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  1. Please, at least reassure me the pleasure of having one more update. Don't end it here. A goodbye update you could say.
  2. Put fences or shrubs around your trees and flat rides. They will look a lot better, with some more foliage. I'm going to restrain on the whole banking thing except for, how in the world does the game not let you bank the track?
  3. I don't know, I would personally go with the fire. But me being a pyromaniac might influence that...
  4. From Robb's I305 video. "This ride is very boring, it doesn't have the loops, the twists, or the hills. It's just like fast and it hits those brakes at the end. If this would have been built by B&M instead of Intamin it would have been 10,000,000 times better." I think that that is just an enthusiast screwing with you.
  5. I just ordered my season pass. Is the processing center still in the same place as last year? I going on Thursday to get that done (and get to my sweet baby El Toro).
  6. You are quite welcome! From now on, I'll do every milestone post here! Haha, can't wait. I wish I was not as lazy, because than I would be riding more coasters (like you) instead of talking about them. These small parks really seem like where the fun is at.
  7. The Ride seems like a very unique way to experience the city. I think that is something I will have to try sometime, because you have to get some kind of culture credit. Call me whatever you want, but there is more to travel than coasters. Haha, anyway I was just joking with that last part. 300th Post!
  8. This was written on a construction pic of Superman at SFDK, Extremely large facepalm... Or that that would happen.
  9. They are the same company, that's what I love about large park chains. The best is when you go to any Six Flags park, but still find a different picture of SFMM at every corner.
  10. I've been waiting for all this arguing to stop before I posted my response. First of all, nobody likes to watch two people argue back and forth, it's kind of annoying. IMO, it was a very good ride! I loved the layout (and didn't care that the track was parallel, seriously!), and especially the quicker transitions. Really good job!
  11. PLEASE! Do not stop this park! It is amazing, and I don't see any bad quality in it. Post if you agree with me!
  12. Hey, I've been working on this Intamin accelerator for a while now, and I was just wondering if any of you knew a tutorial on StormRunners Dive Loop? Thanks.
  13. It looks like a good layout, but maybe you should re-think the helix at the end.
  14. For any park, Superman by Goldfinger.
  15. Hello Title Fairy! How are you today? I hope all is well. I would like to request a title that reads... "Intamin Makes The World Go Round...And Around...And Around!" Thanks!
  16. I think the general consensus with whoever makes the maps is that the G.P. will not notice. Or the map maker is a G.P. Or I am thinking too much into this.
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