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  1. Raupe, Freizeitpark Plohn (Lengenfeld, Saxony, Germany) Designed by SBF Visa Group!
  2. I think the land looks pretty good. I understand that it is a pine forest, but a little variety wouldn't hurt. Also add some terrain, not many plots of land are that flat. Also the "Manor" looks more like a warehouse. If you are using scenery that is in game, I would use the colonial scenery, as that looks most like a manor. Pretty good start, but does need some work.
  3. Probably The Formula Rossa. It's fast, so it's gotta be tall right?
  4. And this is why it's been delayed. Seriously, I can name countless examples of rides that did not open on time, this just being added to the list. I understand it's a record breaker, but I'm not going to take a week off from work, take a plane to California, and wait in a 14 hour line to ride a drop tower!
  5. I loved the view of the Midway on SFGAdv GASM, and I might be one of the only people to ever say that they liked GASM.
  6. I always thought that the bridge going from The Lost Continent to Jurassic Park Area, skipping the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, was always kind of empty.
  7. So... many... duckies... Really wish that I could go find some, but my home park has already has it's duckie's taken. And, just as promised, 400th Post! Party Time, haha.
  8. I think the park looks amazing, really wish I could do something like that! I think that you really captured the Silver Dollar City/Dollywood feeling with this park. Keep up the good work!
  9. That building on the end makes me think this would be a great entrance to a parking lot. Great Work!
  10. I was inspired by Six Flags Over Texas' facebook status update. Do you know any areas of a park that most people don't? Have you ever explored a park and found a great place to rest, or a shortcut in a park? Post them here! I'll start with the forested area at SFGAdv, behind the bridge between El Toro and Bizarro. Never many people, plenty of shade, and benches to cool off on. Post yours!
  11. Dear Robb, A while back I had signed up for Club TPR and clicked on the pay with cash option. I was never told of a way to pay, and had sent several PM's about it. I would like to receive my Club TPR items, so how would I pay for it with no information? Thanks, Robbie M
  12. I think what I like most about this coaster is that even though it is not a recreation, it has that realistic Euro-Fighter feel to it. It's close enough to the original that it is relatable to, yet different in a way that gives it its own personality.
  13. I like the story, would love to see more pics. The only thing is, the vocabulary sounds like the 1800's and nothing like the 1990's.
  14. Just a reminder, the preview thread is called the preview thread for just that. Two pictures maximum. Great work though!
  15. I tend to put Super 8 pretty high up on my favorites list.
  16. That would make me want to go to Disney Paris to ride Ratatouille! It was the first food themed ride I could think of, haha.
  17. Am I the only person who found it ridiculous that they said that you should not ride a log flume with your child, and than go on to tell you never to let your child ride alone? The stairs I get, that is just people being stupid.
  18. For me, Revenge of The Mummy at Universal Studios Orlando takes the cake.
  19. A picture might be posted later, but I am trying to make a comfortable version of the figure eight loop in No Limits!
  20. I have no problem with the Kingda Ka rattle. I'm too busy being awestruck with the launch.
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