres the haunted light house ride!!!! ...i dont really have a name yet so ya.... heres some pics another view The Lighthouse
  7. OMG THAT IS really really really really awesome!!! you need to make the temple thing wider. but it looks REALLY good
  8. Heres an update the other half of the park an over view of the park
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