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  1. Thx all for the comments...and I used the 8 car trainer for the hack. And the colored markers was intended to be "markings". You know how a real park would do it... Without further interruption, here is an update. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2/11/06 >> Construction is going along nicely. Here you see another airtime hill into the final overbank turn. 2/11/06 >> Top-Hat is finish!! Cant wait till testing starts. 2/11/06 >> Here you get a clear view of the "airtime" hill as well as the overbank turns. 2/26/06 >> Station work is starting... ----------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Looks promising!! I love when people make rocket coaster [in RCT2 at least...lol].
  3. Cant wait for this.... Oh, and you spelt "beachside" wrong.
  4. That looks pretty good actually, but why is the ferris wheel so high up? :o
  5. Ummm..updates? 12/12/05 >> The 2006 attraction and stats has been announced. 12/15/05 >> Intamin tracks have been spotted near the construction site. Looks like the tracks will be pink with silver rails. 12/20/05 >> Supports for the Top-Hat are going up quickly. 1/10/06 >> Hydraulic house is nearing completion and launch track had been placed. 1/12/06 >> Top Hat is nearly finish! 1/12/06 >> Can you say Airtime?? 1/12/06 >> Overbanked turns.....looking good.
  6. Going quickly with the updates [you guys probably want to see the announcement already [or not]]. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 10/10/05 More markings have been found. Wonder what all these "colored" circles mean. 10/31/05 Some more..... 12/2/05 Hmmm, announcements on December 12?? We'll just have to wait and see! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy.
  7. Sorry to double post, but here's another update. 8/3/05 >> Markings are beginning to show up. The first picture shows that there will be some kind of turn. Maybe an overbanked turn? >> Markings are found as far back as Timber Twister! Must be a pretty huge coaster. Stay tune for more.
  8. Updates!! ----------------------------------------------------------- 2/12/05 Construction is now finish and is waiting for testing. The ride will need 300 complete tests before opening. 3/24/05 REVOLUTION is open to the public and it seems to be a crowd-please! 7/12/05 The abandoned coaster queve is being demolish...possibly for the 2006 attraction? ----------------------------------------------------------- The park will be up for download once the 2006 attraction is announced.
  9. Fast forward [for now]....lol A new coaster will come.....soon [*hint hint*]. ------------------------------------------------------------- 11/10/04 >> And so it is....nothing special going on yet....but the ride is now UP! Looks like the ride will be a Huss Frisbee!. 12/4/04 >> Entrance, exit, and the queve line is now up...we shall see the finish product sometime soon..... ------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers!
  10. Thx for the comments. We'll, here it is.....some construction photos... ----------------------------------------------------------- 9/25/04 >> Cement are being poured for the ride foundation. Looking good! 10/15/04 >> Cement are fully poured and the ride should be going up in no time.... ----------------------------------------------------------- The next two screen will come when there are one or two new comments. Enjoy...
  11. Very nice updates. As everyone said, construction seem to be moving along at a very good pace.
  12. ^ Lol...next thing you know residents are going to complain about the noise.
  13. Lmao...sure can...is there really such an "accurate" rocket in RCT2? The best you can do is use those B&M tracks...lol.
  14. Hey guys, just started a new park called Enchanted Towers. This park will be updated in a yearly fashion [i love that] starting with the year 2004 and so on..... The screen below is part of the 2004 season and the download is underneath it. Cheers! -------------------------------------------------------- >> Here is part of the park. The park two coaster can be seem here. >> Something is obviously coming in 2005. Who knows what it could be. -------------------------------------------------------- And the Download .. Click Me!
  15. The kids area does look great. Cant wait to see this finish.
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