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  1. I usually wear a gleass strap most of the time, but I've been on SOn of Beast without a strap and my glasses stayed on.
  2. The secrete of Kiryu Tower is - ***** Spoiler ahead Kiryu Tower is going to revealed****** --- ---- The secrete of Kiryu Toer is an intamin drop tower.
  3. I not going to lie but it seems that X Flight is going to headed for Kings Island ( I hate thinking about it.) This is one case that makes since about the $10 million investment in the park. Just why couldn't it go to MIA .
  4. I really hope that CF do not put the Paramount parks infront MIA. There have been a few people that claimed they say some construction at the park. Who knows the park closed down in the middle of September, thats is a pretty good time to start pouring footer or whatever.
  5. This news is found at Pointbuzz http://www.pointbuzz.com/news.htm?id=1061 Major thrill rides at the parks talking about KI and KBF. I just hope its not X-flight going to KI because I would be so disappointed .
  6. I guess I would ride. Crystal Beach Cyclone(Mother) + The Beast(Father)= Son of Beast(Like mother like son.)
  7. LOL good quote. I am very sad thaat Sob is loosing its loop. There could have been another loops in the works to make the ride better. Or maybe there could actually be an airtime hill on the coaster.
  8. ^ The white coaster is called Dragon Coaster, its just a little kids coaster. Sorry it took so long for me to put up the download, ive just been very busy with school for the last couple of weeks. ------------------------WACKY WORLDS NEEDED TO PLAY-------------------- Could you please comment on anything I need to improve on the park. Japan Adventure Park.SV6 Please Leave Comments
  9. To be honest what reasons would X flight go to PKI? X flight going to MIA makes the most sense, would you put a new coaster in a park that was just bought over the summer (PKI) or put the coaster in a park that hasn't had a new coaster in 8 years (MIA).
  10. **12-03-06** I just added some more scenery around the park, I added a thrill ride called Katana and I plan to add another thrill ride and family ride somewhere in the park. Thanks to everyone for commenting on the park. Also 1 more update until download! The new thrill ride Drop going underwater Back of the coaster The Buildings are suppose to look like that. Raging Spirits
  11. ^^ I understand that MIA and CF had to battle with the government for the water park for a few years, but still behind that they could have been planning something for the park. Still not having a coaster a major coaster or even a new thrill ride for 8 years is a long time. Having a revuenue of 19 millions for one year remember is only one year, I can see them having a revuene around there first the past 8 years. So you made a revenue over 120 million dollars over 8 years. So they can afford an expansion over the years. ^^ Yeah it seems I got right points to that X flight is going MIA. There is a lot of buisness coming from the upper part of LP and all of the uP What reason is that?
  12. Sorry for double posting. There are two new sections in the park. -----------------------------City Walk-------------------------------------- A small compact town of the park with entertainment, games, and food. Including the only tea house ever built in an amusement park. ------------------------------Forbidden Land------------------------------- Area of the park that has 3 rides and a few food stalls. - Hitomada - A flat ride that will pull tricks on you - Raging Spirits- the longest wild mouse coaster built and also heavly themed as a spirit trying to find its resting place. -Kiryu Tower- A mysterious tower, with only words people can say about the ride " looks can be deceiving." In the back of Kiryu Tower there is Raging Spirits. Forbidden Land with Kiryu Tower ( I forget to chang the outside sign.) City Walk
  13. ^ Hopefuly you can do it today, people claimed to have seen machines ad footers in the park. If MIA doesn't get X flight in the next 2 years it would seem to be the most abused park out of the CF parks. Unless their planning on having a major expansion over the next few years.
  14. ^^ I like the way the black harness look. Is the upper part of the is kind of like a seatbelt?
  15. I just posted this comment on the topic at coaster force( I'm Killachan). I think the ride is going MIA because its the most logical sense when your thinking about it. -PKI is only about 3 hours away from the GL, people can tell its the same ride. - PCAW- Already has a flyer - PGA had a flyer and sent it to another park, so why would they wan't another one? - PKD- Just got a new coaster this year. - All the other Cedar Fair parks got a new coaster over the past 3 years So that only leaves MIA without getting any new coasters or thrill rides since 1998, thats 8 years so far, but got a thrill ride taken out without having a new in there. They got Grandrapids in the back of the park near Wildcat, it seems they are trying to connect those two ares of the park, and put X FLight right next to Grand Rapids.
  16. mmmm can't wait to ride these babies , but its going to be my first time
  17. ^ Ill try the rails using those horse coasters Also thanks for eveyones comments.
  18. ---------------------------------------Sea Festival-------------------------------- A compact section of the park with packed with fun and relaxing rides, games, and restaurants. ----Attractions - Junk Ship- Insane inverting ship - Flying Kites- A great family ride that spins you around and around - Rowing Boats- A relaxing ride through Sea Festival dock - Palace Theater- A relaxing and cool place to sit and watch live entertainment. - Yomato Resturant- 5 star seafood resturant - Festival Bakery- Fresh smelling and tasty sweets are what makes this one of the most desired places in the Sea Festival Sea Festival Area
  19. -------------------------------------Empire Falls--------------------------------- Take a wet and wild ride through the Lost Empire. Dodge your through rocks, going under waterfalls, barely escaping whirlpools and rapids. You thought those were the best parts?, wait until you face the largest drop on a river rapids ride. Overview of the ride The largest drop on the ride Beginning of the ride Station Entrance to Empire Falls Changed Samurai Station
  20. I put some trees around the ride and finished the station, but I have a few scenery items to lay down before the whole Samurai Warrior coaster is finished. Overview of the progress Back of station tree's around the coasters Coaster Station
  21. How bout the coaster go to MIA. -Why would you put a coaster at PKI thats around 3hrs away from Gl, people may notice its the same coaster -PCAW already has a flying coaster so whats the point of another one -PGA had a flying coaster and another one is coming back
  22. I'm back with a new project not for rct3, but for rct2. This unnamed park is based off of old Japan. ------------------------------------Rides----------------------------------------- Samurai Warriors- The worlds largest racing stand up looping coasters, both includes 4 nversions. Update coming soon. P.S. can some one help me name the park? The difference of the rides are the ending layout. LAyout of the two coasters. Entrance so far, still needs some more work.
  23. There is a brief picture of what the new coaster is suppose to look like on this video. http://www.kare11.com/video/player.aspx?aid=38416&bw=
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