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  1. I don't usually comment on these boards, but these models are fantastic. The Nemesis Inferno recreation is spot on and is pure sex. Great job and keep them coming. I second the Intimidator 305 Kings Dominion recreation!
  2. Is it just me or is this ride beginning to look more and more like something you would create in RCT? That piece over the Superman pad is such an eyesore. I still love this park, but this coaster is just pathetic and I am so sad to see that mountain terrain go to such a waste. Sad. #IWantMyMaverickOfTheWest
  3. I love this. I am obsessed with LEGO designs that function. Great work!
  4. I love this thread. Has there ever been a topic concerning best coaster layouts? I'm obsessed with the amount of creativity on this forum! Keep it up!
  5. Amazing architecture! This is exactly the type of building I would want to live in. Plus, its a condo tower that gets rid of the neighbor noises. Too perfect!
  6. WOW! Just wow, this model is flawless. I cannot wait to see video of it in action.
  7. Nifty little layout, but I would take the water elements including the water splash section all the way to ground level.
  8. Blown away! Flipping fantastic!!! Watch out Disney. I work in the film industry and it seems as if Disney has stepped out of their comfort zone to ask others to help create rides at the parks. This is coming for managers and agents within the industry. I could totally see this attraction using the Harry Potter arm simulator.
  9. Story would not have been weird. It would have been unique. Think about how many times you have seen a Six Flags park or buyout on this forum... Be Bold and italic, never regular. With that said, DNA looks great! But honestly, change the color a dark grey with white trains and the think could be called "WALLE." Ha, just saying.
  10. PIXAR Park would have been so awesome. And just because most people don't post on your parks doesn't mean that they aren't watching. I'm a lurker at heart, but am a huge fan of these RCT parks. Keep it up! Maybe, we'll have a six flags / pixar blend...
  11. I was currently living in Utah at the time, but my first looping coaster was Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain with lap bars. Bring back the lap bars!!!!
  12. Thanks for all of the IAAPA updates! I always love this time of year. Super excited for S&S. Here's to hoping SFMM is taking note of the observation tower coaster concept (if that tower could even hold more weight).
  13. In addition to the overflow parking area, there have been rumors that Lagoon also owns some land right across the freeway. The transit line runs right through this area and would serve as a great stop for the park. The transit system is also making progress towards adding an airport route, so Lagoon is about to be more accessible to much of the Wasatch Mountain Valley. I agree with most of the posts on here. I would not categorize Lagoon as a small park by any means. It is gradually growing and adding an attraction every year. Lagoon also has a monopoly on the area within a 500 mile radius. This is a park to watch in the near future.
  14. Honorable Mention: Viper (SFMM) & Cyclone (Coney Island) 10) Deja Vu any park 9) Tatsu (SFMM) 8) Ghostrider (Knotts Berry Farm) 7) Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa) 6) SkyRush (Hershey) 5) Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominon) 4) Magnum XL200 (Cedar Point) 3) El Toro (SFGA) 2) The Voyage (Holiday World) 1) Maverick (Cedar Point)
  15. I'd say Wild Eagle. It's pretty, but the ride is too tame. I tried most of the seats on the train and could not find a decent ride. I am very worried for Gate Keeper - I fear that the only thing that will save the ride is it's location. Mind you, this summer was my first visit to Dollywood and I was completely blown away. I loved every single aspect of the park and while I did not care for Wild Eagle, I think that it is a wonderful addition to the park. If we're really getting into things, I'd also say Little Mermaid is the most overrated ride. There is no story structure and the ride just ends. There was so much that could have been done on this ride, like the use of real water and I don't know bubbles blowing in the air or something... I don't understand the hatred for SkyRush. I admit the ride looked boring and the layout is a little bland, but this thing, like Maverick, just blew me away. Coasters like that transport me back a few years and make me laugh the entire duration of the ride. I was shocked that it did not get the Golden Ticket Award for best new coaster.
