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  1. Thank you for this really awesome TR! It´s a bit sad that they are having so much technical problems.
  2. Thank you for the update! The coaster looks like really MUCH S&S Coaster fun! WITH a tunnel,.. awesOmE!!!
  3. /\ enter the lindsay lohan:the ride What? That's her vagina?? nooo,.. that was "drawn together" Lindsey Lohan isn´t a princess Beside that,.. i like the "Krake" Not too much, not too less... and NOT Paris Hilton!
  4. Oh well,.. i´m sorry.. seems i wrote a half topic SORRY! I wanted to say: "For NL 1 and NL 2" ...important information Thank you, for your question Ace Of Spades! I didn´t see that. Thanks. If the ride is ready, i will thinking of a review. But there is still a lot to work to do, yet. If, i will post it seperatly.
  5. This thread is made for all the NoLimitsRollercoaster fans. No basic information shown. Write something about yourself. ...okay,.. that´s me: Spinning_Looper_byfreefall
  6. Option one: I miss something,.. it seems so empty. Option two: Shadows,.. does TPR having shadows? Option three: The "Relief" (in german Ph*t*Sh*p, it descibes so!) ...WITH ..a shadow. I know,.. some TPR members seems old,.. but i think they aren´t.. ready for a "relief". Option four: Four wins. A Game. ("Vier gewinnt" is A Game in germany, without a pc or something virtual.) - The shadows here are for the real 3D effect. - The white outlines giving "the logo" a real nice comic -> funfactor. But not too much. - It is round,.. without edges,.. it is *shiny* and offers FUN! - Like: "WE LOVE THEME PARKS AND ROLLER COASTERS... WE JUST HAVE A FUNNY WAY OF SHOWING IT!" That´s why i picked #4 ... Sorry, for my "you know" crappy "english"
  7. Option 4. I like the round, friendly lines in that one. Really good Job!
  8. My nearest home - park with a rollercoaster is the following: (The pov and video is not made by myself but it depends on the awesome coaster in the vid. It goes through the insane layout 2 (!) times! And don´t forget the colors!!! The colors are important. Without this colors = no thrill!) EDIT: I like the lonely brake before the station, too! Best trim´brake, i´ve ever experienced!
  9. 1. http://www.familienparksottrum.de/ 2. http://www.erse-park.de/ 3. http://www.rasti-land.de/ For all coaster whores which doesn´t known the parks: "Erse - Park" and "Rasti - Land" are having a rollercoaster! And "Familienpark Sottrum" had the log flume which is known as "Wildwasserbahn 2" at the "Heide Park". You see, three "thrill - parks" sourrounding my location.
  10. Nice *link*! Thank you, robinschroder And thanks goes also to the website, which made it possible to see. I appreciate the details in that vid. The whole coaster is under construction, but Gardaland gives the fans a really nice update. TOP! I´m excited for the next one
  11. ..it started with magnetic brakes and ended up in a launch.. maybe, we are getting a launched B&M .. some day. *dreaming* Edit: beside the dream,.. i´m looking forward. A Question: Will Rob eating the "Krake", before the "Krake" eat (*noms*) him? I know, the air in germany can making hungry ...well,... news: the "Immelmann" is "in the roW" - building up. 15.01.2011 - Germany.
  12. Oh yes,.. you said it straight out of my heart I think so, too.
  13. The fins aren´t there .... because it is a "nltrack" but it should be a "nlpack". As you said, you played around to learn, how to use Newton2, so the coaster is. EDIT: thank you.. for changing the nltrack into a nlpack! I´m excited, how the next one will be
  14. WOW! Looks really good! Keep up the good work. I hope to see more!!!
  15. ..thank you for this mass of new photos! A really nice trip report and an interesting update. This steep Intamin section after the launch looks really sexy! Hopefully, one day, germany gets such an Intamin sexyness, too.
  16. I´m also looking at and thinking about that "Krake" project. For some germans it will be their first "dive-machine" ever but i think that is not the point that i´m really looking for. The layout is short (if i trust the specifications at the "killerkrake" blog). It is even lower than "Oblivion" and a compact piece of thrill. A kind of a "kiddie sheikra" - half cutted. The announcement of the theming is what i am interested in. The idea behind this coaster is a real step into the right direction for Heide Park. Thank you, Merlin! I hope the theming will be nearly as well as it is announced. And hopefully not only a "joke in the box".
  17. "Hi!" I´m Marco from germany. I am following "TPR" since 2005. My interests beside the amusement industry, are: - "no limits rollercoaster" part 1 and hopefully part2 - too (if it is ready). - maybe RCT 4, if it will be possible to release. - and music. I love this planet on which we are living and the nature, where we were coming from. ..and now,.. back to the fun
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