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  1. The article didn't mention they were in pursuit of an NFL team. They said it would host some NFL games and maybe a probowl. Besides it's a tad bit too small for an NFL team, but it's a perfect size to host a college bowl game over the holidays. As far as fights go it would most definitely work. The Pacquiao/Clottey boxing match in Cowboys stadium drew 51,000. If they can draw that many in that stadium then they most certainly would pack in a 60,000 seat stadium in a boxing crazy town like Vegas.
  2. This new planned stadium for UNLV is quite impressive with a price tag of about $800 million and will feature a 100-yd jumbotron, two night clubs, and six 300-seat VIP suites and 50 conventional suites. The city hopes the new stadium will attract big events like MLS, NFL games, fights, college bowl games, and concerts and music festivals. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/jan/11/unlv/
  3. New Voyage POV with the modified turn-around. They shot it on July 3rd with a GoPro camera and will be posting new ones of Raven and Legend soon.
  4. Not sure why they moved it but I do like this view better. You can also partially see Nessie in the background and watch the train go through both loops.
  5. BGW has moved their webcam and placed it on Verbolten's bridge facing toward the river so you get to see the train drop. http://buschgardensnews.com/page/bgwcam
  6. RIP Andy Griffith! http://www.nbcwashington.com/entertainment/television/TV-Legend-Andy-Griffith-Dies161204445.html
  7. ^Here's video of Boise being introduced to his new home at BGW and an interview with the park's Zoological Operations Manager Jay Tacey.
  8. I thought Cheetah Hunt would boost the gate signifiacntly at BGT. I'm sure they were banking on more than a 2% increase.
  9. Beginning on June 1st, BGW will be offering ERT on Verbolten for Passholders on select days: Every Thursday and Friday (9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.) Saturday and Sunday (9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.) You have to enter Oktoberfest through Italy and show your 1-park, 2-park or Platinum Pass.
  10. I've gone on Fridays before Memorial Day before. The mornings aren't bad but it can get a bit busy in the late afternoon to evening hours. It's still nowhere as crowded as Saturday and Sunday that weekend. And I'm not sure how Verbolten will impact attendance that day.
  11. This article gives a more detailed description of the project. Here's a proposed route map of the project which is said to be 61 miles long. I would love to see this built but it seems really ambitious.
  12. Not sure why this is but Alpengeist initially opened with a 52-inch minimum height requirement and it stayed that way for a couple of years. I believe Montu and Kombu opened with a 52-inch minimum as well.
  13. Verbolten featured earlier this morning on the local NBC Station on the Hampton Roads Show. WAVY Reporter Chris Reckling speaks to Larry Giles. http://www.wavy.com/dpp/hr_show/reck-on-the-road-verbolten
  14. The local ABC station did a news report from the media tour. http://www.wvec.com/home/New-Busch-Gardens-roller-coaster-Verbolten-promises-a-unique-thrill-141217433.html
  15. You can avoid the blackout on wiki by doing the search and clicking the "cached" tab. The page will come up normally with the search results highlighted.
  16. Here is a video with some live construction shots of Verbolten taken 5 days ago.
  17. My last attended concerts were: October 11, 2011 - Ladytron w/ VHS or Beta & Sonoio @ 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. September 12, 2011 - Sade w/John Legend @ Scope Arena, Norfolk, VA. September 4, 2011 - Human League/B-52 @ Mandalay Bay Beach, Las Vegas. September 3, 2011 - Sade w/John Legend @ MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas. Sade was absolutely incredible! There's a good chance she may not tour again so I'm glad I got to see her twice!
  18. ^Seems like they are only using all black for the indoor portion as green supports and grey track have recently been spotted at the park.
  19. I don't see what was pointless about the video. They did label it "Phase 1" at the beginning and showed us close-up pics of the construction site.
  20. One mother brought the toy home for her 3 year old son. She had no idea what it was, because the demon's mouth was closed when she purchased it. She turned her head for an instant and when she looked back and saw her boy sucking on the sex tongue, she fainted dead on the spot. It took a team of four paramedics to bring her round. The boy was punished, and the candy destroyed. And there's a link to their online shop to the right of that article that says "Sexy University Gear" LOL
  21. Here's an updated news report from the Orlando Sentinel. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/the-daily-disney/os-disney-world-avatar-attraction-20110920,0,6919277.story
  22. I wonder if Disney has considered the sequel for future expansion. James Cameron confirmed that the next movie would explore the surrounding moons and will also feature the volcanoes and oceans of Pandora. There would be a ton of theming possibilities from that as well.
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