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  1. I guess Ms. Tammy is Fergalicious .
  2. ^ Planet Terror has more action and a seat grabber Death proof has better dialog and is funnier Planet Terror was just about action and just cheesy dialog Death proof has a lot better dialog, less action, but everything in the movie is a build up to the ending .
  3. Are these the videos everyone was talking about? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwVrWIieIoE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfni5JLZ5Mw
  4. Very nice photos! Was the park busy that day? I never believed it, but the Ghoster Coaster is true! very scary
  5. ^ Me too. A lot of my friends are looking forward to Plant Terror than Death Proof.
  6. Best go on the weekdays anytime during spring/summer/and fall, except on Fridays. One thing I'm not sure if the park is going to be very crowded this year because of the new coaster (MAVERICK!!!).
  7. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grind_House_(film) Taratino is doing Death Proof Rodriguez is doing Plant Terror Trailer #1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6l-InqDHmA Trailer #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9GOyle6YqA Which is the most anticipated movie to you?
  8. Finally, i just hope there won't be any stereotypes in the film. I'm pretty sure that the drawings will be better closer to release. I have a feeling that Jennifer Hudson will be doing the voice over.
  9. Update on the blog and new photos! -Blog http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm -Photos http://maverick.cedarpoint.com/latest/gallery/
  10. Could it be? The train has moved on to the course track. They could be testing later today or sometime tomorrow
  11. ^ Do you have Wacky Worlds for RCT2? Or Try to redownload the park.
  12. I say the ride was disappointing because I was expecting more variety instead of just another immelman, but thats just my opinion.
  13. ... with Brad Pitt, or her children. She walked out the restaurant and noticed the film crew from Resident Evil: Extinction was there. She walked up to them and begged...
  14. ^ They would advertise the ride as the tallest, fastest, and steepest coaster in Michigan. I am still hoping that MIA would get a BRAND NEW B&M or Intamin.
  15. Looks good so far, but I think you can -take out the SWAT and put in a Giant Ferris Wheel in its place -take out the corkscrew coaster from the park because it ruins the look of the pond. - Put a kiddy coaster BY the pond. Can't wait for more updates!!
  16. The parks Steel Venom may go to is MIA or Carowinds ,but most likely going to MIA!!!!!
  17. Siege means assault. If you put some fire or the broken statue pieces around the ride, the name would go great with it. The
  18. If they do put up a hotel, will it be with the help of Holiday Inn.
  19. Here we go again, I'm still surprised that X flight went to PKI. Now Steel Venom gotta go to MiA it makes the most since now, unless there is some major upgrading planned for the park between 2007 to unknown date.
  20. To everyone I am sorry for not caring much about the letter I sent to Cedar Fair. Its my fault actually not reading over the letter to look at punctuation, grammar, etc. Its my part that from now on I will post more "professional" comments. I do normally write well, I have won a few essay contest before and write A papers in school. Here is a part of an essay I wrote on the subject “Can You Hear Me Now?” The Why and When of Getting a Cell Phone. I came in second in the contest. If Alexander Graham Bell could see us now… he would be truly amazed! Technology as we know it today plays a major role in how we communicate and how we get things done in our global society. Cellular phones are apart of our everyday technology. Kids as young as 6 years old have cell phones and senior citizens have cell phones as well. Do teens “need” a cell phone? If you were to ask them, most of their answers would be yes. Their reasons for getting a cell phone may be questionable but in the end, their reasons may be justified. I asked my friend “What would be the reasons you would tell your parents as to why you needed to get a cell phone? He answered “I would need it to call people to pick me up from places and I would need a cell phone for emergencies purposes.”
  21. I wrote this quick letter to Cedar Fair, there may be some mispelled words or run on sentences, again this was only a 3 minute letter. To whom this may concern: I was wondering since the purchase of the Paramount's Parks do plan to do anything with a few of your other Cedar Fair parks. Since X flight is being moved to another Cedar Fair, pretty obvious so far that it will be going to Kings Island because there is going to be a $10 million dollar investment in the park, including SOn of Beast improvements and the new thrill ride that park is getting( X flight). DO you plan to do anything else with the other Cedar Fair parks mostly concerning Michigans Adventure. I was hoping X flight would be going to Michigans Adventure it seemed the most logical, but the way its going I most likley I will be wrong. All the Cedar Fair parks before Paramount's purchase has gotten a new coaster in the last 3 years, but not Michigans Adventure. I know that Michigans Adventure added a new restaurant and Grand Rapids, but still nothing really major to make people actually say i rather go to Michigan Adventures than.... I know that the attendance of Michigan Advenutres has go up about 18% since last year, but to keep that attendance up they will need to add new rides. The question that Iam really asking is that do you plan to add anything new to Michigans Adventure over the next 3 years? Sincerely, Don Jones The Response Expect releases in Januray and Febuary and obviosly MIA will be getting something for the 3-5 year strategy. So what are your thoughts on this letter?
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