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  1. ^Robb, I'm not sure if you saw this yet but KD just created the Hurlfest event on their Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=215741611781176
  2. I've witnessed this first hand myself. The GP there desperately wants a steel coaster with inversions. I've heard them mention it while waiting in line for Voyage and Legend and I've even had a discussion about it with some of them.
  3. For Apollo's Chariot I like the back left seat much better than the back right. The turn on the 3rd drop makes it feel like you're falling out and the airtime on the fan turn on the return run is far better than the right side. As far as Nitro goes I like it equally as much as AC.
  4. The park is facing a lawsuit. http://www.dailypress.com/news/crime/dp-nws-busch-suit-0601-20110601,0,1923419.
  5. I stopped by for an hour this morning on my way home from DC and got a couple rides on I-305 and one each on Volcano and Dominator. The park was empty with only a few school groups there. I would've stayed longer but it's too damn hot in the Richmond area today!
  6. ^I doubt they would relocate Speed to that area. Even though it would fit, Speed has a sizable footprint and the spike is pretty tall. I don't think the developers want a 200-ft tall structure next to the wheel.
  7. Those angry idiots even made the local ABC news there. Video footage on the site: http://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/region_tampa/cheetah-hunt-delay-angers-park-guests-at-busch-gardens
  8. Correct. Last year they lifted the Virginia residents only restriction to include non-resident Military members. This year is the first year they made it available to everyone.
  9. Last fall when they announced Mach Tower, BGW's John Reilly confirmed on video that the ride would be ready when the park opens for the season next year. They opened Alpengeist and Apollo's Chariot in March of their debut years so it's very possible that this new one could do the same. Also, someone on BGWFans.com whose company put a bid in for the ride construction posted a tentative construction schedule with some target dates.
  10. ^BGW also had other construction commitments in Oktoberfest with the new pretzel shop.
  11. Sad news. A 48-year old man had a heart attack and died on Black Mamba. http://bit.ly/joMmDe
  12. Someone on Twitter named aaroncorasdad just posted a couple pics of Mach Tower. One is from the train and one is showing the car.
  13. ^LOL Robb! That pic makes me want to ride this coaster with a beret now!
  14. This is done for socialization. The cheetah cub was abandoned by his mother so they paired him with a dog. Many zoological institutions do this all over the planet.
  15. ^If you're talking about the video from the JCC Planning Commission I just checked it and was still able to watch.
  16. BGW just posted an updated construction pic on their Facebook page.
  17. ^The park announced a while ago that a good portion of the ride would be inside the building. I just wish there was a more detailed layout of the track in that location.
  18. BGW 2012 Coaster layout revealed at James City County Commission hearing. Detailed video here http://bit.ly/lSDUGO Here's a crappy screenshot from the video:
  19. ^I totally agree with you on the look of the S&S towers. Those things are hideous and look like cheap scaffolding.
  20. ^I haven't ridden Boardwalk Bullet but I'll take your word on that one! I have a quick question - On your backseat POV footage in the video, did you have the camera mounted or were you holding it? Just wondering because it looked really stable.
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