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  1. Wow, its kinda big.....I thought it would be small according to the rendering.
  2. The lift is so supportless compared to other hypers like Morgan and Arrow.
  3. For those that missed the park's progress. ** You should download any of the below and you will be able to open Enchanted Elements 2012. Enjoy! Enchanted Elements 2005-2009 Enchanted Elements 2010 Enchanted Elements 2011
  4. Thats pretty cool so far, I was wondering when you were going to start a new park. :o
  5. Ok um, heres Enchanted Elements 2012... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda : New for 2013 - Enchanted Elements - Relocation of WildFire. - Phase 3 of 5 towards the new E.E. - Improvements in themeing. - More Benches, Lamps, and Garbage Cans. - A clearer view of Congo Rapids. - COMPLETELY new buildings for the area. - Start demolition of trees in preparation for Phase 3. - Construction cost : $1.6 million USD. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Enchanted Elements 2012 Here!
  6. You can just download the park and see for yourself....lol.
  7. Weeeeee, finally released or something....Enchanted Elements 2010. New for 2010 is a new dueling racer from GCI which replaced an Intamin Giga Coaster. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda : New for 2011 - Enchanted Elements - Improvements on Speed's launch and braking system. - Phase 1 of 5 towards the new E.E. - Completely new building and themeing for Speed. - More benches, lamps, and garbage cans near Speed. - Improvements on existing building near Speed. - Start demolition of trees in preparation for Phase 2. - Construction cost : $1.4 million USD. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Enchanted Elements 2010 NOW! In case you guys want to check out the previous versions. Download Enchanted Elements 2005 - 2009.
  8. It seems that the staircase would only be on the right side? Kinda like Silver Star.
  9. That thing looks like it could valley any minute.... :shock:
  10. 2nd to last update before release..... ***DOWNLOAD IS AT THE BOTTOM*** ----------------------------------------------------------- 3/10/06 >> Station is beginning to rise! 3/24/06 >> Station is now complete. Also queve work is starting along with tree planting. 3/24/06 >> Hydraulic house, along with trees planted. 4/3/06 >> Testing has now begun! What goes UP must come DOWN. 4/3/06 >> Who doesnt love this airtime hill? ----------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD FOR Enchanted Towers 2005 --- And CB, sure, send it to kelving525@yahoo.com Thx.
  11. Wow....that looks really cool! Maybe make the wooden coaster have 3 rows per train...like a real Intamin wood would have.
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