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  1. This is where I got the ATH catwalks from http://www.vodhin.net/RCT3Community/download.php?view.528
  2. There are 3 other rides in the park(Chairswing, Pirate Ship, and Ferris Wheel). I'm not sure the time length of the line, but I will check.
  3. I opened the park and I just wanted to show you lines for the ride. This is the longest line I have ever seen anyone have for RCT3. Line pouring out of the entrance
  4. SIX SIX FLAGS attacking Cedar Point , but Millennium Force, Maverick, Mantis, and Magnum were secretly transformers to protect peninsula. Millennium's powers are...
  5. Love the park!! can't wait to see more? ^^ Overboard with what?
  6. ~Vertical~ This is one of the most terrifying B&M Dive Machine in the world and the first ad only coaster to have an Outside Dive --Order of events-- First hill- 150 ft. First Vertical Drop- 144 ft. Speed- 64 mph Immelmann- 115ft. Second Vertical Drop- 90ft. Outside Dive- 75ft with a drop of 85ft Water Splash Brake Run More updates coming soon...putting finishing touches Water Splash Surprise drop Outside Dive...my favorite part of the ride! Head Choppers! 2nd drop with a surprise! Turning into brakes before 2nd drop Immelmann First drop Overview of the coaster Verticals Sign
  7. SIX SIX SIX FLAGS! They had to do a TR and described the park as...
  8. Nothing much to say about the ride except there is a Outside Dive which is a new coaster element. Please comment on..updates coming soon. WTF? The station so far. A surprising element for a coaster like this!(Outside Dive)
  9. I personally find the Death Proof car crash the best movie car crash.
  10. I was wondering has anyone noticed that the trims were turned off this season?
  11. I heard that PKI was suppose to put up a Stand Up B&M coaster like Mantis in place of King Cobra, but changed their when Vekoma designed the flying coaster (Stealth), again changed their mind when Stealth prototype failed, so they ended up with the Son Of Beast.
  12. About 2 weeks ago Festival Forest Park has sent invitations to special roller coaster coaster enthusiast. Lucky for me I am one of them. ~PREVIEW HIGHLIGHTS~ - There are 3 roller coasters so far - B&M mystery coaster (you will find out what it is later) - Mack spinning coaster - Wooden roller coaster, company still unknown - Thrill Rides - Inversion is an updated Intamin looping starship (only has lap bar!) - Timber Falls is a S&S Drop Tower that looks around 150 ft. tall - Raging River is an custom Intamin rapids ride - Tilt-A-Whirl -Family Attractions - Circus - Carousel - Gondola - Wild World of the West (live show) -Other - Picnic area -Rumors- - A log flume or Splash Boat are suppose to be built - A New family Coaster - 2 new thrill rides[/u] This is a standup coaster, seems B&M is trying to bring back a style, I still have my doubts about this coaster. MORE TO COME ABOUT THIS COASTER The name of the B&M coaster You can see the mystery wooden coaster, Timber Falls, Inversion, and the Gondala This is called Sidewinder. Nothing big about the ride first drop loks about 20-25ft. 2nd midway with some rides Picnic area The midway going into the park Giant Sign you see coming to the park A lot of people are here for preview day
  13. They might as well take down both of the coasters and this will give them a reason to put something new up.
  14. Or maybe this is just an diversion so SV can be brought up to MIA!
  15. I wouldn't mind if they can make a new type of coaster like the intamin looping coaster.
  16. You have to give a dollar to the change machine then it gives you a dollar coin.
  17. I was there a couple of weeks ago and the small lockers are either cost $1.00 or $1.25.
  18. I knew other parks were going to close the drop towers for inspections. http://www.crescent-news.com/news/article/2169391
  19. I just told me mom this and her facial reaction was like WTF. I really hope that girl is okay (reminds me of Jungle Julia). Lawsuits are a brewin
  20. I really hope that girl is alright. I wonder if any parks with the Intamin Free fall stopped the ride to check the cables? MAJOR LAWSUIT is a brewin
  21. All I can saw is WOW, I hope the girl is alright. Six Flags/Redzone needs to sell back that new purchase to pay for this lawsuit.
  22. I would actually say Orlando (IOA US, Disney Parks, and BG). On the list I would say Cedar Point. Try Orlando first!
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