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  1. Just to clear things up things is not on Six Flags' property, niether is it owned by Six Flags Inc.
  2. The launch coasters I have been on are Kingda Ka (AWESOME), The Mummy (USF), Rock' N' Roller Coaster (WDW), The Hulk, both Chiller Sides, And does Test Track count?
  3. Yeah I really don't know what to make of that last part, except for the fact that this is all going to come unraveled soon. August 2nd is the big announcment date!
  4. I know this is probably really random, but, Imagine rolling thunder with either millenium flyers or timberliners, that would be pretty cool
  5. so. I've thought this over and over again and the one thought that keeps coming back is Intamin mega, or giga, but it could also be a b and m mega, or going out on a limb it could be that 4 across maurer x train that we heard about at IAAPA, so really this one is up for grabs, guess we'll have to wait and see. P.S. can we please not have the anagram thing, like with farenheight (intamin:Nantimi)
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