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  1. I found this parody video. Its from the High Fidelity part 2 episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U87nIZZzEL8
  2. If you look at the CP webcam, they are starting to build around the lake.
  3. What is you favorite and keast favorite character on Degrassi? Just say what you like about the show. My Favorite characters are Manny and Jimmy Least Favorite is Craig
  4. ^ I Knew that, i was just kidding. Also do all roller coaster launchs go upwards?
  5. Do not to put your hands up on this part of the ride!!! http://www.pointbuzz.com/gallery.aspx?i=5476
  6. This a video from goofbaugh at youtube. This is Cedar Point in 1963 very old. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P0Pv84cPWU Could someone point out some of those rides?
  7. ^ yeah it does. Will you have a Asia theme to the park?
  8. What ever CP is building it will record breaking, thats just Cedar point's style. The questions is "What records do you think the will be breaking?" I say it will be the longest, tallest, and fastest's coaster of its kind.
  9. I found these pictures of the inversion: http://www.phpbber.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?p=637&mforum=thepointforums#637
  10. Look at the fun coast cam. They have the other part of the corkscrew up.
  11. Man I can't stop laughing from that remark!
  12. My first RE games was Code Veronica X. That game has the best story line to me, but this game is the most challenging game in the series to me. I also like outbreak series, hope they come out with a file #3 for ps3.< That kinda rhymes. You will be surprised that Resident Evil dead aim is prtty fun.
  13. This looks kind of unsafe because it seems the bar is not close to the waist area, but its only a concept design.
  14. ^ I kind of see what what you mean. My idea of inverted is just a way you ride the coaster, that you would be under the tracks with your legs dangling. Doesn't necessalrily mean you have to go through inversions and twists, to count the ride to be an inverted coaster.
  15. ^^^ You can do an inverted coaster with lapbar, just not like doing ay rolls, corkscrews, dive loops, etc. The things you can do in overbanked turn, Vertical loops without problems. Also lapbars on inverted coasters may give the best way to have airtime.
  16. This is the idea I haf about the lapbars being like on an inverted coaster. The bar is shaped like the one on TTD, but the way it pulls down and locks is like Skyhawk This is skyhawk/ dragster inspired lap bar.
  17. ^ They could have a lapbar similar to skyhawk at cedar point. If a inverted coaster were designed with lapbars it may only have vertical loops and should have some of the best air time.
  18. The reason why they building the coaster so fast is because they may put pretty good themeing on the coaster. I am still hoping for 1 inversion. Also if anyone says its a water ride, it would be pretty similar to snake river falls.
  19. ^ A lot of shows do that. Look at Discovery, Travel, and TLC, they switch of the same footage for diffrent shows. Something funny that shows do is not show the roller coaster in the order it goes in. One show had Riddlers Revenge they showed the first drop, loop, then showed a small corksrew, after that they showed a Dive loop? That was pretty wierd.
  20. -----------------------------------The Day----------------------------- Try not to drink alot of caffeine Exercise like after work or school try not to eat alot of fast food and unhealthy foods Eat a large atleast 2 hour before you go to bed. --------------------------------Bed prep-------------------------------- Never go to bed hungry, eat something light not heavy Make sure your bead has space no junk like bills, boxes, ect. Make sure your bed is comfortable if not bring some more pillows in to the room to sleep on, or just buy a new mattress Stretch out to relax your body before getting in bed ------------------------------In Bed---------------------------------- Try listening to music with soft sounds. Jazz, blues, mozart just no words in it. Or Just lay in bed and watch TV unti you get sleepy, and leave it on so you won't have to get out of your comfort position.
  21. Does anyone like the series and what is your favorite game?
  22. Wario Ware games, RCT1 and 2, Sims and Sims 2, Super Smash Bros. meele, Pokemon games, Resident Evil Outbreak file 1 and 2
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