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  1. Except the problem with that logic is that any type of critic tends to not factor in some "blind spots" of games. Two of the blind spots are "Substance and Subsistence" and "Ease of Playing". What RCT3 has in "Substance", it lacks in "Ease of Playing" which in the long term, affects "Subsistence". Why do you think people still care about an 8-year old game?
  2. I don't think Atari knows what fans want. No offense to Atari fans, but with few exceptions, the games they've released over the past 5 years have been absolutely horrible. So honestly, I want the isometric view option with the exact design window from RCT2 for everything regarding scenery, paths, ride building, etc. Even with the little buttons at the top. RCT3 felt more like a Sims game than an RCT game.
  3. 1) Hershey Park - SuperDooperLooper will always hold a special place in my heart + Stormrunner is bangin' 2) Epcot/MGM - Probably the two greatest parks from an engineering and entertainment aspect. I also refuse to call it "Hollywood Studios" 3) Six Flags Great Adventure - I <3 Nitro 4) Dorney Park - More personal history, all my friends hate it but I love 5) Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Apollo's Chariot, where I fell in love with B&M
  4. Allow for a RCT2 isometric view and designing setup.
  5. eDiets.com, the commercial makes me want to kill T-Pain
  6. ^ It's not that they're dropping a round object off a tower into a hoop, they're being shot up about 180 feet, with no grounding, sitting down, with an OTSR on, staying up for mere seconds, dropping down, then shooting back up. There's also wind factors that can also effect the ball's trajectory. It's not as easy as just following through.
  7. Idk, think about the psychology behind it. They're playing basketball on a thrill ride...
  8. Here's an even better shot, riding Kingda Ka at least 3 times during peak seasons in 2 hours.
  9. I can't expect advice about planning a vacation centered around a theme park on a website that seems to exclusive serve people who enjoy theme parks?
  10. I've yet to check around TPR but I've done a couple of searches on Google/Bing about the Disney Vacation Club and have only gotten more and more confused. So me and my friends went down to Disney World with another two friends, brother and sister, and their family who are Vacation Club members and Premium Annual Passholders. We had stayed at Fort Wilderness in a Cabin, whilst the DVC members stayed in their RV. Between the parks, services, and overall quality, we were floored. It was an incredible week and we're already planning our trip for next year for Senior Week. The aunt of my friend, who also went down with us, inquired about joining because we loved it so much. However, the way they explained it was extremely confusing. I've also looked around and have found nothing I could comprehend. My questions are; 1) Could someone explain the whole system in a rather simplified manner? 2) If we were to seriously look into joining, because we are not related, can we still join as a group? 3) If so, if say my family and my family alone were to go down separate from the rest of the group, could they still piggyback off of my benefits? Nothing is concrete as of now but we are looking into it. EDIT: I understand that it requires an considerable chunk of change but I'd like to have a vacation every year. After all, it was my first visit to Disney World in 10 years which was also my last vacation.
  11. I got one last ride on Star Tours before they closed it, I'm happy. Let's pray for better air conditioning.
  12. I feel like Disney could open a whole new coaster-oriented theme park and still offer family friendly benefits while not excluding any part of the family. Yes all of the kitschy Princess stuff is child friendly, but where's the 450-foot Intamin launcher? The 12.3 seconds of airtime brought to you by B&M? Disney, unless you absolutely down to your soul love it, is really subjective. If someone wants to pay $80 for a park that offers a couple of thrills, then let them. I, for one, enjoy paying $54.99 for a park with 6-7 of the greatest roller coasters I've ever ridden. Let's see what Disney could do for $80.
  13. You know what's fun, I'm actually going to Disney tomorrow. Here's what I think's funny, for the same price as an annual premium passholder, I'd get to go down to Disney AND have my tickets expire, so guess what I'm getting... And I'm only going down for a week. EDIT: Here's where I get ticked off at. First off, I'm a 17 year old boy going down there with 3 friends and one friend's family. I understand that Disney is "the happiest place on Earth" and I'm going with a bunch of my friends so I will have fun. But what I wouldn't mind pay nearly $600 for, is one park with the best coasters on the face of the planet. Soaring, Test Track, The "Triple Mountain Whammy", that's all fine. But rides like El Toro, Nitro, Stormrunner, Millennium Force, Talon, whatever. Yes, those aren't exactly kiddie rides, but "family friendly" should include the whole family.
  14. Now, don't get mad at me. But this is probably the most ridiculous argument I've heard more than one person use. "Because so many liberals are for it, it would actually take us a step towards communism". THAT WOULD BE TRUE but the law restricted rights and granted nothing, so it actually pushed us a step forward towards communism. By granting more freedoms and rights, it takes us a step away from communism. Just sayin'.
  15. Warped Tour 8/20 - I drove from Philly to Columbia just to see iwabo, it was so worth it. The Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band was freakin awesome, and so was Andrew W.K., Whitechapel, Attack Attack. Definitely the best was talking to a dude in front of me at the iwabo signing who was like "Dude I'm the biggest iwabo fan I know", I was like "Cracka plz, they all know me by name", he was more than jealous when Steven pointed at me and was like "VINCE! GET YO' *** OVA HERE!"The four hour drive was worth all of it though.
  16. The Hand That Feeds (Photek Straight) - Nine Inch Nails
  17. And all of the judges of American Idol are/were musicians and producers. Your point? *I'm just joking around but yea...
  18. I do have the patch and the numbers still seem relatively safe. Remember I didn't make this to show off my NoLimits prowess in 5 minutes, just to explain the process.
  19. ^If you can take some screens of my ride where the lateral G's "are insane", I'd love that, cause everything is in the green for me.
  20. I feel that Proposition 8 is a skid mark on America and it's ideals. I feel as though the Proposition was never to protect the "sanctity of marriage" and more of an attack from bigots who have little care for marriage and more just to hate. This has nothing to do with religion because if it did, we'd also see corporate shake downs of Red Lobster and Long John Silver's for serving shellfish and Nike and Lands' End for selling products of two different materials. As response to California Proposition 8 being overturned, to all of it's supporters, get wrecked. EDIT: By supporters, I mean the people who support the restriction of marriages to be defined as a relationship between a man and a woman.
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