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  1. I just can´t get enough of this WCB pictures! GREAT! Thank you for your nice trip report
  2. Really bad story behind this terrifying news =( my prayers for all the people which were there.
  3. You ´re a genius =D Absolut fantastic! Long time, since i laughed THAT much (I like your style, awesome!)
  4. ...i´m totally into this "Raptor merchandising". Gardaland, is doing a great job! *both thumbs up* (yes,.. i have to, i´m european ) Nice surprise, thank you for sharing matteocrepaldi ! Now my question: Does the Gardaland respond to some things that happened in the world? I am missing "something ". Maybe i am wrong,... but they changed, suddenly the radioactive theme into sports? (can be awesome, to show the world how dangerous Raptor is - or even not "glowing green" :S ...if you know what i mean) *a bit confused right now* .. Beside my donkey buisness - it is a beautiful part of the rollercoaster history! ( ) *can´t resist .. must ride!*
  5. Beside that awesome group photo.. i did zoomed in and found .. You are just more than awesome ILoveRides: ♥
  6. http://www.moviepark-preview.de/ If i could,.. i would ask: If Jeff Johnson was in germany. You don´t know me and i don´t you at all, I have not the right to ask that. So i do not. But maybe you´re intersted in some really cool Gargoyle stuff,.. the german "Movie park" presents on his preview page.. http://www.moviepark-preview.de/ (*sorry i doubleposted the link! )
  7. ...this can be only possible, if the dinosaurs friends are with her *the good ones
  8. *my full respect* Even as an "only" TPR "reader" .. *you feel* .. this amazing atmosphere!
  9. One of the real (!) miracles in this world i think Btw,.. who made all the pictures of Dan? Pictures says more than thousand words (sorry for the OFFtopic)
  10. I LOVE GERTRUDE!!! Cult -fan-tastic! Gertrude KNOWS HOW to make the *superman walk* to the moon!!! (who needs Michael if you CAN meet real Stars like Gertrude!) Thank you IloveRides =D (it is still, an awesome trip report!)
  11. ...really GREAT Trip Report! Thank you ILoveRides. I really enjoyed it! ..but,.. where are the dinosaurs in it? I missed them a bit *sniff* (btw,.. i don´t think that Gertrude would have so much time for a sign,.. but this trip report is still, pure awesome!!! ) EDIT: oh. and thank you so much for this photo! Now i can be sure .. (this one should win, a REAL donkey award!!! ...maybe... no. I was just joking)
  12. YEAH!!! I agree. Not the badest idea, i think =D Better than a lift like a *never ending story* before the pain begins (uhmm,.. some Vekoma - halloween -coasters, i´ve seen in some pov´s, have some kind of this ones) I do like fast lifts.
  13. GREAT! I wish they would make one for KRAKE too,.. but well i know.. it´s too short for a real Donkey. Nice work! I like what the video brings to me .. *wehee feelings and a good looking, smooth ride. Thank you for the link! Raptor at Gardaland will be a great ride
  14. I see some TPR members, eating funnel cake - in this picture O.O (and yes, i have some googles *om nom nom)
  15. Hi Loefet Thank you for the CLICK, .. I've downloaded it from the TPR Exchange and it´s also rated (I love the feedback system of the TPR Exchange). Each of nolimits builder is having another, own view and assessment strategies. Here is mine: Great job .. The track offers thrill, varity and proper G forces. Here and there a few bumbs are available but it is still fun to drive this inverter in the simulator. The beginning is a little rough. I do prefere a gentler approach of the train. Maybe it´s the same, as you did over there, with real inverters (I don´t know) I prefer 0.1 g or a little more than that, to speed up the train out of the station. So the beginning is nice and smooth. The final brake (it´s only a matter of taste) would look better without friction wheels in between. At all: I gave 3.5 stars. Because I think that this roller coaster can be a bit better. I hope you're not angry with me because of that. As far as, it is a good NoLimits project! And I hope you can understand my assessment (inclusive: wacky english), ideas and criticism to do something with it. Keep up the good work as well and have fun in what you're doing! ...nice greetings, freefall "having SO much fun with the google translator today" XL
  16. The soundtrack will be made by this company: http://www.imascore.com/de/news#1 (found that information not at first, but maybe it´s interesting for some of you )
  17. I totally Agree with that Thank you for your detailed response Lena. Yes, the price sounds acceptable. (And now, the fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo thingy makes much more sense to me * * ) I'm looking forward to the next trip report,.. I wish I had earlier also parents who love theme parks like we all here do. ...have FUN \o/ =D ..greetings, freefallXL.
  18. ok, i want to try, to write down my expressions as a follower at the WCB via TPR and facebook. I hope it´s understandable, i tried google in combination with the feeling in my stomach ..well, let´s go Thank you TPR, WCB fans, Robb, Elissa, and the fabulous team behind. This was the first time I was able to follow such an event live on the Internet. And even if I can not be there, it was a lot of fun (!) to follow the live updates on facebook and in the forum. It must have been a very beautiful WCB. Of which, talk the wonderful pictures. I see many new young faces. I like that. But the old hands with her ​​fabulous facial expressions and poses, triggered some good laughing attacks. Thanks also for the videos. This made ​​me a little more feel, at least virtually to have been there. And they are really interesting, too!!! I'm looking forward to the next meeting. TPR since your just awesome! Oh and last but not least, a *big thank you* to the parks, that this all could be happend! With kindest greetings, freefall *had fun with google* XL
  19. ...thank you for this nice update!!! I had to look at it twice,.. this guy is having exactly the same Hairdoctor (hairdresser) as I I never noticed that before: you are having fingerprint storage boxes, over there That looks really interesting. Germany should have more of these! How much costs a storage box? I see a slot for a credit card *shock* (In germany i heard a word for people wich don´t want to use storage boxes and carry their whole inventary into the station: "storage box Nazis" Ps.: had to change the word loc*ers so i did choose storage box and xD Why is loc*ers a bad word? ) Thank you for uploading all the pictures! It´s real fun to watch and read =D
  20. Vertical Loop (Olympia Looping) http://www.olympia-looping.de/ Zero G Roll (Black Mamba) http://www.rcdb.com/3117.htm?p=0
  21. looks really intersting!!! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=58438 <- maybe you should look at this =D
  22. wow. That was my first impression. I didn´t saw this Thread until it was marked today. I watched all pages with this nice pictures and the story behind. I´m impressed. The trip Reports are nice to read. And the fun doesn´t comes to short. Thank you for sharing and uploading all the really good stuff! (and sorry for my wacky language, can´t do better at the moment )
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