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  1. ^ When i went on Monday there was no trims on the coaster so there was some high g's.
  2. I like the second half of the Mantis better than Riddler's Revenge, definitely more intense. Riddler's Revenge (Look after Mid course.) http://www.rcdb.com/ig470.htm?picture=7 Mantis (Look after Mid course.) http://database.thrillnetwork.com/dbgallery/photo_view.php/544/cedar_point/mantis1205.htm
  3. I still like the video, but the song isn't the greatest (ballerina scene is so sexy )
  4. ^^ Not really, quiet a few roller coaster bank into inversions.
  5. Did Cedar Point order the coaster or was it just one of many draft designs for the parks new coaster?
  6. ^ Yes, because the No limits coaster would look a whole lot better than the RCT3 coasters.
  7. Cool TR! I was there on Monday and it seemed like most of the coasters brokedown at least once that day.
  8. I really didn't care that the coaster was closed until yesterday when i found out I'm going on Monday! Does anyone know what the park will be like tomorrow?
  9. The best part of the video is the ballerina part, So sexy!
  10. Thats pretty cool, maybe Expoland can actually make this ride by tearing down another certain ride.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7bK4Vee36M I thought the video is very cool, on of the best videos by far I ever seen.
  12. Something would be nice if you design your roller coaster, then footers would start being poured, track starts arriving on site, guest will wonder what the new ride is, supports will start going up, track is being put up by cranes and workers, testing, and finally grand opening!
  13. Good catch! On opening day until the ride opens, people will see that they are building and testing a new coaster; anticipation will build and opening in the middle of June will give the coaster a bigger opening.
  14. Are the new parts going to be free for Cedar Point? If Cedar Point was to take the canyon out, do you think they will put up new one in the 2007 season or just wait until the 2008 season?
  15. I wonder if the canyon have to be demolished in order to put in new track? If so we may not see that canyon come back until the 2008 season, but there is more time to put up other theming.
  16. I think Intamin and Cedar Fair relations could be broken, now back to BM.
  17. For a heartline roll taken at speeds over 50mph, shouldn't you be in the center of gravity?
  18. ^^ For a heartline roll taken at speeds over 50mph, shouldn't you be in the center of gravity?
  19. They could widen the heartline or just take it out (like Chiller) and just have transition.
  20. I was wondering was your body in the center of gravity through that heartline roll on the Maverick? I am really disappointed now, i was counting down the days to actually get a POV and see the ride live in action.
  21. Here is another download. Japan Adventure Park.SV6
  22. ^^ I guess so, don't forget being corkscrewed and going on someone power tower. JUST KIDDING The lines should be an hour or less, but who knows they have a new coaster this year.
  23. Doesn't Mean Streak and Mantis has the longest queue length at Cedar Point?
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