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  1. T-shirt shopping represent. Gots to have the gear. Clay "good job, better money...its goin down this season" Lamanske
  2. I live about 3 hours south of SFGAm, don't know how far MtO is from there but eh, I'm always down. Either way, let us know for sure when you get both set up (sorta set up, haha)...I'd love to make it out. Clay "never actually been to a meet, formal or informal!" Lamanske
  3. Mt. Olympus, eh? There is a park I've never been to that I'm dieing to go to. TPR meet there (informal or not!) and I'll be THERE for sure. Clay "I'm goin this year!" Lamanske
  4. I agree on that. Either way, SFGAm is only about three hours from me and I still need that mouse credit... Every other time I've went I've had a terrible time but hey, I'm up for an informal. Clay "let us know, I'll try and be there!" Lamanske
  5. I really like this poll, congrats on doing something cool! Clay "Voyage...simple as that..." Lamanske
  6. Last time I visited was on a Sunday. I forgot about the silly time change, got there a little late past opening but here is what I can contribute. Roadrunner Express should be your first stop simply because (as previously stated) capacity is bad (eh, it's a mouse) but its certainly a must ride. The park setup is horrible, worst I've been to. It mine as well be seperated into two parts so I would head back towards the back (where the coasters mainly are) as soon as you clear the mouse. Chang and Thunder Run had the longest waits of the day at either 30 min or lower. Thunder Run only has one train so I would try and ride that sooner than later, although this ride really deserves more than one ride. I actually have this coaster as my number 3 wooden. Chang, T2 (ugh...), and Twisted Sisters didn't have that bad of wait but, also previously mentioned, Twisted Sisters will most likely only have one side running, but you're not missing much. The flats I don't know much about but the drop tower (Hellavator) you must ride, still one of my favorites as well. Clay "hope you have a great time!" Lamanske
  7. I've been toying with the idea of a Dollywood trip this year, I may just have to make this happen. Excellent photos! Clay "toying with too many ideas" Lamanske
  8. I must say, I'm highly jealous of a few of you (especially the Silverwood, LC people, haha!) My home park is Indiana Beach, Cornball Express for sure. Clay "I want to ride Timber Terror and Boulder Dash RIGHT NOW!" Lamanske
  9. I certainly appreciate the work you put into these. There should be MORE! Clay "doesn't have THAT kind of photography talent" Lamanske
  10. Being 6'4 (though never turned away from a ride) I can honestly say that if it was ME who wasn't allowed on SROS I'd be a bit upset myself; but not at the ride op. Rules are rules and as they may suck for us tall/short/overweight/whatever among us that person gets a paycheck to enforce them. Could you ride safely? Sure. Might you go back and find a ride op who doesn't pull out the you're-too-tall stick and you get on and have a great ride? That may happen too. It's a realization the tall/short/blah blah blah among us have to come to that every now and then there is a ride we just can't get on at the time. That being said it surely sucks you couldn't ride, and all I can say is I hope I get the ride op that doesn't touch the stick-o-depression. Clay "taking the insoles out of my shoes before I ride" Lamanske
  11. This swing fits perfect with SDC in my opinion. I can't wait to make my yearly trek down there to ride it! Clay "more people than the GP are eating it up, haha" Lamanske
  12. I love little, old coasters like that. Unfortunately I'm a youngin..never get a chance to ride the old school, haha. Clay "wishes Riverview Park was around" Lamanske
  13. Robb actually has a Photo section of this park describing his distaste for its strange rides Nonetheless I plan on hiting up this park when I go to the Dells... I'll have to keep up on the Meteor news, I'd really want that credit when I go. Clay "I live in the ghetto, I'll ride coasters in the ghetto!" Lamanske
  14. I'll jump on the bandwagon for the people that posted Mr. Freeze. I'd also say: -Wildfire at SDC because of the view. -Screamin' Eagle at SFStL (rustic, old fair feel) -Any of the Batman coasters (surprised no one said them) -ToT for obvious reasons Clay "sitting at work, can't post pics" Lamanske
  15. Good poll, and like Robb said, the "I'm not qualified" option is a great idea. Clay "already voted" Lamanske
  16. I thought Thunder Run was an amazing coaster but geez, SFKK gave me a headache... Indiana Beach Silver Dollar City (PowderKeg is a GREAT ride) I'm sure after this season my list will be a bit longer for this... Clay "Don't forget about Cornball Express!" Lamanske
  17. I must say, I never got the pleasure of going to Bells as my plans for two seasons ago became last minute ruined I can't wait for the relocation so I can show my support for the Bell family and their pushing forward with providing us with some serious fun, despite the city choices....that and I'm a big John Allen fan Clay "Zingo will ALWAYS look that good" Lamanske
  18. Man, that place is PACKED. I can't wait until I get a TX trip (this summer? hm...) As said, I love the Mr. Freeze in SFStL and would love to get on that and TG asap. Great TR! Clay "Planning a southern trip?" Lamanske
  19. Sounds like a decent trip. I HAVE to see the new, RED Mr. Freeze. I'm only about 3.5 hours from SFStL and I too love Freeze...although, red? Who knows.. Good pics though, I should be going back to KC and WoF this year to get that Patriot credit.
  20. Definitely I need to go back to HW and ride Voyage again (best wooden I've ridden). I really need to get back to CR and ride Maverick and TTD. Havn't been there for 2 years or so and STILL havn't gotten my ride on TTD....still missin Millennium Force and Magnum..
  21. I'm over in Springfield, MO right now (for a little vacation) but doubt I'll get over to WOF; you'll have to post a TR telling me how Patriot is! As far as TW, eh..I can certainly see where at one time the ride was great, but not when I rode. Of course, I never get a ride before they butchered it...maybe that's my problem.
  22. ...Strange...I certainly don't have patience for things like that, nonetheless Voyage is an amazing coaster. I have yet to ride Toro but if it's anything like my trips on Voyage I can't wait... Well, seeing as I'm down here in Missouri visiting family it's about time for me to get ready to head to SDC and CC for PowderKeg and the Ozark Wildcat (which by the way I haveyet to ride) Awesome TR and pics, can't wait to ride Kentucky Rumbler myself (which will happen late August!)
  23. I've been riding since opening year. The first time I rode I think I rode second from the front and HATED the ride. Rode in the last car (last two seats) and LOVED the ride. It's built like a wooden should be...its semi rough, it shakes, it roars, it's fast....you are NOT going to sit back and simply enjoy your time, you have to ride it like a bucking bull which is a huge reason why I like the ride. Great ride.
  24. Cornball Express for sure. Unexplainable. Millennium Force, the first two drops of PowderKeg, Voyage mainly because there is so much of it throughout the ride...
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