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  1. I wonder what will replace this park, it's nice to see a change though. My school is just 15 minutes away from CI.
  2. Wow, I'm surprised they opened Ka in that type of weather... can't wait to hit GADV again soon....
  3. I thought Panda Express was always near Skull Mountain.. or was that another chinese restaurant?
  4. I think 3 trains is enough considering each train can sit 30 people. Normally, B&M train sits 32 so it's fairly close.
  5. I have been on Linear Gale and I quite enjoyed it. Going back up the back spike was the most intense moment. The ride was a bit short for me, 3 times forward and 2 times backward.
  6. It's so weird how they are using SheiKra's concept art, yet at the same time they are building an inverted.
  7. I dont think it will actually go to Dorney as they are rumored to receive a wooden coaster in 2008. It's interesting how they are removing it, maybe they are building a B&M flyer @ CP in the future, thus removing X-Flight so people wont think that there are 2 flyers around the same park.
  8. Wow, when I was taking pictures inside the station of El Toro, they never said anything to me, even the Ride Operator asked me where I got my camera from.
  9. I actually rode El Toro this summer, it is possibly the BEST coaster I have been on, very smooth and the amount of airtime is amazing, we practically fly over the hills, not to mention we were sitting on the last row, so we had extreme airtime. Loved it till the end.
  10. That's pretty cool. Last time I went to Ocean Park, we waited 45 minutes for the Mine train with one train operation.
  11. I was just there yesterday, everyone was friendly, the lines werent that long since the DJ made it fun, teens were having fun, I dont see how it could be SFGADV.
  12. Thanks everyone! This park was started around 2002, before custom scenery took over RCT2, so yea...lol
  13. Hi..here it is.... 2013 - General Renovation/Relocation 2014 - General Renovation/Relocation 2015 - New Coaster 4D! Download Here! Enjoy!
  14. "Hold on to your Spurs"... Isnt a spur something to make horses go faster??
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