  16. The view would have been better had it been from a china boy constructed wild mouse... Just saying.
  17. Alice Cooper haunt was a let down, I remember it being pretty good last year. I just don't understand the love for the 3D haunts. I think they are too gimmicky. There was one good scare involving an electrocution chair scene. This is the second time I have seen this scare and it gets me every time. ***Spoiler: The scare involves the tired electrocution chair and a prisoner/unfortunate human, but this time the human is real and usually springs to life and chases people. Very effective, because it looks fake. Terror Tram is always a joke and too crowded, but as an entertainment professional, I must say that it is amazing to be able to get close and walk through some of the backlot sets, like War of the Worlds, Pshyco and The Grinch who Stole Christmas. La Llarona: was excellent this year and a lot better than last year. The scares still need to be fleshed out in this haunt, but I give props to Universal for having an original story. Monster Remix was a big surprise this year and I enjoyed it more so than in years past. For those that don't know, Monster Remix utilizes the year-round haunt venue at Universal, but this year they turned the entire thing into a nightclub with intelligent lighting and even a DJ in the main room. Silent Hill was the biggest disappointment of the houses this year. They had so much to work off of concerning the video game and the movie. I think they really dropped the ball on this one. I wish they would have utilized the nurses more, because that was the only scary thing in the house and movie. Texas Chainsaw was probably the scariest haunt I've seen at Universal and I have gone for the past 4 years now. With that statement, I will say that it completely depends on how many people you are walking through with (and this goes for any haunt). During this haunt my group and I were the only ones in the house and got every scare directed at us. Usually, Universal and several other haunts have stacking or as others like to call the congo line. If you experience this, the scares up ahead are usually spoiled because of how slow you are moving. With that said, Universal is king of setting the scene with their realistic sets, costumes and makeup. They do a great job of distracting you in a room and scaring you from a different angle. It's all about the surprise and these guys ace this area every year. Another thing that they continually utilize is scareactors on stilts. These guys/gals actually run and jump at you when you least expect it. Very effective.
  18. SkyRush was robbed. I thought for sure this thing was going to win best new coaster. Wild Eagle was fun and a great addition to Dollywood, but it was so tame and certainly did not deserve this award.
  19. Bumping this for the fall haunt season. My favorite haunt was Rocky Point Haunted House in Salt Lake City, UT. This thing was constantly rated top haunt in the nation, but sadly the owner decided to call it quits after 20 years. I have never been in anything like this place and the sets were top notch. The final sequence you actually walked through the main floor of Leather Face's home (Texas Chainsaw Massacre). They even pumped smells like rot and blood into some of the areas. The graveyard was the set of the queue location and as you waited the scare actors would stop scaring everyone every 15 minutes or so to perform and dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." It made the time move so quickly. If you are a haunt fan. You have to check out some of the old photos. http://www.rockypointhauntedhouse.com/ Universal Halloween Horror Nights and Dark Harbor at Queen Mary are currently my favorite haunts that are running. The only minor note I have is that it is impossible to enjoy these places without a "front of the line" VIP pass. The lines are just ridiculous. I am visiting Eastern State Penitentiary this year. I am going to try and make it to Bates Motel, but it might get trumped by the creepy and reportedly haunted sister haunt, Pennhurst. Let me know if I should change my decision.
  20. Skyrush was great, but still didn't top my favorite ride. Maverick is by far the best coaster I have been on. It had everything! Drops, speed, insane transitions, inversions and turns. If you are going to do a separate category for wood, The Voyage takes the cake.
  21. Sky Jump at Stratosphere. I don't think I'll ever recover from staring over the edge of a 900 foot building. Some others that have scared me in the past: Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter
  22. Great TR! Amazing detail and photos. I too, would love to experience the tiger, lion and bear petting zoo.
  23. What is the longest River Rapids and Log Flume ride?
  24. A decade long lurkers first post... I love your shout-out edit on the "air-time" log ride. This site rocks and I cannot wait to join you guys on a coaster tour. But first, this guy needs to pay off some grad school loans.
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