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  1. ^The movie's production budget cost $170 million. Add to that the over $100 million Disney spent on marketing. That's almost $300 million total the company has spent just for this film. The box office totals right now are around $257 million. Disney will receive about HALF of the revenue from the ticket sales. So yes, it is a worldwide box office failure. Some news outlets even reported it as a worldwide flop after opening weekend. http://www.examiner.com/movies-in-las-vegas/tron-legacy-soars-imax-debut-flops-worldwide-box-office
  2. A few of mine... Sommore Jim Carrey Steve Harvey Eddie Murphy Adele Givens Paul Mooney John Leguizamo Jamie Foxx Margaret Cho Chelsea Handler Gabriel Iglesias Jo Brand Robin Harris (RIP)
  3. I watched Tron Legacy two days ago and hated it. The plot was weak and the father-son chemistry between Garret Hedlund and jeff Bridges was non-existent. It's no wonder that this movie has been a worldwide box office flop.
  4. The JCC Public Hearing is now available online http://www.jccegov.com/news/jcctv/video-on-demand.html Select "JCC_Planning_Commission-01-05-2011" and launch the player and skip to 9:27 in the video. There's an obscure satellite image at 10:29 in the video.
  5. ^Too bad the snow didn't last longer but at least you got some great pics!
  6. ^^Nice pics, Robb! When was the last time you saw those mountains snow capped like that?
  7. WOW! You mailed that duck voice! Can you do any other cartoon animal impressions?
  8. According to BGW's Facebook page, Griffon will remain closed for the remainder of Christmastown due to the cold weather.
  9. I loved it. It looked amazing hovering right next to Orion.
  10. Those parking lots are right next to residential areas. Zoning wouldn't allow a coaster there.
  11. ^Yes, Ocean View park was in Norfolk and Buckroe Park was in Hampton. So while the Hampton Roads area had some small seaside parks back in the day the city of Virginia Beach itself never had one on their boardwalk. The city use to bring traveling carnivals to what is now known as Neptune Park on 32nd and Atlantic but they haven't done that in a long time as some of the space was used for a new hotel.
  12. ^I would love to see one and I think it would do well but there really is no room for a seaside park on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. From 2nd Street through 42nd Street the strip is packed with hotels, restaurants and shops. Everything else above 42nd Street is residential.
  13. ^I'm surprised security didn't catch him at the north entrance since that door is right next to the "Via Bellagio" with some high end stores like Chanel, YSl and Fred Leighton. That area of the hotel usually has mad security.
  14. I went on the 5th and in here they had two penguins taking pics with people named Pierre and Penelope. These names came from the first set of live magellanic penguins that came to BGW (on loan from SeaWorld San Antonio) for the grand opening of Christmastown weekend last year. They were at the park only for opening weekend and they flew them back Monday and brought in different pairs after that.
  15. I personally don't want to see any type of wolf-theming for the new coaster. The original had its heyday and it's gone to the graveyard. They should just start something fresh and new. I know the park stated that the new coaster would in some way pay homage to BBW and that does not mean doing another wolf-themed attraction.
  16. Some more info on the 2012 attraction from the JCC Planning Commission after the ballon test on Wednesday. http://first.jccegov.com/uploadtest/comments/61740_AG00004_20101208104507.PDF
  17. Very true. I have friends and family that work on the strip at the big hotel casinos and they cringe at the idea of living there. Once they get off work they want to go to a "real" home and get away from the hustle and bustle of the casinos. And the high rollers definitely are not gonna wanna trade their comped suites.
  18. Considering the 14% unemployment rate in Vegas right now I'm surprised the even have that many! LOL
  19. ^Great pics! I really need to explore more of City Center on my next visit. I went in February for the Viva ELVIS Premiere and pretty much just stayed in Aria the whole time since the VE Premiere Party was at Haze. And I actually didn't spend too much time on the strip since I was there during the Winter Olympics and I was glued to my friend's TV in Summerlin!
  20. ^ That would be BORIIIIIING! I wanna hear dynamite pop and see stuff tumbling to the ground! LOL You're right though. There's too much around that area to topple 27 floors of steel, concrete and glass.
  21. ^I would fly to Vegas just to watch that implosion!
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