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  1. Park Pics are here! Overview of the park. Most of the Viper Fire Fall! You can see the Banshee's supernatraul power.
  2. You should have the coaster painted black and call it the Black Plauge
  3. Do you have the Need? The Need for Speed? Coming Soon to C.P.F.P. Need for Speed Sign
  4. C.P.F.P has just annonced the cancellation of the Demon(Disko). Reasons they said was that it would not live up to the hype of the other thrill rides. So we are going to put a GO-Kart track in its place.
  5. Viper and Banshee pictures Banshee you can see its 3 inversions Corkscrew, Inline Dive, and Inline twist. FPS View of the Vipers corkscrew.
  6. ----------------------------------Coaster Time-------------------------- Viper will have a verticle loop and double corkscrew.
  7. Blue Zone has just announced a new amusement park called Capital Point Fun Park. This park is located 10 miles away from Six Flags Elitch Gardens. Blue Zone said that our park will be the SFEG KILLER. More information will be posted. -------------------------------Major Rides----------------------------- Fire Fall (Topspin) Banshee(B&M Inverted) Viper (Arrow Corkscrew) Demon(Disko) Mantis(Sky Swat) Mantis Logo Fire Fall Logo Demon Logo Banshee Logo Viper Logo
  8. Post a picture and a description of your favorite roller coaster and/or Park from Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Goliath is a huge coaster that is over 200 ft high and death defying twist, turns, and hills
  9. Yes I am using soaked for this park. I am also planning to build a wild life center. I will try to get this park out to the public sometime mid November after RCT3 wild comes out. Expect revolutionary coasters and amazing rides.
  10. Breaking News: Land of Adventure has just confirmed an Intamin Giga coaster. They said it will be one of the longest coasters in the world and the most airtime ever. Pictures will be posteed during construction.
  11. I think CP is just a worm sqarm over SFMM. One reasons is comparing Goliath to MF. Goliath I think was a disappointment. Also RR is better than the Mantis to me and that is coming from a CP Fan.
  12. I decided to go big on a theme park and I did. This is one of the best parks I built. This theme park has Jungle, Holloween, Winter, Forest, and Space themes. The Coasters: Andaconda(Inverted), Mine Train, Frightmare(BM 170 footer), Bobsled, Monster (Steel Looping coaster), Wolf(Wooden Coaster), and Quantium Thruster(Stormrunner). This park is very cool! Tell me what do you think of it and would you want to download it? All the themes of the Park and the Mickey Mouse Head in the middle of the Lake Closer picture of the Andaconda The Monster(Steel) and Wolf(Wood) in the Forest Theme Some of the space theme and the Quantium Thruster! Shot0012gdds.bmp Jungle theme Winter Wonderland Frightmare coaster
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